Ristorante Cracco

Ristorante Cracco

the old City

Chef Craco’s restaurant in the heart of Milan’s old town is not just another chef’s restaurant – it is a restaurant that boasted a Michelin star and then lost it after moving to its new location. But that doesn’t mean the restaurant has lost its quality or popularity.

Despite ups and downs in the Michelin guide, for most of Chef Krakow’s customers, Ristorante Carraro gives an experience that touches all the senses – from the food through the atmosphere to the impressive design of the space where the restaurant is located.

The restaurant explains three different places within one space.  The chef tried to put together an experience of eating in a restaurant, meeting in a cafe, tasting in the wine cellar, and also a place for special events.

The restaurant was located in one of the most beautiful buildings in a city with beautiful buildings on every corner – Vittorio Emanuel Gallery. This is a place that must be visited with or without a meal. But there is no doubt that the site’s beauty is absorbed much better on a full stomach.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuel is one of the oldest shopping centers in the world.  It is housed in a palace built in the 19th century. The shops in the mall, just like the restaurant in Krakow, are particularly luxurious.

And now to the critical question, what exactly do you eat in this restaurant? Krakow cooks traditional Italian dishes with a modern angle in his restaurant (he has, of course, other places). Classic dishes from the cuisine of Milan, but with a twist. What can be found on the menu? Margherita pizza, minestrone, Caesar salad, a local version of a croissant, butter, and jam. The wine and drink menu is also rich.

The prices are not low, befitting a place previously decorated with a Michelin star. Most dishes start at 40 euros.

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Contemporary Italian cuisine

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