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There is no doubt that Rome is one of the most touristic and interesting cities in Europe. The Italian capital holds a wealth of history, art, culture and of course fine Italian food. If we put aside for a moment the antiquities sites, the museums, the fashion stores and the prestigious cafes, the markets are actually the real gem of the city. In the markets you can get an idea of ​​the real and authentic experience of everyday life and meet the other face of the city. The markets will offer you a walking tour in a lively and stimulating atmosphere. If you are tired of designer stores, exclusive brands and fancy restaurants – the market is the place for you. You can buy there almost any product you want, from ancient art objects that you won’t find anywhere else to street food that will stimulate your salivary glands, all this of course at a price equal to every pocket. Here are some of the markets that are really worth visiting if you are in town.

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Borghetto Flaminio Market

In the area next to the famous Piazza del Popolo, every Sunday there is a very cool flea market. If you are a lover of vintage, the big place will offer you a wide variety of clothes, bags, fashion accessories and home furnishings. The items are all sourced from prestigious designer stores, including big names like Gucci and Armani, but due to the fact that they are all second hand, they are sold at ridiculous prices. In some you can even see the label still attached, so it’s definitely a profitable business.

  • Location – Via Flaminia, 32, 00196
  • Opening times – Sundays, 19:00-10:00


Porta Portese Market

The most famous market in Rome and also the largest in the city. You can be impressed by countless stalls that will offer you a large selection of carpets, art objects, fabrics, clothes and even pets. Even if you are not a fan of big markets, you should visit to sip a bit of the happy and colorful atmosphere of the place and this is also definitely the perfect stop for buying souvenirs and gifts on your trip.

  • Location – Piazza Ippolito Nievo
  • Opening times – Sundays, 14:00-05:00

Fontanella Borghese Market

A visit to the Fontanella market is an unforgettable experience for the lovers of literature, history and art among you. The market operates daily and offers buyers a large and unique selection of books, art objects, antique cameras, posters, maps and anything that will decorate your home and remind you of the magical city.

  • Location – Largo della Fontanella di Borghese
  • Opening times – Monday to Saturday, 9:00-19:00


La Soffitta Sotto – Portici Market

A lively point of interest for the city’s young and trendy public. This is a flea market with a nice selection of jewelry and clothing at extremely reasonable prices. You will find here unique fashion items such as silk scarves, belts and gems that are certainly unmatched elsewhere. The place is near some of the city’s well-known tourist attractions – the Spanish Steps and Popolo Square, so you can combine a visit to the favorite market with a trip to the beautiful area.

  • Location – outside the Mausoleum of Augustus
  • Opening times – Sundays, 7:00-7:00 p.m

Campo de Fiori

And how is it possible without a little history? Campo de’ Fiori is a historical gem of the city. It has existed for over 400 years (!) and is considered a tourist site for everything. The market is a farmer’s market, its name is actually “fields of flowers” in Italian and it represents only a small part of what you can find there. The place offers a selection of meats, cheeses, olive oils, drinks and Italian delicacies, all locally produced and from the best farms. You can watch the locals come to the market as part of their daily life, laughing, haggling with the merchants and making noise like the Italians know how.

  • Location – Piazza Campo de Fiori
  • Opening times – every day, 14:00-7:00. It is recommended to arrive early in the morning, when the fresh goods arrive


Campagna Amica Market

An indoor local food market, offering the best and freshest goods in town. The place offers honey straight from the beehives, olives just picked from the trees and juicy fruits straight from the hands of the farmer, so it’s no wonder that it attracts chefs and cooking enthusiasts from all over the city. The atmosphere in the place is authentic and happy and the locals and merchants are kind and smiling so it is a highly recommended and delicious experience.

  • Location – Via di San Teodoro, 70
  • Opening times – every day, 19:00-10:30


San Cosimato Market

In a beautiful, romantic and calm area of the city, it houses the San Cosimetto market, which is a real gem of the city. The place contains a lot of history, it has existed for more than a hundred years and the merchants are often successors of their ancestors who founded the place. Here you will find a wide selection of food from all over Europe, from Italian ricotta cheese and handmade pasta to fine French wine, all of the highest quality available.

  • Location – Piazza San Cosimato
  • Opening times – Monday to Saturday, 13:30-6:00


Nouvo Mercato de Testaccio

In the heart of an authentic Roman neighborhood, there is an extremely large indoor market, with over a hundred stalls and a variety of goods of all kinds. If you have encountered a particularly hot or rainy day, this is the perfect time to visit the place. The market offers everything you can think of – clothes, shoes, scarves, furniture and of course a lot of food of all kinds. This is a more modern experience than the typical market and is especially effective if you feel like doing some worthwhile shopping or you are just hungry.

  • Location – Via Beniamino Franklin, 00118
  • Opening times – Monday to Saturday, 14:00-6:00

Mercatino di Ponte Milvio

A fine and well-regarded antiques market in the city. Every week, hundreds of merchants and art curators gather there and offer their diverse wares – from furniture and vintage household items to beautiful and unique paintings and sculptures. With over 400 stalls on site, there’s no way you won’t find something to bring home.

  • Location – Ponte Milvio, 00196
  • Opening times – Sundays, 6:00-9:00


Mercato Monti

An urban, indoor and newer market that offers special Italian goods from young designers along with cool vintage pieces. Visiting the place is a different (and highly recommended) experience from the typical market, more like a gallery or an exhibition for the masses. It allows new artists to present their works and of course try to sell them.

  • Location – Grand Hotel Palatino, Via Leonina, 46
  • Opening times – every day, 20:00-10:00. The place is open to the public from September to June
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