Recommended hotels for a honeymoon in Rome

Oh Rome Rome, how romantic and beautiful you are, it’s no surprise that you’ve been on the list of the most favorite destinations for couples in love from the Holy Land for several decades – the fun attractions, the colorful events and the amazing culinary experience make Rome the perfect place for a honey honeymoon. Finding a hotel in Rome for a honeymoon is a task that may not be easy, and not because there aren’t any – the opposite is true. A city from legends with a wide variety of places to stay, including quite a few in a very pocket-friendly budget, can be a little confusing and create “good problems” for us – what to choose?

So we have already done the hard part of the work for you, and all you have to do is choose from the elite. Rome get ready, here we come!

הוטל לוקארנו

Recommended hotels for a honeymoon in Rome

Small and wonderful – boutique hotels in Rome

Hotel Villa San Pio

A 3-star hotel that overlooks beautiful Rome from the top of the magical Aventine Hill and offers its guests convenient and easy access to the historical sites found in ancient Rome. In addition to the excellent location, the hotel also offers a unique hospitality experience, in one of three magnificent villas surrounded by a pleasant garden and the stay also includes an excellent breakfast that will allow you to start the morning with great pleasure.

As for the rooms, don’t get confused – although it’s only 3 stars, you won’t be disappointed, the rooms are comfortable and spacious and even include a pampering jacuzzi where you can relax or spend a romantic evening with a bottle of wine and a cheese platter. In addition to all this goodness, you will also enjoy free Wi-Fi and private parking at no extra charge, which means that you can stay at this hotel and leave it for day trips if you want to rent a car.

Hotel Navona

Another 3-star hotel that is suitable for couples vacationing in Rome as part of their honeymoon vacation, Hotel Navona is housed in a restored historic building from the 15th century AD and as such it offers a vacation in a particularly magical atmosphere with a fascinating glimpse into the interesting and rich history of the capital city of the land of the boot.

The hotel’s guests will enjoy an affordable price and a great value compared to neighboring hotels, with an excellent location in the heart of the city and a short walking distance from the famous tourist spots, excellent restaurants, cafes and popular shops. For couples in love, it is impossible not to compromise and choose one of the suites with a private jacuzzi, a pampering coffee machine and various benefits.

To further save money, it is recommended to reserve the place to stay in advance and keep up to date with the various benefits and promotions that the hotel publishes from time to time – some of them are reflected in a discount, while others are reflected in extra treats such as free breakfast and more.

A 3-star hotel on a hill that offers classically designed rooms with a jacuzzi, breakfast and parking
Very indulgent
A 3-star hotel housed in a restored building built in the 15th century in the heart of Rome, a few minutes’ walk from popular tourist sites, shops, cafes, restaurants and more.
Very indulgent

A pampering vacation on a comfortable budget – 4 star hotels in Rome

Hotel American Palace Eur

The 4-star hotel category is opened in this hotel, which offers an attractive location alongside great guest rooms that are designed in a retro style and include modern and up-to-date facilities such as air conditioning, television with international channels, a bathroom with toiletries and, of course, free wireless internet. Your choice of standard rooms or VIP rooms that include pampering and perks, making them perfect for an urban honeymoon.

During your stay at the American Palace Hotel, you will also enjoy a good breakfast served in a buffet style, which you can also have delivered to your room, easy access to the nearest airport, which is no more than a 10-minute drive away, and many major tourist centers that are within walking distance, which will save you a lot of money involved in getting around By public transport and if you are among those who believe that a honeymoon is not complete without a successful shopping experience – the large shopping mall is very close to the hotel.

Hotel Milton Roma

In the vibrant heart of the city of Rome you will find the Milton Hotel located in a hysterical location near the most famous historical sites such as the Domus Urea, the Roman Forum, the Basilica of San Giovanni and more. You can reach other sites using the metro station and Termini located near the hotel.
In addition, Rome’s main airports are a 15-25 minute drive away, which means you can also choose non-scheduled flights and arrive at the hotel in a short time.

Among the hotel’s facilities, you will enjoy an excellent breakfast served every day and includes a varied and rich menu that will allow you to start the day when you are full and happy, a cocktail bar (as we know, it is recommended to end each evening on your honeymoon with a night drink), air-conditioned rooms with modern facilities and a warm design, and a dedicated staff that will make you happy Pamper and surprise you from time to time with chocolates and sweets (this is in addition to room service for an additional fee from which you can order wines and a variety of delicacies).

The hotel, located in a historic building in the heart of the Italian capital, offers proximity to the main city sites and well-equipped guest rooms
Very indulgent
A hotel located in an excellent location in the city, will serve tourists and businessmen wonderfully and is also located near the main sites
Very indulgent

Dream honeymoon – 5 star hotels in Rome

Hotel Locarno

Although it is not mandatory to stay in a 5-star hotel to enjoy a pampering vacation, we at Simple Italy believe that there are events in life that should be celebrated properly and in this case – indulge in a 5-star hotel, at least for one night. To mark an exciting event like a honeymoon, the Locarno Hotel is undoubtedly one of the top choices, with an excellent location near the main sites and luxurious guest rooms that will make you not visit any of them but stay in the room and feel like royalty.

what in the hotel Well, what isn’t? – a rich breakfast that is praised by those staying at the hotel, a cocktail bar with a fine wine menu, a sunny terrace with pleasant seating areas, room service (and babysitting service) and, of course, particularly pampering VIP suites… but if you ask us, the best option is to stay at the hotel together with your pet. What, Muffy isn’t invited to the honeymoon?

Hotel Vilòn

Another 5-star hotel that deserves a place of honor in the list of hotels is the Veylon Hotel, which is also located in the city center and near popular attractions such as the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, and more. But even though it is in the pulsating heart of the city, it offers quiet and spacious rooms that will allow you to enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed for another day on your romantic vacation.

Another thing that will help you start the day when you are happy and kind is the breakfast served in the hotel restaurant every day and of course the coffee corner that is in every room and includes coffee, tea and other treats. And after all this, you may not even want to leave the walls of the room, as the hotel’s VIP suites include an extra-large bed, a dreamy bathroom and room service that is available 24/7 and will cater to the new couple’s every whim.

Best Western Plus Hotel Spring House

Almost last but not least, you will find the Best Western Hotel in the list of luxury hotels of Simply Italy, which offers a unique atmosphere thanks to its attractive location near the walls of the Vatican City – which allows you to easily reach the most famous tourist site of Rome. In the eyes of many, a visit to the capital city is not complete without visiting the smallest country in the world and we completely agree with this statement.

In addition to the location, the hotel’s guests will enjoy a great value for the price and since it is a considerable amount, the value is also wonderful – a great American-style breakfast that you can have delivered to your room door, relaxing sauna facilities, a fitness center where you can maintain your favorite training routine, corners Pleasant sitting in the garden surrounding the hotel and, of course, elegant accommodation units with everything you need so that you can spend your vacation in the perfect way.

Baglioni Hotel Regina

We will end the list of recommended hotels for a dream honeymoon with a hotel that is truly the top of the top and if you want to enjoy royal hospitality at the highest level – this will be a perfect choice. At the Baglioni hotel you will enjoy a spectacular view of the city’s historical sites (which are of course within a short walking distance), spacious and luxurious vacation units and private parking (for an additional fee) that will allow you to enjoy a star trip and get out of the charms of the magical city.

You will also enjoy an excellent breakfast served at the buffet or directly to the room and also includes quite a few options for those on a certain diet (gluten-free, vegan, etc.), free wireless internet, a spacious and luxurious bathroom, a spa center with a rich menu of treatments and free access to the gym. It is recommended to end the evening at the local bar with a refreshing cocktail, of course after you have enjoyed an unforgettable meal at the hotel restaurant.

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In conclusion, a honeymoon in Rome does not have to be a dream – it is true that Italy’s capital city is not considered the cheapest among its neighbors on the European continent, but precisely on the subject of accommodation (which is of course the main expense in this type of vacation) it completely plays it, whether you want to indulge in a hotel Luxury or rather enjoy a hysterical location in the heart of the city – Rome has everything and between us, you can also combine.

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