A romantic vacation in Tuscany

Tuscany – a beautiful Italian region, rural for the most part, wonderful landscapes, amazing nature, picturesque villages and beautiful cities, studded like rare gems along its length and width.

Not for nothing is Tuscany considered one of the most romantic places in the world. In fact, there are so many options for a romantic stay in Tuscany, that you will have to filter and choose the ones that fit best into your travel plan, schedule and budget.

Romantic vacation in Tuscany
Romantic vacation in Tuscany

So what can you do on a romantic vacation in Tuscany?

Driving on the rural roads of the area

Driving in Italy on country roads throughout Tuscany is a romantic pastime in itself. This is a lovely way to get to know the area, to get an impression of the views, atmosphere and places you didn’t necessarily plan to stop at. This is also an excellent opportunity to make a spontaneous decision and stop at a place you didn’t know existed, because there is nothing more romantic than spontaneity.

Such a perfect day trip can include a visit to one of the many historical sites the area has to offer – a castle, or an ancient church, a stop at a vineyard, or on a mountain with a spectacular view and to finish – a traditional Tuscan meal at a local restaurant. You can visit one of the most beautiful cities in this part of the country and get an impression of it up close. In the article about cities in Tuscany you will find the best recommendations for such a stop.

A gastronomic tour in a Tuscan atmosphere

Tuscany is not only a romantic destination, but also one of the most sought-after food destinations in the world, so a food tour is simply a necessary experience. It is better to include the food tour at the beginning of your trip, so that you know the successful places and can return to them again later. It is recommended to go on a guided culinary tour, with a strong local guide, who will take you to places that the locals love and allow you to get to know hidden and special sides of the culinary scene in Tuscany.

If you are in Florence, on this page you will find some great restaurants that are worth getting to know.

The coast of Tuscany

This is without a doubt the least talked about part of the region, because the ancient castle, the food tours and the agricultural areas steal all the attention, but the coast of Tuscany is vast and beautiful and you can even leave it for a visit to the island of Elba.

The island of Elba offers visitors a classic pastime of relaxing on the beach, eating fine seafood, going sailing or diving and also learning a bit about the interesting history of the island which was the place where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled before his death.

Immersion in hot springs

Tuscany is home to several natural hot springs, many of which are open to the public. The most famous of them is called Saturnia, where you can enjoy a glass of local wine in pleasant, crazy blue water, in front of a unique view.

Just keep in mind that as part of a “package deal”, visiting the place also includes the strong sulfur smell, but that’s not what can ruin the experience.

Horseback riding among the vineyards

Long rows of fine wine grapes, a local farm in a traditional style, a picturesque village at the edge of the horizon and you can also combine wine tasting and a meal in such a perfect romantic day out. The nature of the trip obviously depends on the exact location, the guides and the farm you choose to leave from, but this is undoubtedly one of the most romantic and fun things you can do in a place like Tuscany.

Take a walk in the Val d’Orcia

Tuscany is full of magical towns and stunningly beautiful countryside, but one of the most magical is without a doubt Val d’Orche – a spectacularly beautiful valley, full of vineyards and small villages, presenting classic Tuscany in all its glory. In fact, everything you can imagine when you think of Tuscany – is in Val d’Orche.

You should rent a comfortable local car, after you know the important highlights for driving in Tuscany and set off, you can prepare in advance a pampering picnic basket in the back seat, full of goodies from the local delicatessens.

A romantic vacation in Tuscany
A romantic vacation in Tuscany

Visiting the Tower of Pisa

True, this is an area full of visitors and may be less romantic than other things you can do in Tuscany, but this is an iconic historical site, which you should not miss visiting, if only to take a picture against the background of the Leaning Tower. To complete the experience, you should stop for an ice cream some distance from the busy center of the city before escaping back to the village.

Day trip in Florence

Speaking of romance – Florence is one of the most romantic cities in the world and also serves as the capital of Tuscany. It is a beautiful city, home to rare art pieces from around the world, stunning architecture and also traditional foods, among the best known and loved in the world.

Almost any spot in Florence can serve as a perfect backdrop for a romantic marriage proposal, starting with Piazza della Repubblica, or Ponte Vecchio and ending with Piazza Michelangelo. It is worth wandering through the side streets of the city to get to know it in depth, strolling among shops, ancient churches, piazzas and restaurants, or just to admire the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a magical and special day.

If you have more than a few hours to spend in Florence (highly recommended) in this article you will find many more suggestions on how to pass the time perfectly.

Cooking Workshop

Cooking with four hands, fine wine and excellent food are a perfect recipe for a romantic stay for food lovers. And when it comes to a cooking workshop in Tuscany, the options are wonderful: pizzas and pastas, sauces and ice creams, iconic Italian desserts and more. A cooking workshop in Tuscany will leave you full and happy, at least for a whole day.

Picking truffle mushrooms

First of all, it is a seasonal pastime. Truffle mushrooms are only in season, so you should find out before you travel if this is the appropriate season.

Assuming you’re in the right season, you can already imagine being Snow White and the huntress, or just looking for the rare mushrooms, hidden underground and growing there naturally, as if you don’t know that thousands of kilometers away there are thousands of people willing to pay huge sums to get their hands on one of them.

You can take a pampering picnic basket with you and sit and rest in the shade of the trees for a meal accompanied by fine local wine. You can go on this trip with a dog and a guide, or just with a trained dog, who knows how and where to find the wonderful mushrooms, in the forest.

Wine tasting tour

Tuscany is almost synonymous with fine wine and for good reason. The wonderful vineyards and wineries of the area are just as famous as the scenery and romance, and in each of them you can book a wine tasting tour for a couple, learn about Tuscan wines and enjoy all of it even if you are not a professional winemaker.

The meal served with the various wines is a perfect bonus – it compliments the wine, delights the palate and refreshes the energies for the rest of the tour.

vineyard tuscany
vineyard tuscany

Castles in Tuscany

Quite a few castles remain standing in Tuscany, some from the Middle Ages and some from the Renaissance. A tour among such castles can give you a day taken out of a real fairy tale. To Castelo di Vincigliata in Pizol for example, it is very easy to get to from Florence and if you are actually in Chianti, you can visit Castelo di Visciomaggio in Grava.

Olive oil tasting

The olive oil in Israel can easily compete with the best oils in the world, but a visit to Tuscany is not complete without a little reference to the fine olive oil produced there. You can have a tasting tour of fresh olive oils, served alongside other local delicacies and delicacies, and of course all this happens in local rural estates like in the movies.

Hot air balloon flight over the vineyards of Tuscany

A perfect way to observe the special beauty of the area from a bird’s eye view, to be moved by the height and beauty and of course by those who stand by your side and share the experience with you. You can surprise your partner and book a romantic flight for couples in a hot air balloon – provided that neither of you suffers from a fear of heights of course…

Overnight at a Tuscan farm estate

The cities and towns of Tuscany are stunning in their beauty, but there is nothing to do – when you think of Tuscany, you usually think of luxurious and traditional farmhouses that exist in abundance in the area.

You can rent such a farmhouse, or stay in one of the rooms, enjoy home-cooked meals that are prepared and served there. Many of these farmhouses are located in the heart of an olive grove or vineyard, so you can have the full experience of staying in a country estate, including all the right scenery in the background.

So what have we had so far?

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