12 Must-Try Local Food in Turin, Italy

Turin is a city in northwestern Italy, located at the confluence of the Po River and the River Dora Riparia. Turin is one of the country’s largest cities and has a population of over 2 million people. The city is also home to some of Italy’s best food. Here are 12 of the best local foods that you must try when you’re in Turin.


1. Pizza al Padellino

Pizza al Padellino is a pizzeria in Turin, Italy that is known for its unique Padellino pizza. The pizza is made in a small pan and has a thin crust that is crispy and chewy.

The toppings are simple and classic, including tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. The pizzeria also offers a variety of other pizzas, as well as salads and desserts.

The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, and the service is friendly and efficient. Pizza al Padellino is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious pizza in Turin.

Pizza al Padellino
Pizza al Padellino


2. Agnolotti del Plin

Agnolotti del Plin is a type of pasta that originates from the Piedmont region of Italy. It is made by wrapping a filling of meat, vegetables, or cheese in a thin sheet of pasta dough, and then folding it into a small parcel.

The parcels are then cooked in broth or butter and sage. Agnolotti del Plin is typically served as a first course, and they are often accompanied by a creamy sauce or shaved Parmesan cheese. If you find yourself in Turin, be sure to try this delicious dish!

Agnolotti del Plin
Agnolotti del Plin


3. Bagna Cauda

Bagna càuda is a dish from the Piedmont region of Italy made with garlic, anchovies, olive oil, and butter. It is typically served as a dip for raw vegetables or bread.

The name of the dish comes from the Italian word for “hot bath”, which refers to the traditional method of cooking the sauce in a communal fondue pot. While the exact origins of bagna càuda are unknown, it is thought to date back to Roman times.

Today, it remains a popular dish in Turin and the surrounding area and can be found on the menus of many restaurants. If you’re looking for a truly unique culinary experience, then be sure to try bagna càuda when you visit Turin!

Bagna Cauda
Bagna Cauda


4. Tajarin

Tajarin is a type of egg noodle from the Piedmont region of Italy. They are made with flour, eggs, and salt, and are typically served with butter and Parmesan sauce.

Tajarin can also be found in other regions of Italy, but the Turin variety is renowned for its thin, delicate strands. While they may look like ordinary pasta noodles, tajarin is actually quite tricky to make by hand.

The dough is incredibly easy to overwork, so it must be rolled out very carefully. However, the effort is well worth it – when cooked correctly, tajarin has a light, fluffy texture that simply melts in your mouth. Try this local specialty for yourself if you find yourself in Turin.



5. Brasato al Barolo

Brasato al Barolo is a traditional dish from Turin, Italy. The dish is made by slow-cooking beef in red wine, usually Barbera or Nebbiolo, until it is tender and flavorful.

The finished dish is typically served with polenta or mashed potatoes. Brasato al Barolo is a rich and hearty dish that is perfect for a winter meal.

The bold flavors of the wine complement the beef perfectly, and the dish is sure to leave you feeling satisfied. If you are ever in Turin, be sure to try this classic dish.

Brasato al Barolo
Brasato al Barolo


6. Grissini di Strada

Grissini di Strada is a must-visit spot when in Turin, Italy. This popular grissini (breadstick) shop is located in the heart of the city and offers a variety of flavors to choose from.

The breadsticks are made fresh daily and are perfect for snacking on the go. Be sure to try the classic olive oil and Parmesan grissini, as well as the more unique options like rosemary and sea salt.

Grissini di Strada is the perfect place to pick up a tasty snack to enjoy while exploring Turin.

Grissini di Strada
Grissini di Strada


7. Bicerin

Bicerin is a traditional drink from Turin, Italy that is made of coffee, chocolate, and whole milk. It is served layer by layer in a small glass. The bottom layer is espresso, followed by a layer of dark chocolate, and then topped with whole milk foam.

Bicerin has a strong coffee flavor with a hint of sweetness from the chocolate. It is rich and creamy, and the different layers make for an interesting texture.

Bicerin is typically drunk after a meal, but it can also be enjoyed on its own as a dessert or snack. If you find yourself in Turin, be sure to try this unique and delicious drink!



8. Gianduiotto

Gianduiotto is chocolate made with only two ingredients – hazelnuts and cocoa. The chocolate originates from the city of Turin, Italy, and is shaped like a triangular prism.

The taste is intense, with a strong hazelnut flavor followed by a rich chocolate aftertaste. One of the most popular ways to eat Gianduiotto is to take a bite of the chocolate and then drink a glass of cold milk.

The contrast between the rich chocolate and the refreshing milk is truly delicious! Gianduiotto is definitely a must-try for any chocolate lover visiting Turin.



9. Torrone

Torrone is a must-try when in Turin! This delicious nougat confection is made with honey, sugar, egg whites, and toasted nuts.

It’s often flavored with vanilla or orange, making it the perfect sweet treat. The texture is light and fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

Best of all, Torrone is readily available throughout Turin – in cafes, bakeries, and even some gelato shops. So why not give it a try on your next visit? You might just fall in love with this delicious Italian treat!



10. Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is a traditional Italian dessert made with cream, milk, and sugar. The mixture is cooked over low heat until it thickens, then flavored with vanilla or coffee.

Once it has cooled, the Panna Cotta is set in molds and served with a delicious fruit sauce. Turin is the perfect place to enjoy this creamy treat, as the city is home to some of the best gelaterias in Italy.

For a truly indulgent experience, try Panna Cotta at Grom, where the desserts are made with fresh mountain milk and served with homemade jams. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, head to Fiorio, where the Panna Cottas are flavored with fruits and herbs.

Panna Cotta
Panna Cotta


11. Tiramisu

Turin, Italy is home to some of the best food in the world. One of the must-try dishes while in Turin is tiramisu. This delicious dessert consists of layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers, marsala-flavored mascarpone cream, and cocoa powder.

The perfect tiramisu is light yet creamy, with a robust coffee flavor. Tiramisu is best enjoyed with a glass of vino rosso, making for a truly blissful dining experience. Whether you’re enjoying tiramisu in a Michelin-starred restaurant or at a local trattoria, you’re sure to be impressed by this classic Turin dish.



12. Zabaione

Zabaione is a popular dessert in Turin, Italy. It is made with egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala wine, and it is typically served in a glass with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

The custard-like dessert is rich and creamy, and its flavor is reminiscent of vanilla and caramel. Zabaione is usually enjoyed after a meal, but it can also be enjoyed as a mid-day snack or a light dessert.

When made correctly, Zabaione is simply divine. And when enjoyed in the city of Turin, it is an experience that cannot be missed.



In Conclusion

Turin, Italy is a food lover’s paradise. From traditional Italian dishes to unique local specialties, there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you find yourself in Turin, be sure to try some of the city’s most delicious foods! You won’t be disappointed.

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