Bed and Boarding is a capsule hotel located near Capodichino Airport in Naples. Like any capsule hotel, Bed and Boarding also offers its customers a hospitality experience that is very different from what tourists are familiar with in hotels and hostels. In the capsule hotel, guests sleep in small cells – yes, cells, not rooms – with a bed and very little space. Space that is ultimately enough for basic operations such as sleeping and using a computer and not much beyond.

As usual in places of this type, the toilets and showers are shared and in a certain sense the experience can be considered like sleeping in a dormitory in a hostel, only with good conditions and privacy. The building and the capsules themselves are built to a particularly high standard, in an environmentally friendly way and all this to provide an economical but pleasant experience for the guests.

You can book a room together or for a couple and as you can assume, the place is not suitable for families. In each such capsule you can of course find a bed (with bedding), a television, a place to store shoes and a backpack. Luggage and backpacks will not be able to fit well in the capsule and will be stored outside it. The rooms are also air-conditioned and soundproofed, so that despite the proximity between the capsules, privacy is still maintained. The windows are automatic and completely sealed against light, so that you can sleep undisturbed at all hours of the day.

As part of the modern concept of tourism and hotels, the cleaning procedure of the capsule is also fast and efficient: when the guest leaves the capsule, it is automatically cleaned and immediately ready for the next guest, without human contact.

Bed and Boarding compensates for the small living space with public spaces where you can eat, rest or work. Vending machines for drinks and food are scattered throughout the place. The WIFI is free and open to all guests.

Despite the relatively remote location from Naples, there is still easy access to the city. The public transport departing from the airport will take the guests of the hotel into the city and to the variety of attractions in it.

Because of the type of rooms and the location next to the airport, Bed and Boarding is mainly suitable for those who want to save money and spend the night in Naples at significantly lower prices than hotels or hostels in the city. Even those who landed in the city for a short foray and don’t want to go far from the airport, or just those who want to take a nap between two flights can find an efficient solution at the capsule hotel.

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Bed & Boarding


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Address: Viale F. Ruffo di Calabria, snc, 80144 Napoli NA, Italy