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“In a world where everyone is a chef, we are just cooks. We want our food to speak for itself.” These words open the description of the restaurant on its website. A statement of intent about who is at the center of things here: the food, the diner, the experience, but not the chef’s ego.

what is on the menu? Well, this is a bit of a complex question because Contrast doesn’t exactly have a menu. The restaurant is based on an ancient Austrian tradition where they don’t show a menu, but talk to the diner, listen to him and according to what happens there, they start bringing out dishes. Contraste also wants this dialogue to lead the meal. It does require a certain amount of trust, but according to the diners’ reviews of the restaurant, the staff probably fully deserves it.

But if we still have to talk about the food, then we can say that it focuses on traditional Italian food, Mediterranean food, and above all – fusion, because after all, this is a modern restaurant that wants to innovate. The kitchen is presided over by chef Matias Perdomo, whose other restaurants are also well-liked and even have a Michelin star.

As already written, at Kontraxta they guarantee an experience, not just good food, so a lot of thought was put into the design of the ancient building located on a busy street. The interior of the restaurant is white, the curtains are white, the tablecloths are white, and even the chairs are white. elegant.

This restaurant is hard to find. You have to notice the hidden bell, ring it, enter, pass through a small courtyard – and only then is the restaurant revealed.

If you are vegan, vegetarian, or sensitive to gluten, you will be happy to know that the menu (or actually, there is no menu) takes you into account as well and there are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

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Italian, Mediterranean, Fusion

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+39 02 4953 6597

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