Day trips in the Rome area

Rome is a great city in many respects – rich history, breathtaking architecture, shopping, culture, romantic places, nightlife, football and many, many other possibilities that just to name them we would need this whole page. Usually, a trip to Rome requires spending several days, and there are those who stay much longer to really experience what this city offers to its visitors and guests.

At the same time, those who choose to stay in Rome as part of a star trip will discover quite a few points of interest, just as fascinating, that are not far from it and are certainly worth your time. Some of them can be reached using the convenient public transportation and some are recommended to be reached with a rented car, depending on your distance from the place. This is a wonderful opportunity to combine, along with visiting the city, a stop at other equally beautiful places and enjoy a much more varied and comprehensive trip.

Day trips in Rome
Day trips in Rome


Here are some must-sees outside of Rome that you should make time for if you’re already in the area:

Mount Vesuvius and the city of Pompeii

A two and a half hour drive from Rome is one of the most fascinating tourist sites in the country, especially for archeology and history enthusiasts. The Vesuvius volcano that erupted in 79 AD led to the destruction of the city of Pompeii, which was built at its foot, and the death of its many inhabitants. Surprisingly, and thanks to the compacted ash that accumulated due to the eruption of the volcano, the ancient streets of the city, its bathhouses, the residences and even the bodies of some of the residents, when they walked around the city at those exact moments, remained intact. The visit to the site can be done as part of an organized trip that departs from Rome or Naples, and it is also possible to do it independently for those who arrive in a rented car. You can read everything you need to know and more detailed recommendations in our guide on Pompeii.

Villa D’Este & Villa Hadrian

The town of Tivoli, which is only 30 km from Rome itself, attracts crowds of tourists thanks to its spectacular gardens and ancient villas. Thanks to its spring water and mild climate, Tivoli was considered a very popular retreat among the Romans, and even the emperors found the peace they were looking for. In 124 AD, Hadrian built a magnificent villa in Tivoli and invested a lot in its design. Day trips from Rome include a visit to his villa and other villas in Tivoli, allowing a glimpse of the unusual wealth that characterized that period and the amazing designs, which can be seen expressed both in the buildings themselves and in the gardens that decorate them. .

A visit to the vineyards of Castelli Romani

The Castelli Romani area, which is not far from Rome (around 30 km from the city) attracts many tourists and for good reason. Apart from its lakes, the magnificent peaks that decorate it, Castelli Romani is known for its excellent wineries and the excellent wines they produce. The area itself includes 13 towns and in the past It served as a place of refuge for the Romans, who enjoyed its famous wine.It is possible and even highly recommended to dedicate a day trip to Romani Castelli, whether you do it independently in a rented car or as part of an organized trip that leaves the city.


For those who come to Italy for a limited time, which they devote mainly to the great Rome, it is worthwhile to combine a day trip in Florence. You can get on a very fast train that reaches the city and enjoy all the abundance it offers. Amazing museums, which tell her story and the story of famous artists, colorful markets and also local restaurants, which offer the finest Italian food. It is a journey of only 90 minutes on the high-speed train that definitely justifies itself.

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