Recommended hotels in the center of Rome

Rome is one of the most lively and interesting cities in Europe and as such it attracts visitors from all over the world including quite a few tourists from Israel. This is a city full of culture, historical sites, museums and other points of interest that make the urban vacation unforgettable and happily many of them are in the city center and within walking distance of each other, which makes the experience easy and fun.

For this reason and in order to save the expenses associated with traveling by public transport, we at Simple Italia believe that it is worthwhile to find a hotel in the center of Rome and make the most of the time. This way you will be close to all the popular attractions and you will be able to enjoy a lively nightlife scene and excellent restaurants. In the city center of Rome there are quite a few hotels and accommodations in a wide price range and all you have to do is choose.

We’ve already done the hard work of the initial screening for you and this list includes great downtown hotels, at all levels, that have received extremely high reviews and positive opinions from thousands of guests. So as not to delay booking the hotel, as the good places fill up (very) fast. It is advisable to close the corner in advance as early as possible, then come back here and continue planning your trip in Rome.

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Recommended hotels in the center of Rome

Comfortable budget accommodation apartments and hotels in Rome

Locazione turistica

A charming guest apartment located in the center of Rome right next to the main train station, which makes the location ideal for those who want to rely on public transport to get around the city and don’t want to walk long distances under the scorching sun. And that being said, you may not need to use this service at all (unless you want to, I mean) because the guest house is within a short walking distance of reputable entertainment venues, cafes, shops and quite a few excellent restaurants.

As for the accommodation unit – it is simple but modern and be sure that you will not miss anything – you will have 2 spacious bedrooms with a sitting area, a bathroom and a TV with a variety of channels. In addition, you will enjoy various facilities such as a washing machine, wireless internet and a well-equipped kitchen… In conclusion, there is a chance that you will feel at home and will not want to leave.

Sole E Luna

Another lodging house that will meet all your needs and allow you to enjoy an urban vacation and save money, is Sola i Luna, which offers accommodation that includes breakfast (what is loosely called “bed and breakfast”), an excellent location in the heart of the city and proximity to popular attractions such as the Colosseum, St. John’s Basilica, the Golden House and much more. If you want to go further afield, the Manzoni metro station is also close to the guest house.

Another thing that makes Sula e Luna a great place to stay is the fact that, even though the place itself is located on the fourth floor of the building, there is an elevator that will take you right to the door of the room – which is not obvious in hotels in Europe and especially in those that offer accommodation at a level lower than four stars.
Other services you can enjoy – air conditioning, private bathroom, TV with international channels and more.

Hotel Navona

We will end the section of hotels with a relatively comfortable budget with Hotel Navona, a hotel that offers 3-star accommodation and offers a unique atmosphere, thanks in part to the building in which it is located – a restored building from the 15th century AD that stands on the ruins of what were the first Roman baths in the area . In order to reflect the history of the building and give it a place of honor, the hotel itself includes old elements drawn from the design that characterized that period.

In addition to the great atmosphere, hotel guests will also enjoy a good breakfast served daily and an attractive location, right next to favorite attractions and places of entertainment, which will allow you to walk to a significant part of the tourist centers that are on the “must-do” list of every tourist and will save you a lot of money in using public transportation .

A guest apartment in an ideal location in the heart of Rome, close to the central train station and a variety of entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, cafes and shops.
A 3-star hotel housed in a restored building built in the 15th century in the heart of Rome, a few minutes’ walk from popular tourist sites, shops, cafes, restaurants and more.
Very indulgent
A small Bed and Breakfast style guest house in the heart of Rome, only a few minutes’ walk from the Coliseum and connected to excellent public transport
Basic level hosting

4 star hotels in the center of Rome

Hotel Milton Roma

The four-star category will be opened at one of the most favorite hotels among travelers in Rome, aka the wonderful Milton Hotel, which offers high-class accommodation (American-style breakfast, anyone?) along with a winning location next to historical sites and popular tourist centers such as the Domus Orea, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Roman Forum.

In addition, you have several options at your disposal regarding your preferred guest room – from standard double rooms to large rooms (and VIP rooms too!) suitable for family or group hospitality. All rooms include air conditioning and modern facilities including a private bathroom with toiletries at the hotel’s expense and free Wi-Fi.

Horti 14 Borgo Trastevere

Although it totally belongs to the four-star category, this time it is a luxury hotel that offers a particularly pampering vacation that does not put a five-star hotel to shame. Horti 14 Borgo is a hotel that offers the highest level of accommodation with modern facilities and a courteous staff that will be happy to assist you with any problem and question 24/7. This is in addition to the breakfast included in the price of the accommodation, a sun terrace with sunbeds and a great cocktail bar will make your vacation dreamy.

As for the rooms – they are clean and meticulous just as you would expect to find in a boutique hotel where the treatment is personal and the staff is pleasant and dedicated – flat screen TV, air conditioning, private bathroom and much more. Still, what else? Well, in the hotel grounds you have at your disposal a library and public areas including a TV viewing area – which is a wonderful opportunity to meet travelers from all over the world and maybe even sit together for a nightly drink.

Hotel American Palace Eur

In the heart of the city there is another 4-star hotel, where modern accommodation units are tastefully designed and offer a wonderful solution for couples, families, business people and groups who want to enjoy a luxurious holiday without breaking the bank. The American Palace Hotel has a variety of guest rooms that will meet your needs and allow you to travel in beautiful Rome but enjoy just as much when returning to the hotel.

The hotel itself has 196 guest rooms, all of which include air conditioning and modern and well-maintained facilities. In addition, hotel guests will enjoy a good breakfast served daily which can be received right up to the room, a beautiful garden and a well-equipped gym.
Among the tourist centers located near the hotel you will find mainly shopping centers such as the Grand Mall of Rome, which will allow you to enjoy a shopping trip before returning to Israel.

The hotel, located in a historic building in the heart of the Italian capital, offers proximity to the main city sites and well-equipped guest rooms
Very indulgent
A luxury hotel located in the heart of the city, close to the main sites in Rome, offering designed accommodation units and a unique view
Very indulgent
A hotel located in an excellent location in the city, will serve tourists and businessmen wonderfully and is also located near the main sites
Very indulgent

5 star hotels in the center of Rome

Hotel Locarno

Five stars in Europe is definitely something that is considered a “forbidden pleasure” for many of us and since it is an experience that is not cheap, it is reserved for the most pampered and those who can afford it, but no one said that you have to spend the entire stay in the same hotel, therefore, if you want to pamper yourself and still keep the trip budget – You can stay in a luxury hotel on the last night of your stay in the city and finish with a taste for more.

The Locarno Hotel is one of the best options in this case, with an excellent location close to the most famous tourist spots, guest rooms that will make you feel like royalty and not far from the airport. In addition, you will enjoy a great breakfast, babysitting services and a restaurant with a dreamy menu – who needs more than that?

Hotel Vilòn

Almost last and very, very nice, in the list of the prestigious hotels of the city center, you will find the Veylon Hotel, which has particularly luxurious accommodation units that are suitable for romantic couple accommodation, family accommodation, and quite a few business people stay there (we also in Simple Italy would like the workplace to pay us for the accommodation. ..).

Among the hotel’s facilities you will find valet parking for an additional fee, an excellent breakfast served daily, a cocktail bar that is a wonderful place to end the day with a pampering drink and dedicated room service that will be available to you 24/7. If there is any doubt, this is a place that meets the highest standards and the value for the price is definitely good.

J.K. Place Roma – The Leading Hotels of the World

Last but not least, the GK Place Hotel is included in the list of the most recommended luxury hotels in Rome and rightly so – it is located near historical sites and major tourist centers, offers spacious guest rooms that are tastefully decorated and are also suitable for couples in love who are in the midst of a pampering honeymoon vacation And the access from it to the nearest airport is easy and convenient by taxi or public transportation which is just around the corner.

And let’s dwell a little longer on the guest rooms because they are really excellent – each of the units includes air conditioning, a TV with international channels, including channels that the little ones in the group will enjoy, a pleasant sitting area and (note) – an extremely spacious bathroom that also includes a bidet (!), Slippers, bathrobes and toiletries at the hotel’s expense. After getting used to all this goodness, it’s a shame you have to go home.

A luxurious hotel located in the heart of the capital, located near the city’s popular sites and enjoying quality rooms and a glorious historical past
Pampering at an international level!
A luxury hotel located in the heart of the city, close to the main sites in Rome, offering designed accommodation units and a unique view
Very indulgent
A boutique hotel located in the city center, near the popular attractions in the capital and enjoying warm and luxurious hospitality and excellent recreational facilities
Very indulgent


As you can see, the city center of Rome is a lively place, part of its charm is the fact that the vacation can be built to suit every budget – whether you want to enjoy a low-budget vacation in the heart of the vibrant city or indulge yourself in a luxury hotel, Rome awaits you with open arms and mountains of Pizza and gelato.


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