L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Antica Pizzeria de Michela


Mikaela’s old pizzeria – it’s a name of a place that undoubtedly creates expectations. Both a pizzeria in the middle of Naples and so much experience that it got the title “old”? This can’t be just another pizzeria.

And really, this is not just another pizzeria of many kinds. Michela’s old pizzeria made a name for itself and appeared in several articles, programs, and recommended lists about Naples. Pictures of celebrities happily eating Mikaela’s pizza hang on the pizzeria’s walls.

The first time Mikaela lit the oven was in 1870; since then, generations in the family have continued to bake the same pizzas. More precisely, the same two pizzas, because that’s exactly what’s on the menu – two pizzas. And apparently, this is precisely what is needed because it is enough to make customers come again and again.

As you can understand, Mikaela’s place respects tradition feels the responsibility that comes with it and does not run away from it. “We have a Neapolitan pizza, and it is already perfect. We have no reason to change it,” the restaurant explains and promises to do everything necessary to preserve the tradition of this pizza. And there is no choice, and one must appreciate those willing to go to war to protect pizza.

This pizzeria is a legitimate option for lunch, dinner, and, as is customary in pizzerias around the world, for dinner after a good night out. You can choose between sitting at a table and receiving service, asking for a takeaway tray, eating in front of the hotel, or showing off the cityscape of Naples.

Because this is a pizzeria that has made a name for itself throughout Naples and the world, you will likely encounter a line upon entering the place. You should consider this and get to Mikaela a little before we get starving. The business operates daily between 11:00 and 23:00. On Sundays – closed.

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