Car Rental in Rome

Are you going on vacation in Rome very soon and have you started planning your trip? magnificent! If so, you should know that if you have time, it is also worth leaving Rome and traveling outside the city itself. Although it is true that the city is stunning and in every corner you can see a different architectural structure from a special period, but at the same time, the immediate surroundings of Rome are also worth a visit. Therefore, if this is not the first time you are going there, or if you have enough time, it is definitely worth renting a car. Although in Rome itself it would not be worthwhile to travel with the rented car, but if you plan to extend the trip – renting a car is the right choice. Please note that you can pick up the vehicle from several points such as Fiumicino Airport or different points in the city. The decision where you should take the rental car is of course directly related to the trip you have planned, because if you want to first visit the city and then its surroundings, there is no point in taking the car directly from the airport. On the other hand, if you want to go first to the areas near Rome, you should take the car immediately when you land at the airport.

A visit to Tivoli – an experience not to be missed

If you have a dilemma as to which places you should go to with your rental car, there is no doubt that one of the best options is a visit to the town of Tivoli. First, the trip to it is short because it is only about thirty kilometers north of Rome, and secondly, the landscape here is particularly pastoral and beautiful. The highlight here is Villa d’Este and it is definitely worth going in and seeing this special villa up close. It has gained a lot of publicity due to its wonderful gardens and fountains, and it has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Treat yourself to a visit to the hot springs

Another “warm” and good recommendation is to take your rental car and drive to the hot springs near the city of Vitrebo. The distance from Rome to this charming city is about 80 km, so within about an hour’s drive you can reach the pampering hot springs that await you here. Please note: the temperature of the springs here reaches 58 degrees, so you should prepare yourself accordingly for this experience. Of course, there is parking nearby, so if you were worried for a moment that you wouldn’t know where to park your rental car, you can take that worry off your mind.

A wonderful city near Rome: Orvieto

You can also reach Orbito easily with the rented car. If you have more travel time to use, the system’s recommendation is to go a little further and reach the charming city of Orvieto. The city is approximately halfway between Rome and Florence, and is located on a stunning volcanic cliff at a height of 300 meters. What this means is that here you can enjoy a breathtaking view, in addition to the impressive architecture (as in any other city in Italy). The main cathedral of Orvieto, i.e. the Duomo, is stunning in its beauty and it is equally interesting to know that more than a hundred craftsmen and architects took part in this special masterpiece. If you like wine, and if you have a driver on duty, you can also enjoy great wine in restaurants and bars in this city.

Don’t start driving without comprehensive car insurance

Whether you are thinking of traveling first in Rome and then in its surroundings or whether you are thinking of making a trip in reverse, it is highly recommended to check your rental car first. Beyond the question of whether you want a large or small car, the question of which insurance you choose to take out is also significant. The car rental companies offer very attractive prices which can be seen on the various websites, but we must not forget that the prices usually only include the most basic insurance. Don’t forget: you are about to drive in a country you are not used to driving in, there is a different approach here and also in Italy, like anywhere else in the world, you may be involved in an accident, God forbid. It could be a minor accident, a car breakdown or even a flat tire, but what will you do in all these cases if you don’t have insurance? Therefore, whether you are thinking of renting a car for a day, two days or a whole week, it is very worthwhile to purchase comprehensive insurance. as comprehensive as possible. You don’t want to find yourself paying a fortune for your trip to Italy just because you tried to save on the insurance section. Also, you should also pay attention to the fact that the default when renting a car in Italy is to rent a car with a manual transmission. It is cheaper, but if you are willing to pay more, it is very important to find out in advance that the vehicle you are ordering has an automatic transmission. In general, it is important to invest a little and read the fine print to know that what you order is what you get. Either way, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy your trip to Rome and its surroundings, and there’s no doubt that renting a car is a perfect solution for freedom of movement and flexibility that you can’t get with public transportation.