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Italy’s city of fashion, history, culture and glittering urban life is waiting to host you! Milano, the capital of the Lombardy region, is located in northern Italy and is considered the capital of Italian industry, which makes it a fashion brand on an international scale as well as an impressive city that is considered home to some of the most impressive buildings and sites in Italy such as the Duomo (the main church) and the Opera House. Those flying to Milano will have a full time in the city with luxurious nightlife, high-class cuisine and, of course, shopping.

In addition, Milano functions as the starting point for trips in northern Italy and for reaching other destinations, with the airports in Milano being the starting point for many connections to other destinations in Italy as a whole and in Europe in general.

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The airports in Milano

There are three international airports in Milano, two of which are within the city limits.

Malpensa Airport (Milano Malpensa, MXP) – the largest in Milano and the second largest in Italy in terms of the number of passengers passing through it (about 20 million passengers per year).

Linate Airport (Milano Linate, LIN) – the second largest, receiving flights from Israel that are expected to continue to other destinations in the connection.

Bergamo/ Orio al Serio Airport (Orio al Serio / Milanoo-Bergamo, BGY) – located outside Milano itself in the city of Bergamo, which is about 45 km away from Milano.

Malpensa Airport

The main airport in Milano is located about 50 km from the city center and is considered the “home base” of the low-cost EasyJet company, which operates a series of direct flights from the country at very attractive prices, and increases its activity from April to the end of October.

Due to the size of the field in terms of the number of passengers (the largest field in Italy is Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino in Rome), it is a modern and very wide airport with two terminals, with Terminal No. 1 being the newer one and usually the low cost flights of Izig 9 and other companies land in it. A free cable connects the two terminals and operates at a frequency of one every twenty minutes. In the hot and touristy season, long queues accumulate for these shuttles (sometimes as long as close to an hour!), so it is advisable to take this into consideration and plan accordingly the transit route in the field according to the times.

There are 6 duty free shops at the airport. Only one of them is in Terminal 2, but all are located after the check-in stage. In addition, you will find many and varied stores of well-known brands at low prices (although these are still luxury brands): Armani, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Bulgari, Victoria’s Secret and more. Also, for the passengers on the onward flights, there is a successful storage of belongings that is active between the hours of 22:00 and 06:00 at a cost of 3.5 euros for 24 hours.

This is how you will get from Malpensa to the center of Milano

Train – from the airport you can board the Malpensa Express train from any of the terminals and every half hour. The travel time to the city is about 35 minutes and the trip is considered comfortable and pleasant. For those stopping at Cadorna station (Milanoo Cadorna, you can continue to your final destination using the M1 and M2 metro lines. The train stops operating after 11:00 p.m. and after this time you must get around by other means such as a taxi or bus. The cost of traveling by train is 13 euros one way or 20 Euro for a round-trip ticket. There is also a family or group ticket that gives a discount and is suitable for groups of two adults and two children up to the age of 18, at a cost of €25.

Bus – the frequency of the buses is particularly successful (every 20 minutes) and the price of the trip to the city center is 10 euros, or 13 euros for those arriving on a connecting flight at Linate airport. The trip is about 40 minutes long, but on weekends and weekday mornings the trip may be longer due to traffic jams.

Taxi – the most expensive but the most convenient way, especially for those who fly with several suitcases. The rate for travel from the airport to the city is fixed and stands at 90 euros, as long as you use Milano city taxis. Taxis from other areas will run a meter against the trip at a starting price of 80 euros, where as long as the traffic is congested, the price will continue to climb. If you use such a taxi, try to set a rate in advance and avoid using the meter. In Italy as well as here, bargaining is a very legitimate thing.

Linate Airport

A secondary and small airport compared to Malpensa, but considered very efficient and convenient for those arriving in the city center. The distance between Milano and this field is only about 7 km. Unfortunately, direct flights from Israel do not reach it, but only other domestic flights from Italy and flights from other European countries. Therefore, the arrival at this field will only take place if you fly a connection with a European company that lands in Amsterdam , Paris, Madrid, Munich and several other cities that you probably know or have visited in the past, and from there it continues to Milano. In this case your flight will be long, but most likely significantly cheaper.

Although it is not a large field, it has famous brand stores such as Hugo Boss, Swatch, Burberry and more. The stores are arranged so that some are before the inspection and some after. The field also includes storage of items at a cost of up to 5 euros per item for the whole day.

This is how you will get from Linate to the center of Milano

Bus – due to the proximity of Malinata airport to Milano, there are several ways to travel by bus:

Line 73 that reaches San Babila Square, which is considered a very central point in the city. By getting off at this station you can connect to the M1 line of the metro. The frequency of the line is every 10 minutes and the cost is 1.5 euros. In addition, this line reaches many other destinations in the city, so it may be crowded during rush hours. Be sure to get on the bus in the direction of San Babila and M1 and not in the opposite direction of San Felicino, which passengers sometimes get confused between. The tickets are purchased at the airport newsstand or at the ticket machine near the station, and it is necessary to validate it upon boarding the bus. Each ticket is suitable for one additional trip on the metro and unlimited trips on the bus and tram lines for 75 minutes from the moment of validity.

If you have a Milanoo Pass or Milanoo Card, you are entitled to free travel on this line.

The fast line 73X that performs a direct route with a stop at only one stop. This line is less crowded and faster (about a 25-minute drive), although times may vary during rush hours. This line is activated only in the middle of the week and between the hours of 22:00 and 07:00. The cost of the trip here is 1.5 euros and the tickets are purchased at the same places.

Starfly – the Autostradale bus company includes a line that goes from the airport to the central train station and leaves once every half hour, at a cost of 5 euros. Tickets are sold at the newsstand or from the driver and the journey on the line takes about 30 minutes.

Malpensa Shuttle – a travel service from Malpensa port that goes through Linate airport and continues to the city, with a journey length of about an hour. If you own a Milano Pass or Milano Card, you are entitled to free travel.

Taxi – taxis cost an average of 15 euros and depend on the destination and the traffic situation. It is better to use the taxis that are at the exit of the terminal and not outside the exit, because they are much more expensive (around 70 euros per trip). At the same time, the queues for taxis can be very long in the tourist season, in the early evening hours when many landings are made and during the fashion week in the city.

Orio al Serio Airport (Bergamo)

The airport closest to Milano, but the farthest from it of the three, is actually named after the city of Bergamo, which is about 45 km from Milano. Despite this fact, don’t discount it due to the distance because it is similar in distance to Malpensa, which is within the city limits. Serio, the name of the field, is named after a famous Italian painter from the Baroque period who was born and lived in this area. The field receives direct flights from Tel Aviv on a regular basis and especially the wide array of flights (also very cheap) of the low cost company Rainier.

Orio El Serio’s duty free includes both fully taxed products and products at duty free rates at THE BEAUTY GATE store, so pay attention to this before arriving at the checkout. In addition, you will find in the field a variety of famous brand stores such as Timberland, Victoria’s Secret, BOGGI and more. In addition, this area also has excellent luggage storage, where luggage up to 25 kilos has a daily cost of 3 euros and luggage weighing more than 25 kilos will be stored at a daily cost of 5 euros.

This is how you will get from Bergamo to Milano

Compared to the other two fields, getting from Bergamo to Milano is a little more complex and less convenient. You can use a taxi or a pre-ordered shuttle over the Internet, but these costs may be expensive and not necessarily profitable compared to public transportation.

Train – there are no trains from the airport itself, so it is necessary to board a ZANI bus from the port to Bergamo. The journey on the line takes about ten minutes and the cost is 1.5 euros. Another option is to take a shuttle or taxi to the city of Bergamo and from there catch a train to Milano that leaves every half hour or hour, depending on the daily schedule. The cost of the trip is 5.5 euros and the duration of the train ride is about an hour.

Buses – outside the main passenger hall are all the bus lines. There are several options:

An Autostradale bus that leaves for Milano every half hour during the day, with less frequent nighttime activity. The travel time is long – over an hour in most cases. The cost is 5 euros and tickets can be purchased at the field itself, or on the company’s website.

ZANI bus – the line includes a stop at the Cascina Gobba metro station of the M2 line located in the northeast of Milano. The price is 9 euros and tickets can be purchased at the field or on the company’s website.

Additional bus lines will allow you to take shuttles to Linate or Malpensa airports, but beware of online purchase this time, as it requires a specific time. The variety of these companies is wide, so you can purchase tickets simply on a first-come, first-served basis.

Taxi – a taxi ride is very expensive and costs about 100 euros.

Low cost flights to Milano

The Israelis enjoy a particularly rich set of flights to Milano, which includes at least two flights every day and the number of flights will increase in the months of June-August, which are considered the peak season. Although it is possible to use the efficient and convenient flight system of El Al, Arkia and Alitalia airlines that will bring you on a direct flight without a connection. Alitalia has a slight advantage over the other two due to the convenient low-cost routes that the company provides, but it is always advisable to conduct a smart price comparison before booking and check the flight times, the conditions of the low-cost route (Arkia and Alitalia have several choice routes) and the costs per date.

For those of you who prefer to cut prices and fly with an additional destination connection, you can use the many European companies that will land you in another city in Europe and from there to Milano, which will make the journey longer but will give you a low price and also an option to go around another city, as long as there is enough time. The cost of a low-cost flight with a connection is $150-300 at the “ends of the season” – April-May and September-October, when the price in the peak season (June-August) can climb up to $400. During the season, most of the companies allow you to send a suitcase in the belly of the plane at no extra charge.

The most prominent in this method are the famous low-cost companies Rainier and EasyJet, which were found to be particularly cheap, but it is recommended in any case to compare prices by date because even companies such as Pegasus, Blue Air and Lott can have attractive prices around certain dates, especially outside the demand season. For example, a very profitable deal we found was for the month of November, which is considered to be relatively cold but still allows for an encounter with very favorable days for trips – through Aegean Airlines, which includes a connection for 10 hours in Athens and at a very attractive price of 170 dollars for a single round-trip ticket.