Nannarella Restaurant is one of the most beloved and popular restaurants near the Tiber River in the trendy Trastevere area. The restaurant receives enthusiastic reviews and exceptionally high scores thanks to the excellent dishes served there, the fantastic service of the restaurant staff, and the fair and affordable prices.

Nannarella operates six days a week (except Sunday) from morning to night and is very suitable for couples and family meals, a light snack, or a refreshing drink in the middle of a day trip with rich insights and experiences. The restaurant is vegetarian-friendly, and you can even find gluten-free dishes.

Sinhala specializes in Italian cuisine and draws inspiration from Mediterranean and European cuisine. The dishes are all based on fresh and delicate ingredients, which bring an abundance of freshness and color to each dish. At Nannarella, you will find an authentic and precise Italian menu, and it is highly recommended to try a few different dishes to enjoy the richness of flavors and the variety of raw materials. If the weather permits, sit outside the restaurant and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the Roman street.

As in any classic Italian restaurant, Nannarella offers antipasti dishes (in a literal translation – the dishes “before the meal”) such as roasted artichokes, bruschetta with a variety of toppings, hot focaccia from the oven, seafood in different preparation styles, and, of course, the famous Italian tasting plate that includes a variety of local cheeses and sausages.

In the menu of the main dishes, you will find delicate home-made pasta in a variety of styles and forms of serving, among them the carbonara and the flagship dish – Nannarella pasta served with a variety of fresh vegetables, refined olive oil, and a wealth of flavors; Meat lovers will enjoy a varied menu of meatballs in a variety of sauces served alongside a variety of toppings, and dough lovers will enjoy a rich lasagna with layers of quality cheese.

The restaurant menu also offers a variety of local alcoholic beverages that go well with any meal and time of the day. If you’re already enjoying a classic Italian meal, accompany it with a fine wine such as the local Chardonnay, Prosecco, Rosé, or Gewurztraminer, or with an Aperol Spritz – a fun and refreshing cocktail that combines light orange liqueur and sweet Prosecco wine.

Finally, the service experience at Nannarella is among the highest and praised by the diners because of the warm and personal service provided by the staff and their authentic desire to make every meal as high-quality an experience as possible.

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Italian, Mediterranean, European

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in and out


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+39 06 581 5378

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