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A 5-star hotel that offers proximity to the sea, a good location and spectacular views. with a pool, spa and restaurant
Very indulgent
A designed and luxurious 4-star hotel in an excellent location and with an excellent view. The rooms are comfortable and also suitable for families
Very indulgent
A 4-star hotel overlooking the Bay of Naples and offering an excellent location for getting to know the important sites in the city
Very indulgent
A 3-star hotel near a train station and a short drive from the center of Naples. with breakfast and free parking
Very indulgent
A 4-star hotel with spacious rooms and a view of the bay, a few stops away from all the main points in the city
Very indulgent
A hotel in a quiet location with a great view that is a short walk from the bustling life of Naples
Very indulgent
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Naples, the well-known capital of southern Italy, is one of the biggest attractions for tourists from all over the world, with an emphasis on those traveling in the Mediterranean basin. Although it is in Europe, it is difficult to apply the rigid and orderly European atmosphere to Naples. It is a semi-chaotic city, with one of the richest history that Europe knows, with a diverse and very interesting population and with views that will not leave anyone indifferent.

However, it is also impossible to ignore the less pleasant points associated with it. It is not the cleanest city you will visit, to say the least, and there are areas where walking is somewhere between chills and tangible danger. When traveling in Naples it is important to stick to areas rich in tourists, and those where the chances of you feeling uncomfortable are low. After all, this is a thriving tourist city, so no one has an interest in harming you.

It is important to remember that the Italian cities were united into one country a relatively short time ago (a little more than one hundred and fifty years), which means that the differences between them are very significant. To an outside observer passing from Milan to Rome and from Rome to Naples, it will seem as if he passed between three different countries. Naples has its rhythm, its population, its food and its language. Yes, they don’t speak Italian here. They speak Neapolitan here.

Where is it recommended to take a hotel in Naples?

Similar to all other Italian cities, Naples also has the old center (Centro Storico) around which many of the local attractions are concentrated and which is the beating historical heart of the city. In Naples this feeling is upgraded even more. The narrow alleys, the medieval houses, the amazing amount of shops and of course the famous Neapolitan pizzerias, all these make the ancient center of Naples the first hotel destination for visitors. No wonder UNESCO has declared the center of Naples a World Heritage Site.

But to her and a thorn in her. Staying in the city center is more expensive than staying in other areas of the city, due to the high demand for places to stay there, especially during peak seasons. Although the variety of hotels is relatively large, you will certainly be able to find guesthouses in sane places, but keep in mind that the average price will be relatively high.

For those looking for a cheaper place to stay, but equally close to the points of interest of the city, it is recommended to look for a hotel in the Spanish Quarters (Quartieri Spagnoli). This area, very close to the city center and houses some of its most important tourist sites (like Castel Nuovo). Here you will find a relatively rich supply of guesthouses and guest houses, which will suit those who travel on a limited budget and prefer to invest the money in attractions and trips.

On the other hand, if you are looking to both get away from the local buzz and enjoy high-end accommodations (priced accordingly), you might want to think about the Chiaia neighborhood. It is relatively far from the center, and is home to prestigious boutiques and top designers who live in the city. You will also find quite a few cafes matching the style, and pizzerias with a sophisticated twist.

And finally, if you want to get the most out of the Neapolitan experience and enjoy a spectacular view, historical sites and rich nightlife, you are advised to look for a hotel in the Vomero neighborhood. The neighborhood is up the mountain, so it is far from the busy center at the bottom. It overlooks the spectacular view of the bay on whose shore Naples sits, and behind it rises the volcano Vesuvius. However, all this goodness comes at a price, and the hotels in this area are some of the most expensive in Naples.

When should you visit Naples?

In general, the tourist season in Naples is in the summer months (July-August). These are the months when the number of tourists, as well as the temperatures, reach their peak. The crowds of tourists flocking to the city cause a relatively sharp price increase in accommodation prices, so if you are looking to save, this is not the season for you. In addition, the high temperatures and humidity in the summer months will make you reconsider arriving at this time.

In general, the best time to visit Naples is during the months of the transition seasons, that is, in September-October and April-May. In these months there is a good balance between a tolerable tourist load, comfortable weather and reasonable hotel prices. If you have the option, this is probably the best option for you.

For those who are looking to save and are ready to challenge themselves in fickle weather, the winter months are a real attraction. This is the low season for tourists, so you won’t feel crowded in the popular spots, but the weather isn’t exactly welcoming either. This is especially true in November, when an unexpected flood may close you to one of the city’s fascinating museums for a considerable time. The relatively small number of tourists is the one that causes the prices of accommodation houses to drop, so it is not at all rare to find particularly profitable deals in these months.