Hiking trails in southern Italy – a trip between cliffs and the sea

The Amalfi Road area in southern Italy is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, if not in the entire world. Something in the combination between the high cliffs with their feet in the sea and the small and picturesque villages creates a rare charm. The walking routes in the area are not difficult and anyone who wants to walk among the breathtaking views will be able to find the perfect path for them. As soon as you get out of the car and start walking, you connect more with the place, people and nature and get a much more complete and authentic experience, and also burn some calories from the pizza you just ate.

How do you do that?

Usually, organized tours experience the Amalfi road in one day of travel and stops at selected places, so it is not customary to combine it with an excursion route. Of course it is possible to ask specifically, but this is less common. On an independent trip (which is recommended to be done with a rented car) you must not give up a walking route, even if it is short, in order to enjoy the area from a different point of view and also to loosen the muscles a little after a long drive. Most of the routes are circular so you can travel with peace of mind.

All routes last between 1 hour and 6 hours, which means they are all one-day or two-day trips.

All routes are free, but there are certain places where you have to pay for parking.


Throughout the year, each period has its advantages. It is important to remember that the weather is similar to Israel, only a few degrees colder.

A trip in the summer can be a little hot, but it’s a great way to be in the area during peak tourist season and get a few hours of peace and quiet.
A trip in winter can be a bit cold, but the whole landscape is green and breathtaking – it’s a shame to miss it.

Of course, it is not recommended to travel during rain or heat stress.

Some provisions

As with any trip, you must not forget closed and comfortable shoes for walking, a hat (especially in the summer), and water (between a liter for a short trip and 3 liters for a long trip).

Apart from that, you should bring a little money for parking, for buses or for buying small things along the way, a camera to document the views and moments along the way, pack a cup of coffee that always contributes to the atmosphere, and a small, comfortable bag.

And we left!

Regina Giovanna Bath – Regina Giovanna Bath

Imagine a lake with clear turquoise water, green cliffs, endless sea and warm sun. Put them together with a short walk and you get a place that looks like a dream come true. The lake is named after Queen Regina Giovanna, Queen of Naples in 1300, who used to bathe in the natural pool when she was looking for some privacy and calm. You walk along an elevated and comfortable wooden path and when you reach the ruins of an ancient Roman villa, you descend to a small lake that flows into the sea. The lake is full of clear and relatively shallow sea water, you can bathe in it and you can kayak in it. At the end of the lake there is a natural stone arch in the center of which the sea is exposed in its full force. There are restaurants on site.

Degree of difficulty – easy.

Route type – round trip.

Duration of walking – about fifteen minutes in each direction.

Location – coastal headland northwest of Sorrento. “Regina Giovanna bath” in Wise. Park in the parking lot for a fee and from there there is clear signage.

Punta Campanella – Punta Campanella

The entire Amalfi coast is made up of small bays and headlands, but only one headland is the farthest and most extreme and has a hiking trail. When you are surrounded by the sea on three sides, the island of Capri stands proudly in front and the Amalfi coast rests behind you, it is impossible to remain indifferent. We descend on a comfortable path with floors of local agriculture around us, until we reach the end of the edge of the Amalfi Coast, where you can find remains of observation buildings. The view unfolds in all directions and the camera does not always manage to record the rare moment. All that’s left is to soak up all the beauty, and finally retrace our steps and head back up the road back to the cars.

Degree of difficulty – easy-medium.

Route type – round trip.

Duration of walking – about two hours in each direction.

Location – exit from the center of the village of Termini, Termini in Wise. Park in the parking lot for a fee and from there there is clear signage. It is recommended to go to the tourist information office of the town of Massa Lubrense for a map and tips.

From the village of Santa Maria del Castello to Positano

Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi road, is most beautiful from above. There’s nothing to do – the cliffs, the houses that look like they’re climbing on top of each other and the colors can only be fully captured by observing the city. So there are those who will choose to stick their heads out of the vehicle on the side of the road and take a quick look, but you can take it one step further. You descend from a high village by stairs to the heart of the town of Positano and thus gain a crazy view, a relatively challenging walk and save the headache of looking for parking in the bustling town.

We go down stone steps towards Positano and the beautiful town of Laita is revealed to our eyes. At a certain point the stairs become a little less neat and comfortable. Finish in the upper part of the town and from there it is recommended to go down its main street to the beach. At the end of the wandering in Positano there are two options – go back up the stairs or take a public bus to Santa Maria del Castello. It is recommended to take a bus, you get an experience closer to the local residents and save the energies of the aliyah for other things. It is important to say that taxis in the area are very expensive and not worthwhile.

Degree of difficulty – medium (on this route you should equip yourself with a walking stick).

Route type – roundtrip or one-way.

Duration of walking – about two hours in each direction.

Location – the southern end of the village of Santa maria del castello. Park in the parking lot for a fee and from there there is clear signage.

The Path of the Gods – Santiero degli Dei

As its name suggests – it overlooks the entire Amalfi coast from above and is considered, not without reason, to be the most beautiful and recommended route in the entire region. In a few hours you see everything that the hinterland can offer, and after walking between the cliff and the sea and between village and village you understand how this route got its name.

The route starts at a steep part equipped with a railing, and at the end there is a small restaurant and abandoned buildings built into the rock. Continuing on the path, you meet impressive natural stone pillars and small forests, and pass by farms and houses that, in the appropriate season, will offer you a cold lemonade and a snack in front of the mountains and vineyards. A high cliff rises to the right, on which you can find mountain climbers holding on and lifting themselves to heights, and flocks of sheep wandering to the left. We finally arrive at the village of Nucella overlooking Positano, where you can eat in a homely restaurant and watch the view. From Nucella you can continue on foot to Positano (not a small descent) or take a public bus to Positano and take the opportunity to wander around Positano. From there take a bus to Bomerno (takes about three hours). Another option is to return to Boomerno on foot from Manocella or from anywhere else on the road.

Degree of difficulty – medium-hard.

Route type – roundtrip or one-way.

Duration of walking – 3-4 hours in each direction.

Location – from the town of Boomerno to the village of Nuchela. “Path of the gods Bomerano” in Wise. Park in a free parking lot outside Bomarno and from there there is clear signage for the rest of the way. If you want, you can go through the tourist information station in the village of Boomerno.

Valle delle Ferriere

Waterfalls and water flowing in a narrow gorge between high cliffs and thick forests – this is only part of what the Pereira Valley offers to its visitors. The path shows different faces of the region and it also ends in a magical town, Amalfi. You walk along a path surrounded by trees and after a short while waterfalls emerge from every corner, and you can’t see the peaks of the cliffs above because their heads are in the clouds. Pass ancient stone buildings full of green moss and descend to Amalfi. In Amalfi you can walk around and enjoy the atmosphere (don’t forget to visit the Duomo, the cathedral in the main square) and from there you can choose: either go back to Fontana by public bus or go up on foot (a different way from the way we arrived). Both ways are recommended.

Degree of difficulty – medium-hard.

Track type – circular or one-way.

Duration of walking – about six hours for the circular route, about three hours for the one-way route.

Location – departure from the village of Pontone “Ferriere Valley Pontone” in Wise. Park in the parking lot for a fee and from there there is clear signage.

The road of lemons – Santiero dei Limoni

Did you think we would talk so much about the Amalfi road and not mention lemons? Think again. This beautiful road connects the town of Minori to the town of Miori and passes between floors of lemon orchards. A classic way to this area, in views, smells and atmosphere.

The road of lemons is an ancient road that is entirely built on the purity of the yellow fruit and along the way you can see local farmers at work and small stalls and shops where you can buy various lemon products, in the center of which is of course the famous limoncello that originates locally. The picking season is between spring and summer, you shouldn’t miss the traditional event that returns every year since the days of ancient Rome.

Already at the beginning of the road, you walk through the small orchards and look out to the sea, and further on you reach a small village called Tora. Pass it and continue to Myori. It is recommended to enter the beautiful church near the end of the route which completes the iconic image and creates a classic Amalfitan route. From there you can go back the way we came or take a bus back to Minori.

Degree of difficulty – easy.

Route type – roundtrip or one-way.

Duration of walking – about two hours in each direction.

Location – leaving the town of Minori, “Santiero dei Limoni Minori” in Wise. Park in the parking lot for a fee and from there there is clear signage.

And now you can rest…

After a successful walk you get an incredible feeling of satisfaction, and when you connect it to the feeling you get when you arrive in this beautiful land, all that’s left to do is smile.

In short – go for a walk!

So what have we had so far?

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