Trattoria da Cicciotto

Trattoria de Chizioto


In Marchiaro, a small fishing village near Naples, right on the cliff facing the sea, there is a restaurant that promises to serve its guests food that is at least as good as its view.

The place itself is full of chic, elegant but effortless, which is precisely what you would expect from a restaurant that has been operating since 1942 and attracts tourists from far away and even celebrities vacationing in the area every day as if it were in the center of Naples and not in a small, side-by-side fishing village.

On the menu, as you would expect from a restaurant in front of the sea, there is a lot of seafood, oysters, shrimps, crabs, squid, sardines, and everything that came up on the fishing rod. Of course, Neapolitan pizza is almost a mandatory dish in every restaurant in this area. It is served here, along with quite a few types of pasta and risotto, antipasti, and carpaccio.

Those in the know say there is no point in digging too much into the long menu but simply relying on the servers’ recommendations, who know how to match dishes well. And by the way, looking at the menu, despite the abundance of fish and seafood, there are also vegetarian options. The restaurant also offers dishes for those suffering from gluten sensitivity.

The restaurant’s location is thriving, facing the extraordinary views of the Bay of Naples, but this is also reflected in the food prices, which are not cheap. The pricing is reminiscent of luxury restaurants, and it is essential to remember that here you also pay for the view.

The restaurant is open every day of the week and serves lunch between 12:00 and 15:00. At 18:00, the place opens again, with an evening menu served until 23:00.

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