Attractions in Rome for a honeymoon

Beautiful Rome. The capital of Italy is considered one of the most sought-after destinations in the world thanks to the historical memory of a world-wide empire, sprouting from every corner, a famous cuisine with unrivaled dishes, amazing architecture, genius creators of temporary art and lots and lots of romance. The city, full of attractions of all kinds, has been attracting couples on romantic trips for hundreds of years, who come to spend time together at some of the most romantic sites in the world. Whether you choose to walk to the Wishing Fountain in the evening and drop a coin into it, have a picnic in the park, or eat at a great restaurant, a romantic trip to Rome invites endless possibilities.

How to plan a romantic vacation in Rome?

Along with all its unquestionable tourist advantages, Rome is also known as an expensive city. When traveling as a couple, where every outing requires double payment, it is possible to find some effective ways to reduce the high costs and ensure enjoyment without frustrations and disappointments.

  • The first recommendation is to plan the trip well in advance. From the moment of the flight – ask to sit together on the plane, and when you arrive at the hotel – make sure that the room you booked is suitable for couples seeking a romantic stay.
  • The city is full of wonderful attractions and it is impossible to see them all. Therefore, plan in advance to get to the attractions that interest you the most. Create a schedule with the main points of interest that you plan to spend each of the vacation days at.
  • Rome City Pass (Rome City Pass) is a card that grants free entry to central sites and even allows you to skip the long queues at some sites. In addition, the card provides benefits and free travel on public transportation within the city. You can purchase a ticket that will be used for a few days and then the price per day will be lower and more profitable.
  • If you came on a romantic vacation to celebrate your honeymoon or wedding anniversary, you may receive benefits and discounts in some of the hotels and restaurants in the city, so you should mention the reason for the celebration upon your arrival.
  • Organize the trip plan for yourself in advance according to the budget, according to the estimated costs of the planned attractions, restaurants, travel, shopping and entertainment.


Spectacular and romantic sites in Rome

Romance hovers over Rome like an intoxicating fog. You can feel it in every corner of the city, which creates an atmosphere and charm without effort, but there are some sites where the romance is especially emphasized.

  • Among the best known is Piazza Navona – one of the city’s squares decorated with sculpted works of art, or impressive water fountains, surrounded by ancient palaces, street artists, restaurants and cafes and offering a relaxing and pampering pastime, over a cup of coffee next to the water of the fountain, while you watch the passers-by. It is worth visiting Rome’s piazzas during the day, but also at night, and get to know the walking routes that go from them into the city’s alleys, such as in Piazza del Popolo, in the center of which is a 36-meter-high Egyptian obelisk – a spectacular sight by all accounts. Piazza del Popolo often hosts carnivals and festivals and you should check what is expected to take place there when you arrive. If you crave a little privacy and you want to avoid the crowds of tourists that wash the squares throughout the day, arrive early in the morning and you will also get to see the square in the soft and flattering light of dawn.
  • Villa Borgoza Park, or Borgoza Gardens – the villa located in the center of the magical and quiet complex, was formerly the private residence of the Borgoza family. Today the park is the seat of the Borgoza Gallery, which houses sculptures by famous artists and pieces of classical art, which make up one of the most expensive art collections in Rome. Outside the gallery, you can stroll through beautiful gardens, dotted with walking paths, huge green lawns, an artificial lake with the option of renting a boat for a short cruise, fountains, and statues. The park serves as a perfect backdrop for a romantic picnic, with a bottle of good wine, cheese and fresh bread, which can be found in one of the many shops in the city. In the southwestern part of the park, is the terrace of Givat Picchu – a famous and most beautiful observation point in the city, which will provide you with a satisfactory conclusion to a successful day of recreation.
  • The Bridge of the Angels (Ponta Santangelo) is a pedestrian bridge, built of three arches and on its railings are placed statues of angels, created by the famous sculptor Bernini. When walking on the bridge, over the Tiber River in the sunset light, the sculptures look particularly impressive and reinforce the romantic atmosphere that permeates the area. The bridge was built by the emperor Drianus, in response to a practical need – to connect the city center with the mausoleum – the emperor’s magnificent burial structure, located near the Vatican, which over the years has become a magnificent castle, the Santangelo Castle, which has a museum inside and the entrance to which is paid.
  • Romantic fountains in Rome – the fountains are a well-known romantic attraction in their own right, full of visitors, who come to witness impressive sculptures, throw a coin into the fountain’s waters and make a wish. One of the famous fountains of the city is the Fontana di Trevi and another famous fountain is the Ship Fountain, which is part of Piazza Espana, located close to the Spanish Steps.
  • The Spanish Steps – a central and famous attraction, located close to other important attractions, including Piazza Espana and the prestigious shopping street Via Condotti, where the stores of top designers are located, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and more. The 136-step staircase was originally built to connect the church with the Spanish embassy, ​​and they are used by thousands of tourists who come every day to take a photo, or to observe the city from the top, or to stop and rest, although sitting on the steps is prohibited and may result in a fine.
  • A walk in the Trastevere district – the district, or the colorful, fashionable and lively neighborhood, is an environment crowded with tourists and buzzing with life. The place is full of wonderful restaurants and small alleys that offer a relaxed and charming walk. The old quarter is bordered by the River Tibera, where you can cross it on the Ponte Sisto Bridge and view the dome of St. Peter’s Church – designed by none other than Michelangelo. The district offers a combination of elements, which make it a particularly successful romantic destination.
  • The Capitoline Museums – a complex of museums, located on the Capitoline Hill, around a square designed by Michelangelo. The three historic buildings contain a treasure that is part of Italy’s well-known works of art, among them ancient bronze sculptures, paintings by the greatest painters in history, fascinating archaeological finds and more. If you climb up – to the terrace on the roof of the Tabularium building, you will have a spectacular view of the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill and the Holy Way.
  • A 45-minute drive from Rome, you can visit Villa d’Este in Tivoli. The villa is a beautiful complex of magical gardens, in which paths are laid out, which allow you to walk for long hours, watch the hundreds of fountains scattered among the paths and feel like you are in an adventure story. Throughout the year, you can visit the gardens during the day only, but in the summer, the gardens are opened one day a week also in the evening and allow couples in love to enjoy a particularly romantic atmosphere and lighting.

Additional attractions for couples in love in Rome

In addition to its beauty and the abundance of impressive sites within the city, Rome also offers various experiential attractions for an exciting couple’s pastime, which do not necessarily depend on the location. Below are some of them:

  • A guided culinary tour, which allows participants to be exposed to local secrets and culinary abundance that is not always revealed during a normal trip. You can participate in various types of culinary tours, including a pizza tour, a wine tasting tour, a bakery and ice cream shop tour, and more. Some of the tours are also conducted in the evening and provide a magical and special atmosphere and you can find Israeli guides who know Rome well and guide the tour in Hebrew.
  • One of the most special and exciting ways to see Rome is from the air – brave couples can book a one-hour hot air balloon flight over Rome and over the Lazio region. The flight reveals the spectacular view of the area and at the end you will even receive a bottle of champagne to celebrate the landing.
  • River cruise – you can book a short romantic couple’s cruise, during the day, or a night cruise at sunset or after dark. You can book a cruise that includes dinner, or a long, two-day cruise, all visiting the islands of Western Italy.
  • Cruise for a day, or two days with a visit to Ponza Island, or to Sperlonga Beach – including a stop to swim in the sea, time to walk around the island, lunch, tours of the antiquities on the beach, and more. Sperlonga beach can be reached by boat, or by car.
  • Shows – if you are looking for a night out, which is not a pub, a restaurant, or a trip, you can go to a show. Rome is full of shows and special events, which take place on a daily basis and offer plenty of additional entertainment options for tourists and locals. You should check before your arrival which events and shows are expected to take place and register in advance.
  • A visit to the Olympic Stadium – one of the largest stadiums in Europe, especially suitable for football fans, but it also hosts music shows and you should buy a double ticket in advance.

Special events in Rome throughout the year

In addition to the many attractions in and around the city, there are special events that take place several times a year and allow visitors to enjoy additional aspects of life in Rome.

  • One of the main events is International Women’s Day. The Roman practice encourages the local men and gave their wives yellow acacia flowers and other visitors to the city can enjoy a variety of treats and benefits at restaurants and sites in honor of Women’s Day.
  • Rome-Europe Festival – one of the most important art events in Europe. This festival has been held since 1980, every year around the months of September-October. The festival’s many original productions combine classical concerts, modern works, adaptations of well-known theater plays, dance performances and various other cultural and artistic events, which attract first-class artists from around the world to visit during the festival days.
  • The San Giovanni Festival – takes place every year in June, during which food fairs, firework shows, music complexes and more are held in the city.
  • Christmas fairs – held in Rome during the month of December to mark Christmas and where you can find stalls for gifts, wine and food and watch street performances.
  • Birthday of the city of Rome – takes place every year on 4/21 and on this day you can enter all the museums and archeology sites in the city free of charge. In addition, fairs and impressive street performances are held throughout the city.
  • Valentine’s Day – the Christian Valentine’s Day, celebrated every year on 2/14, during which all the romantic entertainment sites in the city offer special offers. You should book in advance on this day because of the high occupancy.


Restaurants and hotels in Rome in a romantic atmosphere

The Italian cuisine, famous throughout the world, exported dishes that have become part of the daily menu of many of us. And yet – nothing like the original. Roman cuisine excels in its own uniqueness and the foods you will find in Rome, you will not find in other parts of Italy. One famous example is the gnocchi a la Romana – the Roman version of gnocchi, made from flat semolina dumplings, baked in butter and parmesan and considered a local delicacy. The Roman pizza is also not similar to the Neapolitan pizza and it is precisely in Rome that you can find chefs and cooks who have broken the boundaries of tradition and prepare square pizzas, topped with unusual, but delicious and highly praised toppings.

The level of craftsmanship that Italian cuisine has reached is reflected in the abundance of romantic restaurants, including for example the “La Terrazza” restaurant, which offers a traditional Italian dining experience in front of the spectacular city view, or the Francesco Forti Ricevimenti restaurant, which excels in a beautiful and special location, design Impressive and intimate interior and fine Mediterranean Italian food. Another great example is the bistro Mimì e Cocò Trast, which serves traditional Roman food at affordable prices and excels in an intimate atmosphere and recommendations from diners from around the world. Such restaurants are scattered throughout the city, including restaurants that serve traditional Roman Jewish and kosher food.

The city’s romantic restaurants offer an experience that also includes special interior design and intimate music shows and are relatively expensive, but their price is worth it for those interested in a truly romantic meal.

The hotels in Rome are divided into a large variety of hospitality styles and offer accommodation adapted to different levels of budget, but there is no doubt that the choice of hotel has a decisive effect on the entire vacation, therefore it is important to choose a hotel that suits your personal preferences and provides everything you will need for a successful and pleasant vacation.

The city’s luxurious hotels may be very expensive, but you can find romantic and equally successful accommodations at lower prices. A romantic hotel in Rome may be located in an ancient historical building, offer excellent service, or indulgent and high-quality cuisine. For a quiet and intimate romantic vacation, it is recommended to choose a small hotel, far from the city center and the main attractions, which attract many tourists and are in the center of the noise. A good example of such a hotel is The Liberty Boutique Hotel – a small and well-maintained boutique hotel, located close to the metro and some of the city’s attractions, but not near the main attractions. The interior design of the hotel excels at a high level of service, a modern, comfortable and inviting design and together with soundproof walls and blackout curtains, you can have complete privacy.

On the other hand, a few minutes’ walk from the Pantheon, or Piazza Navona, you will find the Hotel Campo De’ Fiori, which offers rooms with romantic-historical design, bordering on kitsch, affordable prices, excellent service, a sufficient breakfast and a location close to a farmers’ market that operates every day.

Another suggestion is Relais Trevi 95 Boutique Hotel – Adults Only – a hotel that decided to provide a sterile environment for adults and does not offer service to families with children. The design is modern, colorful and meticulous, the location is central and comfortable and you can enjoy the view of the city from the large balcony on the roof.

To sum up: a bicycle trip, a hot air balloon flight, a cruise on the Tiber, or a walk through the alleys and piazzas – Rome offers a dizzying culinary experience, a fascinating historical trip, unimaginable cultural wealth and art in every facet and subject. All that is left for you to do is plan well the time you have and make the most of it and get to Rome, to enjoy all the good things it has to offer.

So what have we had so far?

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