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Venice is one of the cities most loved by tourists from all over the world including tourists from Israel and it has many sites to see and enjoy and wonderful attractions for young and old – the island of Burano is one of the great ones. This is the antithesis of the urban experience offered by Venice and a rare opportunity to get to know the real Italy.

Colorful houses, ancient craftsmen, mysterious legends about fishermen and sirens and quite a few excellent restaurants will make your stay on the island of Burano particularly fun – don’t miss it!

How and when do you arrive?

The island of Burano is located about 7 km from Venice and the most convenient way to get there is by boat that takes about three quarters of an hour. This boat is by the so-called vaporetto – a bus boat that leaves from the Fondamente Nove station and the main lines that reach the island are lines number 12 and 14.

The most recommended arrival time in terms of the local weather is of course during the summer months and the months adjacent to them, which are naturally also the peak of the tourism season in the region – from April to October, inclusive. Even during the winter months, the island is considered magical and beautiful, but in these months the cruise can be less pleasant (equip yourself with an anti-nausea pill) and some of the attractions are closed.


Accommodation on the island of Burano

If you come to the island as part of a day trip, you can stay in Venice itself and from there you can visit the beautiful island, but if you want to enjoy staying in a more authentic, less touristed and much happier area, you can stay in one of the guest houses on the island which, in addition to the unique atmosphere, offer accommodation at a relatively affordable rate.

Some recommended places to stay in Burano:

Cà Comare Burano – an air-conditioned guest house with a balcony overlooking the colorful houses of the island, a private bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room and a bedroom.

Bruna Holidays House – a spacious holiday home equipped with everything you need to have a pleasant vacation.

Tiffany Home – a magical and colorful apartment which is in an excellent location and offers a space that is not large but is properly equipped.

A bit about the island of Burano

The island of Burano is part of a group of five islands known among the locals mainly thanks to the local economy, the main of which is the lace industry, which is made in a traditional way, as used by the ancient inhabitants of the place and is characterized by precise and admirable handiwork.

These traditional workshops are not factories as you might imagine but are actually the homes of local women who create what many consider to be true works of art. These sit at the entrance to the pavilion and engage in the ancient craft, which attracts to the area crowds of visitors and curious people who arrive on the loaded tourist ships that anchor near the islands’ shores.

The islands themselves are connected to each other by large bridges, among which are active flour mills that receive the energy needed for their activity through tidal fluctuations that create a significant change in sea level due to the proximity of the islands to the lagoon and the access channels. These fluctuations, which are generally welcomed due to the possibility of harnessing them to create energy, have often also caused flooding of the islands and therefore there is a special horn that warns of the threatening danger.

In any case, these islands are known as colorful and vibrant islands that allow their visitors to experience and get to know what is considered the “real Italy”, with ancient beliefs, traditions and customs that pass from parents to their children and make the atmosphere in the place particularly magical. In addition, islands are also known for the local fishing industry and as a wonderful place that skippers and amateur sailors can easily reach with a rented yacht.

The history of the island of Burano is on the edge of the fork

According to the sources, the first settlement on the island began when refugees from the Adriatic coast fled from the Berbers and arrived on the shores of the island – it was during the 5th century AD and according to the legend the islands got their name from the name of the Boriana family that settled there or from Buranello – a small island located to the north of them that a significant part of the settlers were from him.

In the following centuries, the island became known thanks to the artisans who lived there, who, as mentioned, engaged in traditional crafts such as lace, embroidery, fishing and more, but also some of the central sites where they became a household name, such as the ancient church of San Martino which is the only church in the area and today is mainly famous because of the leaning bell tower hers (even though it is a relatively new addition, from the 19th century).

In all the colors of the rainbow – a little about the houses in Burano

When you arrive at Burano, already while docking at the port, you notice a unique and colorful sight thanks to the local residential buildings, each of which is painted a different color than the buildings next to it. It is interesting to know that the choice of colors is not done arbitrarily except after approval by the authorities and only after a careful check that the neighboring houses are not the same color or a similar shade.

This colorfulness is an attraction in itself and, surprisingly, is an integral part of the island’s history. This is a phenomenon that began during the period called the “Golden Age” of Burano and is the inspiration for many magnificent paintings and postcards.

Local folklore

Like any ancient site with a fascinating history, the island of Burano also unfolds mysterious stories and some interesting legends. One of the legends most loved by the locals is the one that tells about a man who was immersed in the craft of fishing while engaged to the choice of his heart. As you know, a man whose heart belongs to another is considered by many to be a real challenge and so it happened that the queen of sirens tried to seduce him.

Although the sirens are known for their intoxicating beauty and mesmerizing singing, the fisherman remained faithful to his beloved and did not fall into the trap set for him by the queen of the sirens and as a token of appreciation for his loyalty she gave him a beautiful lace scarf as a gift which he gave to his fiancee. On the day of the wedding, her friends were jealous and decided to embroider similar scarves for themselves and these later became the famous lace scarves of the island.

Main attractions and activities

In addition to the colorful houses and the local women engaged in the craft of embroidery, it is recommended not to miss a visit to the museum where a historical exhibition of the local industry competed while giving a place of honor to the embroidering women and an impressive collection of hundreds of rare items.

San Martino Church – As mentioned, this is an ancient church that is known mainly because of its bell tower, which was built on stilts that sank and gave it its crooked appearance.

The beautiful port and dock area – ships and yachts, chirping birds and a happy atmosphere are reason enough to sit near the dock and soak up the local spirit.

Food, come on, food

Similar to other places located on the waterfront, the island of Burano is mainly characterized by restaurants that serve fish and various seafood, the most famous of which is a dish called vongole – local oysters that come with black spaghetti, risotto or seafood stew.

In addition to this genre, you will of course find on the island all the beloved and well-known Italian foods such as pizza, pasta, lasagna and ice cream, and you can enjoy Ma’alot pastry shops that serve fresh pastries and fine coffee.

In conclusion, the island of Burano is a wonderful destination to visit in any vehicle, including with small children and even for people with mobility problems who use a wheelchair. It has fascinating historical sites, breathtaking views and above all a unique atmosphere.

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