Ristorante da Giona

Ristorante de Gione

Capo Misano, Bakuli

15 km west of Naples is a small, pastoral town called Baculi. It may be small, but it’s not young and has been there since Greek rule in the region. It attracts tourists because of the architectural remains from the period. Baculi slso has a stunning beach with a perfect view of the bay and an ancient port called Misano.

Right next to the harbor is a restaurant called Ristorante da Gone that uses its location on the beach for two essential purposes:

The first is to feed the tourists and vacationers in front of the fantastic sights of the Bay of Naples; The second is to be close to the fishermen so that the fresh goods will easily reach the restaurant’s kitchen and from there to the guests’ plates.

The diners can choose between eating in the restaurant or outside, with a view of the sea. If you ask nicely, the servers will bring you a table on the beach, and you can eat with your feet in the sand. It is recommended not to give up sitting in front of the beach because the view adds to the taste of the dishes.

Naturally, most of the menu consists of fish and seafood, with the flagship dish being seafood risotto. There is also a seafood salad with salmon, fried octopus, fried calamari, spaghetti with oysters, and fried fish in Parmesan. For dessert, you can order a Capri cake or traditional terms.

The wine menu in the restaurant is also long and detailed. Bada Gione prides itself on working with the best wineries in the area.

The restaurant is open every week and serves lunch between 12:45 and 15:00. In the evening, eat here late: the doors open from 20:00 until midnight. On Mondays, the opening hours change, and the place is available from 9:00. Parking is reserved for guests.

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Italian, seafood

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in and out


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