Lamian bar

Lamian Bar

Porte San Paolo

Lamian Bar is an excellent new Chinese restaurant with rave reviews naming it the best Chinese restaurant in Rome. The diners enjoy noting the beautiful dishes. The dedicated service, and the affordable prices, which visiting Lamian Bar a successful and worthwhile culinary experience.

Lamian Bar opened at the beginning of 2019 in the Porta San Paolo area in the heart of Rome, near the Pyramid of Cassius. The exterior design of the restaurant is a bit reminiscent of fast food stalls from the far east. But don’t let it mislead you. The restaurant serves authentic and delicious Chinese cuisine.

The open kitchen in the restaurant contributes a lot to the feeling of authenticity. The beautiful aromas rising from it whet the appetite of anyone who has just entered the restaurant.

Try the dumplings filled with meat or vegetables, which arrive hot and steaming on the table. The ramen bowls and stuffed dumplings (“ravioli”) are dipped in rich broths. The buns are loaded with all the goodness. Seafood and fish lovers will find natural treasures here!

As you can understand from its name, Lamian Bar Restaurant also offers a selection of alcoholic drinks and cocktails that perfectly accompany the rich dishes and give them a refreshing element.

The sophisticated cocktails are based on liqueurs and herbs to complement the rich flavors of the dishes. It is highly recommended to consult with the waiters so that they can precisely match you with the drink that will accompany your meal.

Unlike classic Italian restaurants, Lamian Bar is a relatively spacious restaurant. The walls are decorated with interesting photos taken in China, which contribute to the atmosphere of “Little China,” right in the heart of Rome.

In conclusion

If you are a fan of Chinese cuisine or want to diversify a bit from Italian cuisine but still enjoy a culinary experience at its best, at affordable prices, and in a unique atmosphere – Lamian Bar is the place for you!

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