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Some say that the magic of Naples happens slowly before our eyes, and that the moment when it happens is unforgettable. It is one of the most vibrant and trendy cities for travelers in Europe and the third largest in all of Italy, located in the southern part. Here you will find a multitude of streets and alleys where you can wander without limit, a diverse ancient city, ancient churches, lots of good food, many shops and most importantly – a very attractive price for tourists and travelers who want to see Europe without breaking the bank.

If you have not yet started to find out about flights to Naples and what is available in the city, this point is going to be very important to you: Naples is considered a busy city, not always particularly clean and also known for “rounding prices for tourists” in restaurants and taxis. Yes, you can certainly say that Naples is a bit like Israel in some of its social codes, but despite the certain negativity that has stuck to the city (and it is true only for certain parts of it), whoever spends more than two or three days here, reveals beneath the surface warm and sympathetic people, charming streets, Action and lots to do. Bottom line, if you are looking for a dynamic and fun European trip in an original destination, Naples is definitely for you.

When is the best time to fly to Naples?

Befitting a sunny Mediterranean region, the months of July-August are considered the peak of the season. On the other hand, the humidity and crowding around the city become less attractive in this season (for Israelis anyway) and therefore it is better to visit the city precisely at the ends of the season – April-June or September-October. March and November can also be good and significantly comfortable for those interested in flying cheaply, but the temperatures drop in these months and the trip may not go as planned or may have to be accompanied by a coat and gloves.

Naples airport: important information for travelers

The airport of Naples (Aeroporto Internazionale di Capodichino) is located about six kilometers northeast of the city, in the area called Capodichino. Several million passengers pass through this airport every year and it is very easy to navigate, thanks to the fact that most of the flights to and from are in only one terminal ( Terminal 1).The other terminal in the field (Terminal 2) functions mainly for the reception and departure of charter flights.

Although it is a relatively small field, which is considered crowded and slow in the peak season, it meets all the standards of the major airports in Italy and includes free WIFI in all parts of the field, clinic services, foreign exchange services, post office, tax refund, cafes and restaurants, and duty free that most surfers Tend to be praised for the very cheap prices compared to other duty free shops in Italy.At duty free you will find fashion, electronics, alcohol and souvenir shops at good prices.

An important tip regarding return flights from the airport – all gates located in areas A and B include passport control and exit gates with waiting only, no shops or cafes. Therefore, as soon as you pass the passport control and arrive here, there is no longer any way to enjoy the wait with food and drink. The area of ​​cafes and shops is only in zone C and if you prefer to walk around it before or you have enough time after the inspection, it is better to go early, get to the duty free and the restaurants in zone C and save the passport control for the next step.

This is how you get to Naples from the airport

Since the distance between the city and the airport is short, the travel time to the city center is also correspondingly short and such a trip takes about 25 minutes. There are several options to do this:

Bus – Naples’ bus system is particularly developed and therefore it is the recommended way of getting around from the field to the city and in general in the city itself. The best known and best shuttle from the airport in Naples into the city is the Alibus (red-white bus) of the ANM company at a cost of 5 euros. The shuttle connects the airport to Piazza Garibaldi (near the main train station in the city – Napoli Centrale) and Piazza Municipio (near the port – Molo Angioino) and is active between 00:00 and 06:30. On the weekends, the line’s activity ends at 11:50 p.m. This bus operates throughout the day with a frequency of every 20-30 minutes and is subject to changes in arrival times due to traffic jams and congestion.

The bus tickets must be purchased at the station upon exiting the field or from the driver himself.

Since Naples is a major artery in southern Italy, buses and trains also depart from it to other destinations such as Salerno, Sorrento and Rome. Accordingly, those landing at the airport in Rome will be able to cross the road to Naples by train or bus and enjoy a comfortable and pleasant trip of two hours and forty minutes, at a cost of about 15 euros. For train passengers – note that booking in advance lowers the prices, while the more the reservation takes place in the 90th minute, the more you will pay for it.

Taxis – taxis are available at the exit of the field and are plentiful, costing 20-30 euros per trip. A surcharge will apply to night, holiday, Sunday and luggage rates (usually two additional euros for each large suitcase).

To a certain extent, the taxis in Naples are very reminiscent of the stigma that exists for taxi drivers in Israel in relation to tourists: exaggerating prices, tricks in operating the meter and broken English. There is an option to travel with a meter or at a predetermined rate, but you must indicate in advance which option you would prefer to travel with. Since you don’t know the roads very well (and also due to a well-known trick of taxi drivers in the city of activating a meter before the trip), it is advisable to agree on a rate in advance (tell the driver that you want Tariffe predeterminate – Tariffe Predeterminate). Behind the driver’s seat there should be a table of fixed prices.

In addition, there is an option to order a taxi in advance from the airport via the Internet. This way you can know in advance how much you will pay for the trip and avoid the driver’s attempts to increase the price. The company will send you an email regarding the driver’s details and his waiting location for you in the field. He will usually meet you at the exit of the baggage claim area.

Shuttles – if you are a family with children or a group of several flying, a shuttle is probably the most convenient and safest option to get to your hotel or apartment. The transportation is carried out in a large vehicle, but you may have to wait a little for it from the moment you land in the field. The shuttles can and are even recommended to be ordered online in advance, so that upon exiting the field you will meet a driver with a sign bearing your name. You can also apply the same method back to the airport at the end of your vacation.

Car rental – Naples is not a particularly convenient place to drive for those who do not live there regularly. And at the same time, there are several car rental companies at the airport that will allow you to get to the hotel with maximum comfort, especially if you have children who need the safety seat or booster that you brought from home and when the amount of luggage is large. In addition, the vehicle will allow you flexibility and a convenient possibility to spend time in areas outside the city. Note that most city parking lots will require you to leave your car keys, because vehicles are being moved to release or park additional vehicles.

There are shuttles that are supposed to take you inside the field directly to the rental companies, but they are slow due to the congestion. If you have a good sense of direction, you can cover the distance on foot, about 10 minutes’ walk: continue with your back to the terminal along the road for about 250 meters and turn right (about another 250 meters). On your left you will notice the company parking lot for rent.

Flights to Naples comfortably and cheaply

The road between Naples and Israel passes through 3 hours and 25 minutes of open and clear skies, without problematic topographical conditions or extreme changes in the weather. The Israelis enjoy a set of about 5 weekly flights to the vibrant city as well as cheaper prices for flights to the south of Italy than to the north.

There are several prominent companies that operate a direct flight to Naples, among them El Al (mainly through its subsidiary Sandor), Alitalia and the low-cost company EasyJet. Despite this, most flights from Israel to Naples include an intermediate stop at another destination and on most dates of the year it is very difficult to get a direct flight without stops. Other companies flying from Israel are Aegean Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Welling, Swiss Air, Austrian Airlines, British Airways and Air France – each company usually makes a connection in its capital city (Athens, Istanbul, Paris, etc.). In addition, you can book a flight to Naples through the low-cost companies Rainier, Wizz Air and EasyJet, which operate a connection from another Italian city such as Rome (about a fifty minute flight) or Milan (about an hour and a half flight).

As mentioned, the low-cost companies are the most attractive way to fly cheap as long as you can forgo the meals and the choice of seats on the flight. Regarding sending the luggage, some of the companies, mainly Alitalia and Easyjet, offer to fly at a low price with sending a suitcase in the luggage compartment up to 23 kg.

In general, the prices at the peak of the demand season (July-November) are about 600-500 dollars for a round trip ticket for a single person. If you can fly on other dates, you can enjoy significant savings: in December the prices drop below $250 on average, while in January-February the price continues to drop and settles around $150 per person. In March, the prices rise again to 250 dollars on average and increase gradually, when in June they reach 400 dollars per ticket. If you can remain flexible and fly to Naples in the 90th minute, you will enjoy flights at extremely attractive prices of under 90 dollars!

The airport in Naples is considered one of the largest in Italy and receives flights from other destinations such as Milan, Venice, Palermo, Turin, Rome, Verona and about 90 other cities where there are small airports! If your trip is only partially to the beautiful Naples, you have the opportunity to significantly reduce the prices and fly from Italy with a wide variety of low-cost companies with regular daily availability.