Me Cumpari Turiddu

Me Cumpari Turiddu

San Brillo, Catania

If you are interested in eating in a place with well-designed decor, dim lighting, and excellent jazz music in the background. To receive plates full of Sicilian food with a strong tendency towards seafood, you should consider a visit to Ma Comfrey Torrido restaurant at the central Piazza Tori.

This invested place combines a restaurant with a lounge, cafe, and delicatessen. But suppose you ask the owner, in general. In that case, it is a typical Sicilian house. Every Sicilian house revolves around its kitchen, and the same is true with Comfrey Turiddu. The kitchen is the heart of the place, and everything else happens thanks to it.

Because the restaurant wants to give guests the experience of being hosted in a local home, the cooking is all based on the philosophy of slow food (a way of cooking that says you should follow the local cooking traditions, the season, and the ingredients you have on hand.). Most of the ingredients in the dishes come from local farmers and the fields of Sicily.

As mentioned, the cuisine is Sicilian but with Italian, Mediterranean, and even European touches. On the menu, which changes all the time depending on the ingredients available, you can find pasta, meat dishes and steaks, sandwiches, sausages, cheeses, and a few desserts. Vegetarians, vegans, and those sensitive to gluten will find something to eat on the menu, which has also been adapted.

Ma Comfrey is a restaurant that will be there for you almost all day hours. The place opens at 10:30 a.m. for those who want to eat a bochurim meal and operates continuously until 1 a.m. for those who wish to have a bite after a Sicilian night out. Lunch and dinner are served there, and a lot of wine is poured.

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Italian, Mediterranean, European

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