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This wine bar in Naples is one of the most sought-after hangouts in the city. That’s a good enough reason to drop by and have a glass of wine. But Spazzola has another advantage: it serves excellent, local, and fresh food and a wide selection of alcohol. The food is so good that some residents admit that they even came to this wine bar for the food, and the wine is just an addition on the side.

The list of wines is long, and quite a few kegs and bottles of beer join it. You can enjoy a glass of wine for five euros; of course, there are more expensive and unique wines. The food is a selection of small dishes (the size of starters). The eggplant in parmesan is one of the most popular dishes here, along with its sisters, the zucchini in parmesan and pumpkin in parmesan. There are also sausages, platters of cheeses and sausages with bread, and a variety of other Neapolitan dishes.

Wine is a drink that is well received by everyone, carnivores, vegetarians, and vegans, and precisely for this reason, the menu is suitable for everyone. It is based a lot on meats and cheeses, but there is no problem finding vegetarian and vegan dishes.

As you can guess, this trendy place is not only prosperous but also green. This is the first place in Naples that was designed and built from recycled materials only. All the furniture in the area was once garbage thrown in the streets. Of course, everything has been disinfected, cleaned, and sanded well, but the excellent design emphasizes the importance of recycling.

The bar is open between 17:00 and midnight, except Monday when they don’t drink. Another thing you should pay attention to before you get drunk – the payment is in cash only, so it’s a good idea to stock up on bills in advance so you don’t have to look for an A.T.M. when drunk.

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