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“All roads lead to Rome”, says the famous saying, and for good reason: the city that is connected to glorious pieces of history, mythological stories, legends of heroism and human wisdom is considered one of the most visited and most loved capital cities in Europe. Rome is a sought-after and cheap flight destination among all those interested in experiencing a pulsating and awe-inspiring city with a dynamic and lively character, fine cuisine, interesting attractions, attractive trips and strolls around the city and of course Italian urban charm, bustling with life and sparkling.

Flight to Rome: take off easily from Tel Aviv and at an affordable price

The airport of Rome – Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport) is the largest in Italy, the sixth largest in Europe and the 29th largest in the world in terms of the number of passengers passing through it (over 36 million passengers per year). The field is located about 35 square kilometers southwest of the city center, in the suburb of Fiumecino (about a 40-minute drive from the center of Rome, depending on the traffic) and is named after the famous Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci. DaVinci passes through 3-4 hours of a comfortable and clear flight path, without problematic topographical conditions and independent of the weather (except for severe and rare storms).

Due to the high demand for regular flights to Rome and back, Israelis enjoy a wide variety of flight companies to Rome and can currently choose between a direct flight through companies such as El-Al, Israir, Arkia, Alitalia and Iberia, or through a selection of low-cost companies that significantly reduce prices such as easyjet , Rainier, Welling Airlines as well as the charter companies Turkish Airlines, Wise Air and Aegean Airlines which usually include an intermediate stop of about an hour and a half in another destination such as Athens or Turkey. Whether you want to book the flight in advance or whether you are flexible and spontaneous regarding the travel dates, you will surely be happy to know that an average of 24 flights take off every week from Tbilisi to Rome, so you can always find available seats and an affordable price for every pocket.

How do you get from the airport in Rome to the city center/hotel?

The ways to get to the city are very easy and accessible. For those choosing by train – you can use the express train (Leonardo Express) departing from the airport to the central train station in Rome (Termini) which operates between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m. and costs 14 Euros, or the mass train Service FR1, which reaches several different areas in Rome but not the center itself And its cost is the cheapest – 8 euros.

According to most Israelis, the most convenient option is a taxi from the airport directly to the accommodation, at a fixed cost of 48 euros.

In addition, you can rent a car at the airport itself and connect to the highway (the Autostrada) or use the bus lines (Terravision Shuttle services) to the central stations of the city – Termini and Tiburtina, which are active 24 hours a day. The cost of the bus ride is 6 euros, with children under 4 traveling for free.

Those choosing a direct transfer from the port (usually combined with additional passengers) to all Rome city center destinations will pay around €50 for two to four passengers including luggage, tax and toll.

Flight to Rome: regular or low-cost?

The low-cost revolution has created a pattern of plenty of discounted and particularly attractive flights to many destinations in the world, with Rome being of course one of the most prominent of them. You can enjoy low-cost flights and charter flights at extremely low prices, and a very high availability of flights even in the 90th minute. At the same time, the recommended periods for a trip to Rome: April-May and September-October include a natural price increase of several dozen dollars for low-cost flights, and around 50-150 additional dollars for a direct flight.

The other months that are considered colder still allow you to enjoy from time to time good sunshine and stable weather as well as a relative minority of tourists, so those who wish to keep the bulk of the budget deep in their pockets and have fun in the Italian capital with maximum freedom of movement, will still be able to pay a very low price: approx. 180 dollars on average per person on a charter flight with a stopover in another European capital (Athens, Barcelona or Budapest) and about 300 dollars on average for a direct flight. Low cost flights to Rome outside of the popular season and without luggage will cost about 120 dollars per person only!

Tips for low cost flights to Rome

Since the price range of flights to Rome is extremely diverse, it is advisable to adjust the type of flight to the type of trip and its desired level. In general, there is no difference in the level of service between regular flights and charter flights and the only difference is the impossibility of canceling a ticket purchased on a charter flight.

You should use the search engines to find the cheapest and most convenient flight for you, but always remember to check the “small print” in companies that save a lot on the price, but limit you in terms of the flight conditions and cancellation methods, or the way of boarding (with Rainier, for example, most flights take off from Terminal 1 and return through Terminal 3). Note that you stick to these fine print instructions and don’t put yourself in the situation of a fine (which is usually around 50 euros) just because the trolley is too heavy on the return flight.

And by the way, luggage, an important tip for travelers to Rome on a low-cost flight – the baggage weight check upon exiting the country is very easy compared to the one you will have at the airport in Rome! Almost any deviation, even a little, will fine you a lot. Know and be careful.

A flight to Rome outside the Israeli/Italian holidays will save you about 50% of the cost of the flight as well as the expected rate of accommodation in the city. If you don’t have a particular preference for times, you should book as close as possible to the desired flight time and with “immediate confirmation” promotions through companies like Ista, the 90th minute or Gulliver.

If you prefer to reduce the price a little more and add a layover, it’s worth checking if it will allow you to leave the airport and travel a bit.

The airport in Rome: large, diverse and friendly for all types of passengers

Italy has two main airports – Leonardo da Vinci Fiumecino, located near Rome, and Malpensa, located near Milan. Italy also benefits from a number of smaller airports, in the cities of: Venice, Verona, Genoa, Bologna, Palermo, Bergamo Orio-al Serio, Pisa, Florence, Catania and about 90 other airports that will allow you to continue easily from the airport in Rome to destinations more, or to arrive from one of these cities to Rome itself. At the airport in Rome, there is an option to store belongings on the lower floor in the field – an excellent solution for anyone who is interested in a connecting flight to other destinations in Italy and needs to wait several hours between flights.

Usually the Israeli airlines land in Terminal 5 (T5), which is considered more isolated in order for the inspection and security to be maximal, but it is a more cumbersome terminal for flights back to Israel, so you have to take into account the internal travel time, plus the time spent in duty free for those interested.

The Duty Free in Rome is slightly smaller than the one in the Israeli National Bank, but it is considered very developed in its central part and includes no less than 130 duty-free shops and cafes. The brand shops in the Duty Free of Rome are relatively cheaper than the branches in the city itself, especially around the make-up brands, Perfume and fashion The duty free in Terminal 5 is more limited, so it is better to be early and visit the main duty free, before continuing with the internal shuttle: go through the security check and passport control to get to the main duty free.

There is free WI-FI throughout the airport and there are several ATMs and banks for currency conversion and a tax refund counter in Terminal 5. Business people will enjoy an attractive and comfortable lounge located in Terminal 1. If you are a family with children, you can enjoy the two playgrounds for children in Terminal 3 and Use a special stroller for children and the changing rooms available in this terminal.

The airport in Rome is fully accessible to people with disabilities, including long-term parking for the disabled and assistance options at all points of the field on behalf of special service personnel.

If you wish to take your time after landing and visit the town of Fiumecino before continuing to your destination in Rome, you will enjoy a short drive of about 7 minutes and a beautiful marina with several good restaurants and wineries. From the town you can use the same bus lines and taxis that travel to the capital and add about 5 euros more for the trip.