I’Tuscani 2

I'Tuscani 2

The historic center of Florence

I’Tuscani 2 restaurant is a household name among local and international meat lovers who dine there. The restaurant’s special menu offers quality cuts from selected local varieties grown in ideal conditions. The restaurant enjoys a perfect location in the heart of the historic center of Florence, near the Duomo.

I’Tuscani 2’s menu is a hymn to classic Tuscan cuisine. Which combines outstanding expertise in preparing meats and advocates an ecological approach.  Every raw material is treated in the best and most environmentally friendly way.

The atmosphere in the restaurant denotes Tuscan cuisine. The staff is known for its friendly service and high level of professionalism. The waiters mediate between the fascinating cuisine and the diners.

Recommend with patience and excellent knowledge and even pamper lovely customers.

What is on the menu?

I’Tuscani 2’s menu doesn’t have much selection. On the menu, you will find a variety of meats in different ways of preparation. Perfectly adapted to each cut and its unique characteristics.

You can enjoy steaks, a tartare dish, an excellent hamburger, sausages, meat and cheese platters, and even beef schnitzel. The meat dishes are served with a variety of fresh vegetables.

If you are less knowledgeable in the field of meats and forms of serving, it is highly recommended to use the help of the restaurant staff to enjoy it that will suit you exactly.

The dessert menu includes 2 classic Tuscan desserts. The alcohol menu consists of a selection of fine local wines, beers, and Italian liqueurs.


Toscani 2 is known for its high value for money to diners. The prices for the dishes and meats are not priced reasonably. A double portion ranges from 75 to 95 euros.

The other dishes range from 12 to 35 euros. Fair and definitely worth the excellent culinary experience.

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Fine meats

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in and out


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