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Since it opened in April 2018, Gustarium has become one of the best pizzerias in Florence. The review sites are full of warm recommendations that praise the unique way of preparing the pizza. The quality of the raw materials and toppings, the cleanliness of the place, and the friendly and cordial service of the staff members.

Gustarium is located in the heart of the historical area of ​​Florence, close to the famous Piazza Della Repubblica and Piazza Della Signoria. It is straightforward to miss Gustarium because the place itself is tiny. The area where it is located is full of culinary “tourist traps”.

But if you want to eat an authentic and delicious Italian pizza – make an effort and look for it. Just try to arrive by 4:00 PM (although Google indicates otherwise) – the place closes early.

It is likely that if you come near closing time, you won’t have anything left to eat. Keep in mind that there aren’t many seats in the Gastrium, so you may have to stand in line for a few minutes.

So what makes Gustarium so beloved?

The owner of the place takes a unique baking approach. He bakes the dough so that it is only half ready and then adds the toppings on top. This way, when the pizza is chosen, it returns to the oven, and the dough completes the baking process (and is not re-baked), so it comes out completely fresh.

And speaking of toppings, at the Gustarium, you will come across dreamy combinations of a variety of fresh and selected meats. Cheeses, vegetables, and herbs are piled abundantly on each pizza square (not a triangle). The Italian pizzas are not cut into triangles but equal squares and diners pay according to the weight of each square.

Pizza prices range from 2.5 to 4.5 euros per 100 grams of pizza. So you pay for how much you eat, and you can also vary the toppings since the squares are insignificant.

You can order soft drinks, beers, or excellent local Italian wine along with the pizzas. The selection is not large. But who needs more than that when you are eating one of the best pizzas in Florence?

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Pizzas and Italian food

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