Ristorante Marco Polo

Ristorante Marco Polo


Venice is a city of tourists from all over the world and in all seasons of the year, so it is not exactly surprising that it is full of quite a few tourist traps. Although it is in an area full of tourists, Ristorante Marco Polo is not such a place. Marco Polo is a traditional Italian restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere that serves good local food and is not particularly sophisticated. And all at reasonable prices, relative to the area.

The restaurant is located in the Castello district, not far from the Grand Canal and it offers its guests the homely and warm feeling of an Italian restaurant it used to be. If the weather is nice and you want some nice view along with the food, ask to be seated outside. The view of Venice during the day – and even more during the evening – is particularly impressive from the restaurant courtyard.

So like the atmosphere, the food is also Venetian of old, without being too clever. The emphasis is on pizzas, soups, and the Mediterranean and European food. But what to eat? So for starters, you can order a plate of Italian sausages, crab ravioli, or oysters.

When you get to the main course, you can decide between squid ink spaghetti, spaghetti carbonara, pasta with oysters, fish soup, lasagna bolognese, and other classics from Italian cuisine. And, of course, a selection of pizzas.

If you have some room left after all this feast of flavors, consider positively ordering an Italian tiramisu for dessert.

This food is accompanied by a respectable wine menu with a variety of wines from the region and from Italy in general. Don’t like wine? There are also beers and spirits.

Also, the menu is suitable for vegetarians and those avoiding gluten.

The restaurant is open every day of the week, from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Opening hours are relatively convenient compared to many other restaurants in the city, which close for several hours between lunch and evening service. This allows you to enjoy a late lunch or an early dinner. Beyond that, Marco Polo is a restaurant that is very suitable to fill your stomach late in the evening, after spending time in the city.

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