Recommended hotels in Rome with children

Rome is one of the most favorite European cities for travelers from Israel and as such dozens of weekly flights depart in its direction in which loving couples, groups of all ages and families with children depart. Happily, Rome offers a great abundance of places to stay so that you can travel there on any budget you want and even a vacation that includes the couple and the little ones is no longer a dream. So where do you find hotels in Rome with children, which are suitable for hosting the whole family, what does it include and will we necessarily be left with a hole in our pocket after such a trip?

All the details are in front of you.

ג.ק פלייס רומא

Recommended hotels in Rome for families with children

Accommodation on a low budget – travelers’ hostels and 3-star hotels

The RomeHello

A pleasant hostel that also offers family guest rooms suitable for families traveling on a low budget and willing to spend the night in hostel conditions but not to compromise on location and a young and dynamic atmosphere. At the accommodation you will enjoy various activities and modern facilities next to a courtyard with pleasant corners where you can find relaxation, a work area that will allow you to stay updated on what is happening in Israel, a good restaurant and also a bar that offers a varied alcohol menu.

In the common spaces you will find game tables, cooking classes and yoga classes and if you are lucky you will also be able to enjoy various music performances held on the premises. In addition, every morning a good breakfast is served in the style of an open buffet, where even the little ones in the group will find plenty of things to choose from.

Locazione turistica

Accommodation apartment in a successful location that allows its guests to enjoy convenient and easy access to the central train station, from where you can reach the main attractions in Rome. And when that is said, we note that we at Simply Italy are fond of accommodations that allow you to enjoy a vacation full of activities without needing the public transportation service at all and in this case, it is a winning location. Among the attractions near the apartment you will find, for example, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the National Museum of Rome, the Colosseum and more.

In addition to these, the guests of the place will enjoy an abundance of points of interest that are within a short walking distance, such as lively bars, excellent restaurants, coffee shops where it is nice to start the morning and not a few special boutique shops.

Rome Sweet Home

A spacious apartment that will allow you to enjoy a quiet night and a good night’s sleep without going too far from the center of things. The main attractions of Rome, as well as the city center, are about 5 kilometers away, but near the apartment itself you will find everything you need to enjoy a pleasant stay, such as cafes, restaurants, pubs and various shops.

This is a modern apartment that has recently been renovated, making it a great place to stay for groups and families, with modern facilities and adequate maintenance. Among other things, you will find a TV with international channels, free wireless internet, a fully equipped kitchen, a work area, a luxurious bedroom and a bathroom with a rain shower head and care products for your free use.

Hotel Hiberia Rome

A 3-star hotel that combines a relatively affordable price for the pocket and conditions and facilities as expected from a European hotel that meets the necessary standards. This is a small, high-quality place that proves time and time again that size does not matter, and with a highly service-minded staff, a good restaurant and classic but well-equipped rooms – it is no wonder that you are strongly advised to reserve your place in advance, otherwise you will encounter the words “full occupancy”.

Among the most popular tourist sites located near the hotel you will find, for example, the famous Trevi Fountain and the Roman Forum, but you can also reach the Colosseum, Piazza Navona and the Campo di Fiori market without using public transport.

A small hotel in a winning location a short distance from the important tourist sites, with comfortable rooms and breakfast.
Very indulgent
A guest apartment in an ideal location in the heart of Rome, close to the central train station and a variety of entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, cafes and shops.
A hostel that offers shared accommodation and facilities such as an inner courtyard with pleasant seating areas, a working and sitting area and a bar with an international menu.
Very indulgent
A modern and beautiful accommodation apartment, about 5 km from the center of Rome. Ideal for a family vacation, as a couple or with friends
Basic level hosting

A good place in the middle – 4 star hotels in Rome

Hotel San Giovanni Roma

Near the main tourist centers of Rome, there is a 4-star hotel that is considered one of the most popular places for couples, groups and families traveling in Rome and who want to enjoy a luxurious hospitality experience without breaking the bank – a pampering breakfast, a cocktail bar, free Wi-Fi and elegant rooms that are tastefully decorated await you. In the beautiful hotel housed in a historic building that was once used as a monastery.

In addition to the great facilities, this is also an excellent place in terms of location, which is close to public transportation and will allow you to easily reach popular tourist destinations such as the Colosseum, Palatium Hill, the Vatican Museum, Piazza Navona and much more.

Hotel Mecenate Palace

Another hotel that benefits its guests with a successful location and proximity to the most popular and famous tourist centers of Rome alongside nearby public transportation centers that will help to reach even more distant sites and even go on day trips in the nearby cities.

At the Machnata Palacha hotel you will enjoy pampering hospitality, modern facilities and a great value in relation to the price which is considered comfortable compared to other hotels in this category. Among the hotel’s facilities you will find, for example, an excellent breakfast served every morning, luxurious rooms with an antique look, a coffee corner that will help you start the morning refreshed and let’s not forget the spacious bathroom with toiletries, bathrobes and slippers.

Hotel Milton Roma

In the heart of the old city lies this wonderful hotel that offers several types of rooms that you can adapt to your preferred type of vacation – a romantic vacation for a couple, a lively urban vacation with a group of friends, or spacious and well-equipped family rooms that will allow you to enjoy even cold days without leaving the hotel grounds.

What is there besides great rooms? It’s good that you asked – an excellent buffet-style breakfast that also offers options that the little ones love, room service that works around the clock, a garden with magical seating areas, a courteous and smiling staff that will be happy to help with any request and question, and of course proximity to major tourist centers, which you can also reach by bicycle that you can rent instead of.

A hotel located near the city center that offers a variety of services, well-equipped accommodation units and proximity to the popular sites
Very indulgent
A hotel located in the heart of the city, close to the popular sites in Rome and offers recreational facilities and quality guest rooms
Very indulgent
The hotel, located in a historic building in the heart of the Italian capital, offers proximity to the main city sites and well-equipped guest rooms
Very indulgent

Luxurious and luxurious urban vacation – 5 star hotels

Best Western Plus Hotel Spring House

Some would say that a visit to the capital city of the land of the boot does not count if you have not visited the most famous tourist site, aka the Vatican City – the seat of the Pope and one of the most influential places on Catholic Christians in all corners of the world, even though it is actually the smallest country in the world.

The Best Western Place Hotel is located right next to the walls of the famous Kriya, which makes your stay there unforgettable, and if you are able to spend at least one night there – then this is an experience you should not miss. In addition to the location, you will enjoy well-maintained luxury facilities such as a great breakfast, royal rooms, a pampering mini bar, a gym and a luxury spa center.

J.K. Place Roma – The Leading Hotels of the World

Another hotel that belongs to the prestigious 5-star category is the GK Place Rome hotel, which is located right in the heart of the city and allows its guests not to compromise on anything – a hysterical location close to the city’s famous attractions and sites, luxurious rooms and impeccable service, including a courteous staff available at the reception desk 24/7.

You can start the morning with a rich breakfast served buffet-style which you can eat in the hotel restaurant or in your room – a rather tempting option considering the luxurious rooms with air conditioning, television with international channels, a pampering bathroom and more. In addition to all this goodness, you will also enjoy babysitting services (for an additional fee) that will allow you to enjoy some quality couple time alone.

Baglioni Hotel Regina

Last but not least, we will close the list with the legendary hotel in Aglioni, Hotel Regina, which is considered one of the most favorite hotels among travelers in Rome who like their urban vacation at the highest level and without having to compromise on anything.

Among other things, the hotel offers an excellent breakfast that can be adjusted to a personal menu (vegan, gluten-free, etc.) by prior arrangement, luxurious and luxurious accommodation units that will make you feel like kings for one night, a spa center with a variety of treatments and of course easy access to popular tourist centers such as Villa Borghese, The Spanish Steps and an abundance of restaurants, bars and boutique shops.

A luxury hotel located on the Vatican, offers designed accommodation units, special services and easy access to the city center
Very indulgent
A boutique hotel located in the city center, near the popular attractions in the capital and enjoying warm and luxurious hospitality and excellent recreational facilities
Very indulgent
A luxurious hotel located in the center of the city, close to the popular attractions in the capital and offers luxurious accommodation units and a variety of services
Pampering at an international level!


So what do you say? A 3-star hotel in a strategic location and excess in your pocket or will you indulge in a luxurious 5-star hotel this time and not leave the room? Between us, both are completely possible. We at Simply Italy like to enjoy all the worlds. Literally.

So what have we had so far?

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