Boeucc Bistrot

בצ'ה ביסטרו

העיר העתיקה

How many restaurants do you know that have been operating continuously since the 17th century? Probably not much. But if you had to guess where such a restaurant could be found, likely, you would also think of Italy.

Indeed, this is the story of Boeucc Bistrot (you’ll have to be careful with the Italian pronunciation to be able to say the name), which has been serving food to generations upon generations of customers since 1696 (yes, that’s the year. We didn’t get confused with the numbers).

As you would expect from such an old establishment, the restaurant serves classic Italian and Mediterranean food. Because why change what has worked so well for them for over 300 years?

The location also plays a role: the restaurant is housed in an old building on the beautiful street Palazzo Belgioso. The beauty of this ancient building adds to the place’s unique atmosphere and will take you on a journey through a Milan that no longer exists.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you can see on the walls of the place the certificates and certificates that prove that the restaurant has existed since the 17th century and that its food has received many praises over the years.

Prices start at 25 euros for an appetizer and reach 80 euros for the main course. Indeed, this is an expensive restaurant, but also a luxurious one. The waiters are in suits, the tablecloths are white, and the place conveys that it has respect.

Boeucc Bistrot is suitable for special events or times when you really want to pamper yourself. Not only are the prices far from today, but thanks to the combination created between the food, the space, and the service. An experience that doesn’t happen too often in life.

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