Grazia & Graziella

Grazia & Graziella


Apart from its charming name, Grazia and Graziela restaurant is known for the queue regularly found at its entrance. Hundreds of visitors from around the world come to Grazia every day to enjoy authentic, fresh, and delicious Italian food.

But don’t worry, the staff is quick and courteous. While waiting, you’ll get a complimentary glass of wine.

What made Grazia and Graziella beloved and famous?

Some claim that the pizza is one of the best in Rome. Some attribute this to the fantastic service of the local staff. Some attribute it to the restaurant’s excellent location. Grazia and Graziella are located in the trendy Travestra neighborhood, close to magnificent Roman basilicas, museums, and boutique shops.

It is only a short walk from the Tiber River. Either way, Grazia and Graziella offer a great culinary experience in a lively and noisy Italian atmosphere.

The menu offers all the primary and favorite suspects – light starters (the Italian antipasti). Hot pizzas from the oven with excellent local mozzarella cheese and a variety of toppings. Homemade pasta in a variety of rich sauces, gnocchi accompanied by oysters, fresh and colorful salads, delicate meats, indulgent cream desserts, and more.

The menu also offers Italian cuisine, perfectly served. Such as a juicy beef burger dripping with passion and fries with hot cheese and pepper.

Don’t miss the alcohol menu of the place, which offers a variety of local and fine wines, authentic Italian liqueurs, and splash cocktails. A classic Italian meal is one that also combines light and refreshing alcohol.

The prices of Grazia and Graziella are not high and average compared to similar restaurants in Rome. You can enjoy a full meal For 25 euros. If you are interested in a light snack and a non-binding drink, you will pay around 15 euros.

What’s for sure – the atmosphere, the service, and the food will leave you satisfied!

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in and out. There is also a special room for events


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