Landscapes and nature in Tuscany – a journey into a postcard

A large part of the trip in Tuscany is dedicated to the landscapes and nature of the province. Whether you’re renting a car and traveling by road, many of these views will simply drop your jaw while driving from place to place, without even having a specific place to stop. The landscapes of Tuscany come in many colors and shapes, stretch to an endless horizon and leave a strong impression that completely eliminates the need for filters when you want to stop and take a picture. At the same time, there are some certain places that you should go to in particular, stop for impressions or actually visit and experience up close. Here are some places where you can admire the Tuscan landscape in all its glory.

Landscapes Tuscany
Landscapes Tuscany

The beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea

The Tyrrhenian Sea is the part of the Mediterranean Sea off the western coast of Italy. Some also divide it into the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ligurian Sea, which are off the coasts of northwestern Italy and the Italian Riviera. Be that as it may, the beaches of western Tuscany are among the most beautiful in Italy, and some also occupy a place of honor on the list of the most popular. The beaches of the island of Alba, which are also under the province of Tuscany, are a significant attraction for those who want to experience a beautiful and sunny Riviera beach, but it is not necessary to board a ferry in order to reach such a beach. There are quite a number of bathing beaches, from La Spezia in the north to Orbetello in the south.

An example of such a beach is the Marina di Alberese beach, a long and beautiful beach that, because of its popularity, people wait in the town of Alberese, which is almost 10 kilometers away, to find parking. The beach is highly recommended for swimming, but it is also recommended to arrive early and bring food with you in advance.

If you prefer to avoid the crowds, and are willing to invest for it, one of the recommended beaches is the Buca delle Fate beach. It is a small bay located near the town of Baratti, but you cannot reach it by car. Look online for directions to the place (which include about a twenty minute walk from the parking lot), and you probably won’t regret it.

And finally, if you are adventurous and want to get to an island less popular than the island of Elba, then it is recommended that you invest and get to Isola del Gioglio, which is west of Orbatello, at the southwestern end of Tuscany. A ferry from Porto Santo Stefano will bring you to this small and beautiful island, where, in addition to the great charm of its villages, you will also find isolated and beautiful beaches.

Val d’Orcia

This valley, which is located in the southeast of Tuscany and is entirely a protected nature reserve, is one of the most beautiful and picturesque in the province, a perfect location for a romantic trip. When you get to it, you’ll probably think you’ve fallen into a Disney movie because it’s beautiful. Olive and grape vineyards for the most part, centuries-old villages and Renaissance castles that look as if nobles came out of them at any moment. This valley is so impressive that in 2004 UNESCO declared the place a world heritage site, due to its “cultural landscape”. In this context, the town of Pienza is particularly worthy of mention, which is a living example of a Renaissance town in all its glory.

The reserve is full of places to stop, walk, take pictures and travel, so you won’t be bored there. If you want to fully experience the authenticity, and of course if you have children, we recommend a ride on the valley’s historic train. The 19th century train, whose stations, tunnels and tracks have been renovated and restored to a fully functional state, travels between the town of Asciano and Monte Alto with the help of a small steam-powered one. You can get on the train and get off at any of the stations, and thus explore the villages that inhabit this wonderful valley.

Monti dell’Uccelina

This impressive mountain range is in the southwest of Tuscany, within the Maremma National Park, next to the beach. This is one of the most beautiful places in the province for those who want to trek and feel it through their feet. The views are amazing, both towards the sea (and the islands of the Tuscan archipelago) and towards the land, the paths are well marked, the fauna and flora of the area are diverse, and some of them are also protected, and the height of the mountains ensures relatively temperate weather even in the summer.

The great advantage of trekking in the Occlina mountains is that you can also combine the nature that you are used to feeling on a trek, together with the never-ending history of Tuscany. After all, there are few treks where, while walking, you will come across a defensive tower built by the Medici dynasty, in order to protect the coast from pirates. Another advantage is that the park of Marma has a variety of hiking trails (14 in total), so you can adapt a route to the participants of the trip. Whether you are a couple of well-wishers who have already hiked the Annapurna, or whether you are traveling with toddlers, you will probably be able to find a route that suits you.

The Apuane Alps (Alpi Apuane)

If you prefer to encrypt, and enjoy an alpine landscape over a Mediterranean forest, then the Apoean Alps are for you. This mountain range is the only one located entirely within the borders of Tuscany, and it offers all sports enthusiasts what suits them. Whether you like cycling, trekking, mountain climbing or even horse riding, you will be sure to find yourself here.

Probably the most popular valley in the range is the Valle del Serchio, where many tourists come to do a variety of outdoor activities in the beautiful mountains and the dramatic landscape they create. A popular circular route in the mountains is that of the “drilled mountain” (Monte Forato), named after the arch that creates a kind of hole between two mountains. The route starts and ends in the small village of Fornovolasco, and is suitable for intermediate level walkers. If you are a fan of trekking and outdoor activities, don’t miss this beautiful ridge, which is close to the city of Lucca.

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