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The Loft Restaurant is one of the most pleasant surprises you can discover! The Loft is a small cafe restaurant that serves fast Italian food. In addition, you will find indulgent breakfasts that are not very common in Italy and include waffles and sweet pancakes, fresh fruit juices, and more.

The Loft receives rave reviews and high marks on various restaurant and tourist websites thanks to the beautiful food served there, the excellent service, the low prices, and the fantastic location. It is also a short distance from the Vatican and the Tiber Canal.

This is an ideal place to stop after a tour of the Vatican City area to eat a sandwich or salad, drink a cocktail or an excellent local wine and finish with an indulgent Italian dessert. If you are planning to come to the Loft in particular, it is beneficial to book a place in advance – it is not significant, and it is a shame that you will have to wait for a free table.

Authentic and fast Italian food, one that is not very burdensome and allows you to continue your trip in the city with a full and happy stomach. The menu includes light and rich antipasti dishes (“before the meal” in Italian) such as bruschetta with a variety of toppings. Fresh and colorful salads with the addition of divine local mozzarella, cheese plates and sausages with fruit and spreads, fresh and warm focaccia, and more.

The Loft serves rich sandwiches filled with the best cheeses and sausages. Ask for a recommendation from one of the employees because the variety may be confusing. What is sure – you will taste it.

The highlight of Loft is its sweet dishes. It serves American-style breakfasts and brunches that are not very common in Italy – pancakes with sweet sauces. Plus fruit, sweet waffles with whipped cream and chocolate, yogurt with fruit, muffins, cakes, and pastries, and brownies with gelato ice cream. All these, plus the Loft’s fine Italian coffee, make a meal at the Loft the ultimate treat.

The prices at the Loft are considered cheaper than the average in Rome – an average meal that includes a main course drink and dessert will cost you around 20 euros (less than NIS 100). It will leave you satisfied to the brim, with a gratifying experience.

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Italian, sandwiches, desserts, alcohol

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in and out


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