The Berra district in Milan – a real urban stroll

To properly understand the Berra district in Milan, you will have to wander through its beautiful streets and feel for yourself the romantic, magical and special atmosphere that exists in the place. The district, which is the historical center of the city of Milan, has often been compared to the famous Montmarte neighborhood in Paris. It has been known for many years as a lively, artistic and cultural center of the city. In the streets with traditional stone paving, you will find a beautiful variety of boutiques, galleries and museums, as well as restaurants, delicatessens, cafes and bars. All are designed in a unique bohemian chic.

Strolling through the area, you can see a large number of visitors, tourists and locals, with avant-garde and colorful artists who are drawn to the Berara district like butterflies to the light, especially standing out among them. This fact is not surprising, in light of the many art institutions scattered around the place and the striking style of all the buildings, even the simple ones.

Key points of interest

Pinacoteca art gallery – some say this is the best museum in Milan. The place is in the Palazzo Brera, a palace characterized by very impressive architecture. With special sculptures, stone canopies, corridors and courtyards that were obviously designed a long time ago, somewhere in the 19th century. On the second floor you can view a collection of Italian art, the works of the great painters such as Raphael, Rubens and Caravaggio.

Behind Pinkotka’s museum, there is a large complex that houses several impressive buildings belonging to the Academy of Art, the Museum-Astronomical Observatory and the National Library. The icing on the cake is the botanical garden of Brera (Orto Botanico di Brera), which is a hidden gem of a green paradise, within the neighborhood. The entrance is free.

The modern art gallery Il Castello – has existed since 1968 and presents modern works by some of the world’s most famous artists of the 20th century. Among other things, you can see works by the father of pop art Andy Warhol and famous painters such as Keith Haring and Gianni Duba.

Risorgimento Museum – a pure delight for history buffs. The place combines art together with Italian history and presents a large archive of paintings, relics and collectibles from the 18th and 19th centuries in Italy. In the museum you can enrich your knowledge about the Italian nation and its establishment and experience Italian culture at its best.

Sempione Park (Parco Sempione) – a lively park and an ideal place for various sports activities such as running, cycling, rollerblading and of course resting on the grass. The park has free and unlimited Wi-Fi, which makes people spend hours and hours there without noticing.

Sforzesco Castle – is inside Sempione Park. The beautiful castle is designed in the medieval style and built of thick stone walls. This fortress is the seat of several museums, such as the Museum of Ancient Art and the Pietà Rondanini Museum – a museum located inside an old Spanish hospital and displaying the last sculpture of Michelangelo, after whom the museum is named.

Brera District Milan

Recommended and interesting shops

Clan Upstairs – a very trendy fashion store that offers a variety of items for men and women. You can find clothes, jewelry, accessories and glasses in different styles and different fashion books, most of them Italian.

Galleria Robertaebasta – a shop-gallery located right in the heart of the Berra district and offers an impressive art collection from the 20th century. Among other things, you can find in the gallery furniture, lighting accessories and various decorations in designs that everyone would like in their home.

Controbuffet – a sort of artistic department store-boutique. You can find a wide variety of items: kitchen utensils, vases, lamps, frames, pens, watches and more. The shop is a wonderful place to buy gifts and souvenirs for home.

Cavelli e Nastri – a beautiful boutique whose shop windows will catch your eye and compel you to enter. This is a particularly successful store for women’s vintage clothing and accessories. You will find diverse items that came even from the 50s of the last century. Roberto Cavalli, Hermès and Coco Chanel are just some of the big names you can see on the labels of the items there.

what to eat

Osteria de Brera – a good authentic restaurant, offering typical Milanese cuisine and mainly fruit and various seafood. For those who shy away from fish and their friends, there is quite a selection of excellent pastas as well as quality beef dishes.

Obicà – chic mozzarella bar, a concept that is gaining momentum in Italy. Besides fresh and delicious Mozzarella di Buffalo, the restaurant offers a variety of good Italian dishes and a selection of fine wines that will not disappoint you.

Daniel Ristorante – a quality restaurant with original, fresh and especially juicy Italian food. The menu will offer you special and delicious foods at a level you have never known. Don’t give up a glass of quality Italian wine with your meal.

Cinc – a cool bar that respects the bohemian style of the area. The interior space of the bar is decorated in a beautiful and floral way, but if you sit outside you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the Berra district. You will find special and excellent cocktails at the place, alongside a variety of alcoholic drinks produced by many. If you’ve worked up an appetite, there is also a selection of foods that go well with the drink.

Accommodation in the Barra district

Most travelers choose to come to the district for a day trip, but if you want a different experience, to spend the night in an urban and cooler place, you should consider staying in the area, even if only for one night. In the heart of the district in question there are many hotels, most of them prestigious and exclusive. Tha Style Hotel is a boutique hotel with relatively reasonable prices that offers a variety of rooms with modern and beautiful design, a pampering spa, a quality restaurant and bar. If you still want to pamper yourself and go for the top of the top, the Bulgari Hotel will do the job. This is a 5-star hotel carefully designed in the style of the 18th century. In addition, it has large private gardens that are a piece of paradise within the city.

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