Luxury hotels in Rome

Beautiful Rome is one of the most wonderful cities for an urban vacation, especially luxurious and pampering, with the best restaurants, crazy attractions, lots and lots of history and culture and of course – excellent hotels. In Rome, you can enjoy hotels of international hospitality class that are located right in the heart of the city, or a short distance from it, and provide all the facilities you can think of for a pampering vacation, and some that don’t. The luxury hotels in Rome give a feeling of real freedom, relaxation and above all a perfect indulgence where the hardest thing will be to return home.

These hotels were carefully selected by the Simple Italy team, after careful filtering of hotels with thousands of excellent opinions and reviews, and it’s really worth not waiting too long and book yourself a place immediately when you know the dates you’ll be in town. The good places run out pretty quickly, and it’s a shame to compromise just because you waited too long. After you have a hotel in Rome for your vacation, you are welcome to return to the site to continue planning your vacation in the city.

So what do you say – where would you like to receive a pampering massage and a decadent meal? Let’s get going.


Luxury hotels in Rome

J.K. Place Roma – The Leading Hotels of the World

The list of the most recommended and most luxurious luxury hotels offered by Italy’s capital city for visitors will be opened with a favorite and popular hotel, aka GK Place, which is rightly among the most favorite hotels for those who want to enjoy a luxurious urban vacation without compromising on anything.

In this hotel you will enjoy the highest level of service, a central location in the heart of the vibrant city and particularly pampering guest rooms that are tastefully decorated and include modern facilities such as air conditioning, television with a variety of channels, a great bathroom with toiletries at the hotel’s expense and various treats such as a fruit basket and much more.

Hotel guests will also enjoy easy access to major tourist sites, such as the famous Pantheon of Rome, the Spanish Steps, which are on the list of must-see sites for every tourist, Piazza del Popolo and Rome’s central train station, which is about a 2-minute walk away, with which you can reach easily and comfortably Also for more distant sites.

Baglioni Hotel Regina

If you want to enjoy a luxurious hotel but not compromise on a central location, Baglioni Hotel Regina is the hotel for you. This hotel is located in the heart of the historic city and overlooks the famous tourist spots in it – Villa Borghese, the Spanish Steps and more. In addition to these, there are quite a few great cafes, excellent restaurants, pubs and shops near the hotel.

As for the guest rooms, these are international standards – all the resort units include modern facilities, air conditioning, television with international channels, a balcony with a spectacular view, a luxurious bathroom, and let’s not forget the design itself, reminiscent of a well-stylized royal house that will make you feel as if you were at least the Queen of England … Sorry, Italy.

Every morning you can start the day with an excellent breakfast served at the hotel buffet or right at the door of your room (perfect for couples who are on a romantic honeymoon, or those who have trouble waking up and are afraid of missing breakfast time) and accordingly, you can end the day at the hotel’s cocktail bar with a menu Refreshing alcohol.

Hotel Locarno

Another 5-star hotel that deserves to be added to the list of the most recommended hotels is of course the legendary Locarno Hotel, which is located in the heart of the city and offers luxurious accommodations alongside a hysterical location close to the most popular tourist spots.

Among other things, you can reach within a few minutes sites such as Piazza del Popolo, the Spanish Steps and Via Condotti, and in addition to all the famous sites of Rome, you will find quite a few restaurants, cafes, pubs and great shops right within walking distance of the hotel door to enjoy your time.

As for the rooms, you can choose from several options depending on the group of travelers and the budget you want to dedicate to the subject, but between us – with such a pampering hotel there is no possibility of going wrong. Great breakfast, sun terrace, wireless internet and room service – who needs more than that?

A luxurious hotel located in the heart of the capital, located near the city’s popular sites and enjoying quality rooms and a glorious historical past
Pampering at an international level!
A boutique hotel located in the city center, near the popular attractions in the capital and enjoying warm and luxurious hospitality and excellent recreational facilities
Very indulgent
A luxurious hotel located in the center of the city, close to the popular attractions in the capital and offers luxurious accommodation units and a variety of services
Pampering at an international level!

Hotel Vilòn

We would be remiss if we did not include this fantastic hotel in the list of recommended luxury hotels in Rome. This is one of the most favorite hotels for those who like this genre of accommodation (well, who doesn’t?) and that is why it is highly rated on the various travel websites and receives praise and compliments from those who have visited it.

Hotel Vilon is one of Rome’s most luxurious hotels that offers a vacation that is not only reserved for couples in love, but also for families with children, business people and groups, and the rooms accordingly – you can stay in standard double rooms up to extremely spacious suites, including VIP rooms that include various treats.

In addition to the rooms themselves, hotel guests enjoy easy access to favorite tourist spots such as Piazza dei Spagna, the Spanish Steps and the Pantheon, and in addition to these, the hotel also has some of the best restaurants in Rome, great cafes and lively entertainment venues that will allow you to enjoy yourself even into the wee hours of the night.

Horti 14 Borgo Trastevere

This time it is a hotel that receives a rating of 4 stars “in total”, but believe us – it does not fall for any 5 star hotel and therefore it justifies its honorable position in the list of luxury hotels of Simply Italy. This is a luxury hotel that offers the highest level of hospitality, with a courteous and dedicated staff that is available 24/7 and guest rooms that you won’t want to leave in order to travel the city.

And that being said – it’s definitely worth a trip in this magical city and fortunately there are quite a few tourist sites that are near the hotel so you don’t have to go far from it, unless you want to – the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, Villa Giulia, Piazza Trillosa and many more are within walking distance of the hotel and allow you to get around on foot without using the public transport service.

You will also enjoy during your stay at the hotel a breakfast which includes a rich and varied menu including vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan options and those suitable for children, a cocktail bar, sunbeds and you can even bring your pets in with you by prior arrangement (and for an additional fee)! hit.

The Hive Hotel

Another hotel that managed to make the list even though it only offers 4-star accommodation is the lively and young Hive Hotel, which is considered one of the most favorite hotels for families, couples and groups of travelers in Rome and ranks highest on the list of hotels that offer good value for money (and when the price is not cheap at all, it is even more important Some).

You can get to the hotel using a shuttle service (for an additional fee) that will take you from the airport and back to it, but you also have access to public transportation that is a short walk away, and if you are traveling by rental car, private parking will also be available to you (also for an additional fee).

As for the guest rooms, you will enjoy the highest level with air conditioning, soundproofing, spacious and extremely comfortable beds, TV with smart toilets, a pampering bathroom with care products at the hotel’s expense and of course free wireless internet at no extra charge.

Le Meridien Visconti Rome

Last but not least, we will finish with another 4-star hotel (there seems to be a recurring motif here) which is without a doubt the one that offers the most beautiful view among the distinguished list given above – with an attractive location near the Tiber River and walking distance from the legendary Vatican City.

In addition to the tiny country that lies next to it, there are famous tourist centers near this wonderful hotel that attract crowds of tourists every day, including the Spanish Steps, Castel Sant’Angelo and much more. Beside these there are quite a few entertainment places, restaurants and cafes that will make your time enjoyable.

And as for the facilities – here, too, you will be pleasantly surprised by an excellent breakfast served every day, a cocktail bar that is a wonderful place to end the evening, and an outdoor terrace with a breathtaking panoramic view of the downtown area. If you ask us, this view is worth everything and will make your vacation unforgettable.

A luxury boutique hotel located in the city center that offers luxurious accommodation along with a variety of quality services and recreational facilities
Very indulgent
A luxury hotel located in the heart of the city, close to the main sites in Rome, offering designed accommodation units and a unique view
Very indulgent
The hotel, close to the city center, is tastefully designed and offers well-equipped accommodation units and various recreational facilities
Very indulgent
An elegant and sought-after hotel in an excellent location near the Tiber River, and within walking distance of the main sites of Rome
Pampering for the price


What was said and what shall we say? It is customary to think of hotels in Europe as being housed in ancient buildings, without an elevator and with windows that are only an illusion and lead to a brick wall. Happily, the luxury hotels of Rome are the complete opposite, modern and with the height of chic and style and food… not to mention the food. We at Simply Italy have already packed, and you?

So what have we had so far?

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