2 star hotels in Milano

Here is a variety of 2 star hotels in Milano for a perfect vacation. We recommend that you hurry and reserve rooms as soon as possible, the ones that are worth it are snapped up quickly. All hotels can be booked immediately. Have a pleasant vacation, come back safely, your perfect vacation starts here:

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A 2-star hotel in the Stazione Centrale / Zone 2 area, located 0.2 km from a central metro station. Price range: 112$ – 950$ per night. recommended!
Pampering at an international level!
A 2-star hotel in zone 8, located 0.8 km from La Rinasante. Price range: 65$ – 105$ per night.
Pampering for the price
The IntoMilan Galleria Duomo Milan apartment hotel is a 2-star apartment hotel located in Milan. Average price range per night: 77$ – 230$ (based on average rates for a standard room). For more information >>>
Basic level hosting
A 2-star apartment hotel in the Chinatown area (Chinese Quarter) / Zone 8, located 0.5 km from a monumental cemetery. Price range: 62$ – 125$ per night.
Basic level hosting
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