Car Rental in Florence

Traveling for the first time in your life to Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is not something you can remain indifferent to, so it is certainly understandable the excitement you will surely feel. This magical city offers its visitors countless good restaurants along with museums and culture at every corner, therefore, to ensure that your trip is such that the time spent in it is fully utilized, it is advisable to plan things in advance. What you should know about Florence is that it is a relatively small city, and therefore, if you belong to those people who walk from place to place and see everything quickly, why not include in your upcoming trip the surroundings of the city and a visit to all kinds of interesting towns that are nearby? In addition to the fact that in the city itself you can see the ancient center, including the most beautiful museums and alleys, you can also drive directly to Piazzale Michelangelo, this is the magical piazza from which you can see all of Florence, including the charming Arno River and the colorful streets. To get there you can drive a rental car. In addition, if you are already renting a car, it would be worthwhile to drive from there to the opposite point, which is the Fiesole neighborhood. You can arrive with the rental car, park it comfortably and see the lovely view from here that includes the mountains surrounding Florence and, of course, Florence itself.

Excursions in the Florence area

If you chose to rent a car for your first trip to Florence, it is highly recommended to take the opportunity to get out of the city a little to see more charming places that are nearby. Near Florence, you can enjoy visiting places like Pisa (which includes the beautiful and famous Leaning Tower of Pisa), which is about 85 km from Florence. In addition, if you drive a little further north from Florence and travel a distance of about 76 km, you can reach To another charming city – Siena, if only to visit the famous and beautiful Piazza Del Camopo. In the metropolitan area of ​​Florence you can visit another interesting place: Greve In Chianti. It is a magical town that includes hiking trails and excursions that can be done in the area with the rental car.

An affordable price worth paying

Although it is true that if you choose to travel only within the city of Florence itself, you can forego the car, but if you also want to include other places in the upcoming trip, there is no doubt that renting a car is the right choice. You can rent the car in the city itself or at the airport, so if you prepare your travel plan in advance, you can also choose the car rental point that is convenient for you. You should know that the car rental prices in Florence, as in all of Italy, are relatively affordable, so even if the train and public transportation system is good (and it is indeed good, even very good), car rental is a solution worth considering because it includes other advantages such as flexibility, maintenance About independence and freedom of movement and a more convenient solution than carrying luggage on the train. Another important thing to remember is comprehensive insurance when renting a car. Yes, it sometimes sounds excessive and unnecessary, and especially expensive, but even though the hope is not to run into any problems along the way, you never know what a day will bring. Because none of us wants to be stuck in the middle of Italy with a car that won’t move and without the ability to get out of there – it is advisable to prepare a cure for the blow and set off knowing clearly that in any trouble that may arise, you will always have insurance and a phone you can call. You can of course add navigation systems, special seats for babies and more to the car rental, as much as you want and of course remember to inform the rental company in advance.