FISHING LAB Alle Murate‬

FISHING LAB Alle Murate‬

Near the Duomo of Florence

FISHING LAB Alle Murate‬ is a seafood restaurant located in a magnificent historic space. The restaurant has been active as early as the 13th century and hosted the most powerful and essential figures in Florence for centuries. Today the space is used as a museum. Which recently made news after a portrait of the revered poet Dante Alighieri was discovered there. The restaurant operates there at the same time, with a view of fascinating works of art and fresh and delightful dishes that came straight from the sea.

FISHING LAB Alle Murate‬ prides itself on not being a traditional restaurant; Her innovative cuisine is indeed based on classic Italian cuisine. But it tries to break boundaries, innovate and dare in every dish. Since the menu is based on daily fishing, the food you tasted on one visit may no longer be there on the second.

The menu of Fishing Love Ella Morata is based on the best marine and agricultural products of Florence and the surrounding area. The freshness of the seafood is felt in everything. From the beautiful and aesthetic presentation to the fresh flavors that each bite bursts with.

The unique atmosphere in the restaurant is designed to connect the food experience with the sea experience. It is not for nothing that the place is called FISHING LAB Alle Murate‬. Guests are asked to make their dishes from their desired raw materials. The seafood is the real star at FISHING LAB Alle Murate‬. Then, the professional waiter team helps them put together the perfect dish.

The restaurant’s staff declares that the ideal diner is not afraid to experiment with new dishes. One who likes both quality and greasy street food but prefers fresh seafood. The restaurant offers several menus throughout the day depending on the hours. You can eat in the restaurant for breakfast, lunch, a light snack accompanied by a quality local wine, or dinner after an evening of entertainment.

Recommendation – try the salmon, which arrives wrapped in wood that cooks it to perfection.

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fish and seafood

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