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El Jadida is not a typical Italian restaurant. In fact, it is not an Italian restaurant at all. It’s just a restaurant located in Milan. You reach Marrakesh, a magnificent palace with plenty of food and an authentic Middle Eastern atmosphere on the other side of the door.

The uniqueness of the place is that it doesn’t just offer dinner but an entire evening of entertainment. They start with a meal and continue with the belly dancers. Immediately after that, you can order a hookah. Some evenings there are musical performances, and the rest of the time, the D.J. plays the best Arabic music for the guests. In other words, a whole night in Morocco, only in Milan.

The tables in the restaurant are low, and the sofas are filled with padded cushions so that sitting is as comfortable as possible. Nevertheless, you don’t come to El Jadida to eat and go. The food is served on silver platters and round oriental rugs. A thousand and one nights.

The food itself, it almost goes without saying, is defined as halal. The best delicacies of Arab cuisine are served at the culinary level, emphasizing Moroccan and Lebanese cuisine and the Maghreb region. The menu is very familiar to the Israeli diner: chicken couscous and beef couscous and harira soup, moussaka and shish kebab, and of course, tagine – chicken or beef or lamb. The wines on site are of the best Italian production.

This large restaurant, which also includes a closed patio, conveys a Hefala atmosphere, so it is possible, perhaps even desirable, to go there in a group and particularly festive manner.

The price for an average meal is 30 euros per person. It does not include drinking, hookah, or a tip.

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Arabic Moroccan food

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