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A luxurious 4-star hotel overlooking the valley, within walking distance of major sites in the city
Pampering at an international level!
3 star hotel in an excellent location and with an excellent view. Offers modern rooms, a pool and a terrace
Very indulgent
A 4-star hotel above Taormina with a view of the Mediterranean Sea. With a pool, a Sicilian restaurant and a terrace
Very indulgent
3 star hotel near the beach and the port. Offers comfortable rooms in local style and breakfast
Very indulgent
A hotel on the shores of the Mediterranean that offers spacious, well-equipped and modern rooms. Restaurant and free parking
Very indulgent
A rural boutique hotel located at an altitude of 2,000 m and offering Swiss-style guest rooms, an authentic Sicilian restaurant, a drinks bar and a spectacular panoramic view
Very indulgent
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It is difficult to cover what can be done in Sicily and the recommended places to sleep in one article. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (and it has several islands), and one of the richest regions in history and cultural assets in the entire region (and even on a global scale). Its strategic location next to the “thumb” of the Italian boot, made Sicily a target for conquest by any army that passed through the area. Each such conqueror left behind traces, whether in the form of buildings, customs or food, so that this is a top tourist destination.

Sicily can suit almost any type of tourist – you will find stunning beaches where you can swim and sunbathe. You will find museums and historical buildings in abundance, which will ignite your imagination and perhaps will be able to illustrate to you the forces that once fought on this island and left their mark on it. You will also find a rich and diverse nightlife, and a human diversity that is hard to find in other places. In general it can be said that Sicily is not Italy, and Italy is not Sicily. This is a separate area (also physically), with different customs, culture and food than the land of the boot itself.

However, it seems that most tourists who come to Sicily fail to really experience it properly. Either they stay in one corner of the island and ignore others, or the accommodation they chose for themselves doesn’t really allow them to line it up properly. That is why it is advisable to adapt the accommodation areas to your needs, and of course everyone has different needs and desires, in the hope that you will indeed be able to get the best out of this magical island.

So where is it recommended to sleep in Sicily?

First, we note that it is recommended to travel in Sicily with a car. Without a car it will be difficult for you to experience the diverse parts of the island, and you will need a lot of time to exhaust it. The choice of accommodation is recommended according to the main purpose of the trip, but in order to get more out of it, you should be able to move around comfortably. The first city in this regard, and the one that will allow you the Sicilian experience even if you only come for a short visit, is Palermo, the capital of Sicily.

Palermo is a somewhat chaotic city, full of palaces and buildings built by kings, princes and other rulers who were there. You can find everything in it, from diverse and mesmerizing architecture, to museums full of historical items and ending with a rich nightlife. Every tourist can find his niche in this vibrant city, certainly if he adapts well to its fast pace. The thing to consider is that Palermo is the most sought-after destination in Sicily, and therefore also the busiest. Of course it depends on its regions, but in general it can be said that Palermo is more expensive than other towns in Sicily. You can find luxury resorts that will cost more, but in general you should remember that if you choose to stay there, you will probably pay more than elsewhere.

For those who are looking to spend their vacation on the beach, and also for those who want to pay less for accommodation, it is recommended to choose a hotel or guesthouse in the town of Cefalù. It is a magical coastal town, located at the bottom of an impressive cliff and on a mesmerizingly beautiful bay. It is an ancient town, and the perfect place for those who come to Sicily to sunbathe and enjoy an original Sicilian atmosphere. In addition, this is the place where you can find a relatively wide variety of guesthouses adapted to a low budget. The further you go from the center of town, the lower the prices of accommodation. If you are interested in devoting your budget to exploring the island and the attractions, this is the place to look for cheap accommodation.

Those interested in the rich history of Sicily will be able to find their place in the town of Agrigento, located on the southern coast of the island. It is one of the oldest inhabited areas in Sicily, and the Roman and Hellenistic buildings in it will testify to the many changes of hands it has undergone. There is a lot to see here, historic buildings to explore and views to look at. This is also the convenient place for those traveling in a family group, as there is a wide variety of accommodation suitable for every budget, attractions and plenty of other things to do for every type of tourist.

If you are ready to invest in high-class accommodation, and also want to enjoy a lively nightlife, Taormina is the place for you. This is a town that looks like it was taken from a postcard. Gorgeous beaches, medieval buildings with restaurants and pubs inside, and more. If you have the budget and are interested in a luxurious experience, one that will stay with you for a long time, this is the place.

When to come to Sicily?

Many come to Sicily for the beaches and the sun, and this is true for both Italian tourists and tourists from all over the world. Sicily is the “backyard” of Italy, so many Italians choose to spend their summer vacation there. This combination means that the summer months, starting at the end of July and ending at the end of August, are the peak tourism season on the island. Of course, this is not surprising, considering that European tourism (in general) is increasing in these months. This is the period when the prices of flights, hotels and attractions will be the most expensive, and the tourist sites will be the busiest.

The best time to visit Sicily, if you want to balance between perfect weather and not too many tourists (Sicily is popular, don’t count on finding it empty sometime), are the spring and autumn months (ie April and May, and September and October, respectively). In these months the sun is smiling, the sites are relatively free and the prices are more affordable for visitors.

The winter months are the most free, with the exception of the Christmas period (late December to early January). These are months when the weather can be challenging, so it is not ideal for a beach vacation, but on the other hand, these are also the months when you will find the best deals on flights and places to stay. In addition, this is the period closest to being empty of tourists that you will find in Sicily.