Recommended ice cream parlors in Rome

Italy is known for its excellent cuisine, considered by many to be the best cuisine in the world, so that even those who consider themselves problematic with food will find an abundance of places to eat and foods to enjoy, which makes Italy a great place for a vacation of any kind and contributes greatly to its crowning as one of Europe’s most beloved capitals. Among the most loved foods from Italian cuisine, you will of course find the coveted duo – pizza and pasta, but the Italians are also known for their decadent and particularly delicious desserts, the star of which is the dessert that is loved by everyone without exception – ice cream! Miscozy, gelato.

If you’re visiting Rome you’ll be happy to hear that there are tons and tons of excellent ice cream parlors that will make you realize that all the ice creams you’ve eaten so far are actually “ice creams” – an imitation of the real thing that doesn’t reach its creamy ankles. But not only cream, there is also sorbet and it is delicious on the border of heaven. Won’t you taste it?

Below is a list of ice cream parlors that will pamper your taste buds and make you feel like you are in heaven. So what do you say – in a glass or a cup? dilemmas dilemmas…

Recommended ice cream parlors in Rome

Recommended ice cream parlors in Rome


Ice cream is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated arts that enters our hearts through the stomach (the separate one, yes?) and accompanies our thoughts (and also the weight…) long after we have said goodbye to it. In this case, you can crown Marco, the owner of the ice cream parlor as a master in his field and as proof he won the title “The best ice cream in Italy” which made it clear as day – we have a queen!

The excellent ice cream parlor is located in the chic Trastevere neighborhood and offers a large selection of fresh flavors that are produced every day from the highest quality ingredients, depending on the season. The flavors are surprising and varied and if you come the next day you are likely to find new flavors.

Recommended flavors: ricotta, pistachio cinnamon and clementine, white chocolate with beetroot and ginger.

Address: Via di S. Cosimato, 14a

San Crispino

Among the most popular and lively ice creams in Rome you will find the San Crispino ice cream that became especially talked about something like a decade ago, when it received a positive review that was published in the famous “New York Times” magazine and this made it the most talked about ice cream in the city in an instant.

Since then, you can often find a long line outside the store, and according to the reviews, the wait is definitely worth it. The professional staff will help you choose the desired flavor, which you will get in a cup only (for fear that the waffle flavor may affect the final result) – so if you are among the waffle lovers, prepare yourself or move on.

Recommended flavors: coffee, honey kisses, figs and dark chocolate meringue.

Address: Via della Panetteria 42


Remember the famous photo in which Michelle Obama was caught licking ice cream in Rome? Very pleasant, Giolitti ice cream. One of the most popular and busiest ice cream parlors in Rome, which is also one of the oldest.

This wonderful ice cream parlor has won coveted titles and various competitions quite a few times and if that is not enough, it has also taken a place of honor in the local folklore according to which its immortal recipes, the ones that have accompanied it since its establishment, are kept in a secret vault.

Recommended flavors: Nutella chocolate, mango sorbet, caramel pudding

Address: Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40


A wonderful ice cream parlor where not only the ice cream is guaranteed to please the palate but also the setting and the atmosphere in general – this is a shop that serves divine ice cream since the second half of the 19th century (making it the oldest ice cream parlor in Italy) and in order to maintain the nostalgic feeling it is full of original vintage items.

The various flavors served at the place are all produced using traditional methods, which is also reflected in the strong and special flavors, and if you visit the place outside of the “season” (November to March) you will enjoy various pleasures and special offers.

Recommended flavors: whiskey, chocolate sorbet, rice.

Address: Via Principe Eugenio 65

Al Settimo Gelo

The expression down to earth is without a shadow of a doubt the perfect description for this wonderful ice cream parlor which, despite all the awards and praises it receives, including many visits by various celebrities (each of which is followed by a large and free wave of publicity) – manages to maintain a modest and intimate atmosphere with pleasant service And kind, which is not taken for granted in Italy.

Indeed, it is an outstanding service (compared to Italian standards anyway), where not only is the staff pleasant and smiling, they also speak relatively fluent English and allow you to taste before choosing.

Recommended flavors: sour cherry, hot pepper and red grapefruit.

Address: Via Vodice 21

Gelateria Dei Gracchi

This ice cream parlor is different in the local landscape, at least the one that is exposed to the eyes of the tourists, because it mainly attracts the local crowd and this despite the fact that it offers a wide variety of unusual flavors including bizarre but ingenious combinations.

As such, it’s a bit hard to find since it’s relatively small and not as central as other famous ice cream parlors, but believe us, if there’s a place worth going to especially – it’s this one.

Recommended flavors: pistachio, almonds, ricotta and pears, mint with chocolate and orange.

Address: Via dei Gracchi 272


A humble ice cream parlor with a distant appearance does not betray the wonder that takes place inside and as such it is considered one of the most surprising places for those who happen to visit it without knowing that it is one of the best ice cream parlors in the city.

This is an ice cream where the entire collection, if you can call it that, is considered excellent – both the rich cream ice creams and the sorbet flavors that vegans will enjoy (but not only). Here too you can find original flavors that are not found anywhere else and if you are feeling naughty – you should dare and try.

Recommended flavors: Tiramisu, Madagascar chocolate, pineapple ginger.

Address: Via Lago di Lesina 9

Mio Gelato Naturale

An ice cream parlor that takes the field of gelato to a completely different level with care and precision in the smallest details, such as the fresh and organic ingredients that are carefully selected and gathered from all over the world, crazy flavors (with an emphasis on many chocolate flavors) and quality toppings (cognac anyone?).

Unlike other places where the staff puts together the preferred combinations for you, here you will be encouraged to choose the winning combination for yourself and the bolder it is – what is good and what is pleasant.

Recommended flavors: any of the chocolate flavors with espresso, Philadelphia cheese with nuts.

Address: Via Romeo Rodriguez Pereira 170

Gelateria Del Teatro

Last but not least in the list of Rome’s winning ice creams is a small ice cream parlor located in a colorful alley right next to the famous Piazza Navona and therefore there is no reason not to visit it, as it will be part of your itinerary in any case.

At Del Tatro you can enjoy traditional ice cream flavors such as chocolate and vanilla, but the highlight of the place are the flavors unique to this ice cream parlor.

Recommended flavors: peach and lavender, sage and berries, black cherries, white chocolate and basil.

Address: Via di San Simone 70

So what have we had so far?

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