Chianineria Trattoria dall’Oste – Duomo

Chianinaria Trattoria dell'Osta restaurant - Duomo

Near the Duomo of Florence

A meat restaurant next to the Duomo of Florence serves high-quality and selected cuts of local produce and unique imports from around the world. A must restaurant for meat lovers – and not only them!

Besides excellent pasta, pizzas, and wine, Italian cuisine – and Tuscan cuisine in particular – boasts fine meats that are considered among the best in the world. The restaurant chain Trattoria dell’Osta made it a point to serve its customers the best local (and international) meats.

Chianinaria Trattoria dell’Osta: Duomo restaurant is named after the most select breed of cow (Chianina) and the magnificent Duomo of Florence, where it is located. The restaurant serves portions of selected local varieties such as Cyanina, Romagnola, and Podulica, as well as world varieties. It is considered the best, such as Limousin, Black Angus, and more. The restaurant serves entire portions of less than 12 varieties!

The quality of the cuts is guaranteed by the careful and precise growing of the different varieties, which are grown in the best conditions. The pieces undergo accurate processing and aging according to their unique characteristics so that their taste remains as natural as possible.

What is on the menu?

The highlight is the wide variety of cuts and meat platters that will make every meat lover very happy. The stakes are served in different ways and different weights. Some are done as they are without any additions, and some come with sauces specially adapted for them.

In addition to meats, the Chianineria Trattoria dall’Oste – Duomo restaurant also serves a variety of classic dishes from Tuscan cuisine. Including the Nuodi – excellent ricotta balls (not gnocchi), fish and seafood, pasta in divine sauces, pizzas, and more.


Befitting a restaurant that serves premium cuts and meticulous food at a very high level, the prices are not low. The fees for the slices range from 20 euros to 100 euros, depending on the quality and weight of the slice.

However, this is a place where you are guaranteed a high-quality, one-time meal, backed by excellent service from the professional staff. Many diners enjoy talking about glasses of champagne and even bottles of wine they received as a gift during the meal. After the meal, you may feel a small hole in your pocket, but the culinary experience will make up for it.

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Fine meats

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