Trattoria di De Fiore

Trattoria di da Fiore

San Brillo, Catania

A trip to Italy in general and Sicily, in particular, allows eating in almost endless restaurants that serve local food. A significant part is restaurants that take Italian food and add a modern and sophisticated touch. One cooks everything by herself in her kitchen and feeds the whole family, children, grandchildren, and even the neighbors. Is it true that it was engraved in your memory as the most experiential meal of the trip?

Tourists don’t always have the connection to come and eat at this aunt’s place. But if you are in Catania, you can eat at a restaurant where if you close your eyes. You will feel like you are eating the cooking of the Italian aunt that you don’t have.

Trattoria di Da Fiora is a restaurant where chef Rosena has been recreating her great-grandmother’s food for over fifty years. And the locals come to eat there because the food remains original, authentic, and faithful to the source.

The one who still arrived at the restaurant is Jamie Oliver. The naked chef who came to film a series in Italy and made chef Rosena a star – not before she taught him how to make authentic Sicilian food. Despite the fame, the restaurant hasn’t changed much. The service is still in the spirit of the place – which means slow and relaxed, so come before you’re hungry. The prices also remained very reasonable and even cheap compared to the area.

The pasta a la Norma (pasta with cheese, sardines, and eggplant in tomato sauce) served there is the best you can get in all of Sicily. The carbonara pasta will not disappoint, and the rest of the menu is particularly promising. If you’ve already sat down to eat, don’t pass up a glass of house wine, which gives excellent value for the price.

The restaurant itself does not look very up-to-date, the design is not invested, and from the side, it is hard to guess that this is one of the best places in the area. The service is also slow and not always perfect, but that’s how it is at the aunt in the village.

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