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It is no coincidence that the most popular phrase in the world for a good life is in Italian – “la dolce vita”. Italy gives us an experience that is all about a beautiful and good life – the breathtaking views of the verdant valleys and picturesque villages, the impressive architecture in the big cities that is hardly second to none in the entire world, the excellent Italian food, from luxury restaurants to pizzas, ice creams and desserts, and the rich culture, a large part of which is the basis of the culture the whole world.

You are invited to a journey around the land of the boot to discover new worlds, places you didn’t know and experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

Italy is probably the most fashionable country in Europe, and (Milan) is the most fashionable city of the most fashionable country. The fashion capital of Europe offers, beyond designer clothes and meticulous European chic, also many points of interest, breathtaking architecture that goes back thousands of years and the finest cuisine. The concentration of the interesting places in Milan in a relatively small radius makes it possible to travel the city and enjoy everything it has to offer easily and comfortably.

The wonder of the world and its name is Venice (Venice) is a place that you can explore, learn and discover for whole days in a row and still not understand the secret of its magic. The canals and bridges, the restaurants, the narrow alleys, the stalls and the atmosphere in the streets are something that is hard to explain in words and should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. The “visible” view that can be seen from almost every point in the city will give you an experience that simply cannot be compared anywhere else in the entire world. Let’s get to know Venice.

Want to get to know the “real Italy”? (Naples) is the city for you. A city with an insanely bouncy vibe, ranging from admiring its architecture and wild landscapes to total chaos and chaos in its narrow alleyways. The capital of the Campania region, the city that has existed since BC, represents the authentic Italian culture in all its aspects. Many parts of it are considered UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and you can walk around it for days without getting tired and without wanting to go home. And we haven’t even talked about the best pizza in the world…

The cities in Italy as a whole are endowed with rare beauty and the wings of history can be heard in almost every corner of them. And yet, above all of them probably stands the capital of the province of Tuscany – the amazing Florence. Some say that it is hard to resist the beauty of the city, so we warn in advance that you can indeed be dizzy from it. A history that goes back almost 2,000 years, myths, stories of heroism, adventures and some of the most important events in the history of modern times make (Florenc)e a must-see on any visit to Italy.

It can be said that (Turin) is the most “underrated” city among Italian cities – an amazing city that offers so much to tourists and visitors, and still fewer of them come to it for no apparent reason. So we are here to say – go to Turin. Don’t miss out on one of the fascinating cities in northern Italy that offers you rare beautiful squares, a fine dining scene, aristocratic buildings, shopping, proximity to the Alps and the ski resorts and of course one of Europe’s most magnificent football teams – Juventus. Worth a visit.

Of all the descriptions that can be used to glorify (Verona), it seems to us that “the most picturesque city in Italy” is the description that fits it precisely. A majestic and magnificent appearance, spacious lively piazzas, nearby Lake Garda and breathtaking views make up the puzzle of one of the pillars of Italian history. The city of the lovers Romeo and Juliet from William Shakespeare’s famous play also offers you to fall in love at first sight. just come

One of the most beloved destinations in the world whose name goes before every tourist cabin that wants to compare itself to an authentic rural touch and immediately becomes “Tuscan”. It is not for nothing that the name of this region is associated with beautiful rural landscapes, this is the truth. Beyond the scenery, (Tuscany) offers a trip of curiosity, inspiration and a happy atmosphere spiced with the special taste of the wine from the boutique wineries that the region excels in, and the smell of lavender whose fields color the entire region. A vacation in Tuscany is truly a vacation in another world.

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