Recommended hotels in Florence with children

A vacation with children in Italy (actually, anywhere) requires preparation for the fact that you are in a family group, first and foremost a friendly hotel that can accommodate the children according to their requirements – menu, suitable rooms, attractions and more. Magical Florence is a favorite and popular tourist destination among tourists from Israel. It offers a great abundance of entertainment places, excellent restaurants, fun attractions and historical sites that make the urban vacation in it unforgettable. Besides that, it also has hundreds of excellent hotels and accommodations that make a vacation there something that is definitely possible, and with a little planning you won’t even break the bank even if you are with the kids.

Of course, we have already done more than half of the work for you to find a suitable hotel in Florence for a vacation with the children, and all you have to do is choose from the elite, book (it’s better to be quick, because you know – the best go first) and continue planning your vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We have prepared a lot of information and recommendations for you here on the website.

So what do you say – a guest house in the city center, a 4-star hotel with great value for money or a real treat in a hotel that offers a perfect vacation alongside an attractive location? your choice

מלונות מומלצים בפירנצה

Recommended hotels in Florence with children

Guest houses and hostels in Florence

Firenze Camping In Town

The list of recommended hotels for family vacations will be opened at a unique camping site that offers a somewhat luxurious hospitality experience compared to the camping sites you are probably imagining. Firenze Camping in Town is actually a modern and well-maintained campsite with comfortable conditions and modern facilities, where you can have a particularly enjoyable family vacation, with a happy atmosphere and an opportunity for real bonding.

where to sleep You can choose between air-conditioned rooms, bungalows and yes, also tents. But don’t start imagining yourself wallowing in the mud and defecating in the great outdoors – all the units in the place include air conditioning, a sitting area, a private bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. If all this goodness wasn’t enough for you, you’ll be happy to hear that the site also has a swimming pool, a supermarket, as well as various activities such as bicycle rental and more. Oh, and remove worry from your heart – wireless internet is available for you at no extra charge.

Martelli 6 Suite & Apartments

Another hotel that will allow you to enjoy quality family time without breaking the bank is Martali 6 Suites and Apartments, which offers “bed and breakfast” style accommodation (in free translation), where you can choose whether to spend the night in several separate rooms, in a large apartment or in a luxurious suite – all of them are well equipped and include air conditioning, cable TV, a sitting area, a spacious bathroom and in some rooms also a kitchenette and a jacuzzi.

You will also enjoy a central location that will allow you to save money on using public transportation – within a walking distance of no more than two minutes you will find famous tourist centers such as Giotto’s Bell Tower, the Basilica of San Lorenzo, Fiamma Duomo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Medici Ricci Palace and more and more. How will you have the strength to reach all the sites? Good question – every morning a good meal will be waiting for you at the guesthouse’s buffet, which will give you energy for the rest of the day.

Residenza D’Epoca La Basilica

Last but not least in the cheap accommodation category you will find this pleasant guest house, which also offers accommodation that includes bed and breakfast, where the highlight this time is precisely the magnificent building in which it is housed, which dates back to the 19th century AD and as such offers a unique atmosphere alongside an excellent location right in the center The city of Florence.

The rooms in the place are suitable for couples and up to a family of five people – all of them are simple, but decorated in a warm and pleasant way and include all the facilities that are necessary to spend the vacation in an enjoyable way – air conditioning, a coffee corner, a TV with international channels and a private bathroom with toiletries at the expense of the place.

A camping site that offers modern and well-equipped rooms and cabins. There is also a pool, restaurant and supermarket
Pampering for the price
Modern boutique style guest house near Strozzi Palace. Offers rooms, suites and luxurious apartments
Pampering for the price
A guest house in an excellent location in the city center with private rooms that are also suitable for groups
Pampering for the price

3 star hotels in Florence

Hotel Alba Palace

In the heart of the city is one of the most recommended hotels in Florence, the Alba Palace Hotel, which offers easy access to some of the most famous tourist spots and is located close to public transportation, which will allow you and the little ones to easily and comfortably reach more distant sites and even travel outside the walls of the beautiful city.

Among the nearby sites you will find, for example, the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, which is located right next to the hotel, and the Ruzzalai Palace, the San Lorenzo market, Via Panza, Piazza Duomo and the central market of Florence, which are a short walk away. And what about the rooms? Good that you asked. They are classic and pleasant and in addition to all the usual facilities, they also include a PlayStation and breakfast – who needs more than that?

Hotel Paris

Among the most popular hotels in the category of three-star hotels in Florence, you will find the Paris Hotel, which certainly meets the expectations that arise in light of its name and provides its guests with an elegant and tasteful hospitality experience, as well as beautiful rooms (67 in number, to be precise) that combine meticulous design with maximum comfort.

In addition to the comfortable rooms and the hotel structure itself, which is worth dwelling on (and if we haven’t lingered until now, forgive us, it is a spectacular building from the beginning of the 16th century), this hotel also boasts a dedicated and kind staff who will be happy to help you with any question and problem, and an excellent location near all the sites and attractions that a family traveling in Florence must see during their stay in the city.

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4 star hotels in Florence – a pampering family vacation

Villa Royal

Among the most beautiful hotels in Florence, you will find the Villa Royale Hotel, which was found inside a spectacularly beautiful villa from the 17th century AD, which in its heyday and for about two hundred years served as the residence of the city’s nobility. They made sure to design it so that the stay in it would be particularly elegant and luxurious, which is also clearly visible in the structure that is available to hotel guests today.

Among the hotel’s facilities is a well-kept swimming pool, beautiful Tuscan gardens and a cocktail bar where you can end each evening with a refreshing night drink (between us, you’ll definitely need one after a whole day with the zatots). In addition to these, the hotel is praised thanks to its excellent breakfast, which is served daily and allows its guests to start the day with positive energy, and thanks to its ideal location near public transportation and major attractions.

Grand Hotel Adriatico

Almost last but not least on our list of recommended hotels is the Grand Adriatico Hotel, which entered the honorable list due to its attractive location (near the main train station of Florence and near quite a few famous tourist centers) and due to its high rating among its visitors who praise the modern guest rooms, the great restaurant and the kind staff.

The hotel’s guests also have modern facilities and various amenities at their disposal, such as a well-equipped gym and an excellent breakfast, but one of the biggest bonuses is parking, which is available to guests free of charge – which will allow you to rent a car and not spend a lot of money on parking… You know that we are in simple Italy Love star trips, so this hotel totally encourages this possibility and as you know next to Florence there are quite a few cities worth visiting and magical places to see.

Hotel Londra – Firenze

We will conclude the list of hotels with the Londra Hotel, a hotel that offers 4-star accommodation, with 166 spacious and elegant rooms, including great family rooms with modern facilities that will allow you to spend a lot of time in the room without feeling suffocated – these rooms are especially large, they are suitable for hosting a couple of parents and a couple of children and they have a private balcony, a sitting area and a luxurious bathroom.

You will also find a modern gym on the hotel premises that will allow you to stick to your training routine even in the sun, a hot sauna where you can end a tiring day full of activities and let’s not forget the rich breakfast that also includes quite a few dishes that children simply love. Even outside the hotel there is plenty of things to do – historical sites, restaurants, cafes and shops that will make your time enjoyable and make your family vacation unforgettable.

A magnificent historic villa with a private pool in a prime location in the heart of Florence, offering beautiful guest rooms in a classic style
Very indulgent
A charming 4-star hotel in an excellent location and within walking distance of the most popular sites in the city
Very indulgent
A 4-star hotel offering modern guest rooms, an excellent restaurant, a health and fitness complex and an excellent location in the heart of the old city of Florence
Very indulgent

As you can see in our winning list of hotels, there is a wide selection of hotels and accommodations that are perfect for family vacations, including quite a few options that will allow you to enjoy such a treat not just “once in a while”. Florence is a wonderful destination for a holiday with your loved ones and whether you want to spend the night on a comfortable budget or invest the best of your money in a luxury hotel – everything is possible.

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