Ski resorts in Italy

Italy is considered one of the most popular and favorite tourist destinations for tourists from Israel thanks to the wonderful local cuisine, the many attractions and enjoyable activities that will be enjoyed by young and old and mainly thanks to the fact that it can be enjoyed all year round, including the frozen winter months. In this season, the mountains are covered with a white blanket and the skiing slopes become the hottest thing in the land of the boot. The ski resorts in Italy are the hot thing of the winter (despite the low temperature), and attract amateur and professional skiers from all over the world, and of course from Israel as well.

So where can you surf and what are the most recommended sites? All the details are in front of you.

Ski sites in Italy

Ski resorts in Italy – East or West?

It’s not as racist as it sounds. The ski resorts in Italy are all located in the north of the country and are divided into those located in the northeast and those located in the northwest. For the most part, the sites are located in old ski towns which are mainly based on the extensive winter tourism. These towns are an integral part of the winter vacation and in addition to the fact that this is the place where we probably complained, many of them are also night life centers with restaurants, pubs and cafes.

Ski resorts in northeastern Italy

The ski resorts in this area are mostly located on the slopes of the Dolomites, so in addition to the excellent skiing experience, they also include accommodation at the highest level in terms of the skiing slopes, the various schools that offer instruction, and the various restaurants and facilities available to the skiers. Alongside these you will enjoy spectacular views thanks to the dramatic rock formations, and despite the initial arrival to the place which can often be accompanied by heavy traffic jams – no complaints were recorded.

How to get there?

You can reach the ski resorts located in the northeast of the Land of the Boots by renting a car or using a transfer service offered by the hotels or travel agents (when it comes to a built-in ski package). Those who want to challenge themselves will of course be able to get there using public transportation, but in the case of a ski vacation, this is a less pleasant or easy option for the user.

Meet the Dolomiti Superski (Dolomiti Superski) – your ski-pass card

Before we go over the recommended sites, you must familiarize yourself with the extended ski pass, which includes over 10 different ski resorts, most of which (but not all) are connected to each other and create an impressive ski ring with varied routes, breathtaking views, and also quite a few trips between winding roads that will allow you to meet the locals and get to know Italy as you have never known it.

All the following sites are part of the Dolomiti Super-Ski and if you want to visit several of them and not focus on just one, then it is recommended to compare costs and examine the feasibility of purchasing the extended ski pass.

All the details here

Cortina d’Ampezzo

In the eyes of many, this is the most prestigious ski resort and therefore has a place of honor at the top of the list. It is also considered one of the oldest and among its various achievements it hosts local and international surfing competitions and even hosted the Winter Olympics in the past. The site has three ski areas so it is suitable for skiers of all levels.
Difficulty: All levels. Less suitable for snowboarders.

Sella Ronda

This site is characterized by dozens of ski tracks that kiss and continue one another and together form a long track that encircles the spectacular Sella ridge and passes through the beautiful valleys that surround it – Marmolada, Val Derenda, Val di Pasa and Ella Badia – in each of them you can start and finish the circular route. Since the circular track allows surfers to enjoy many hours of continuous surfing, if they so desire.
Level of difficulty: mostly medium and above.

Passo del Tonale

It is not big, but it is considered one of the highest ski resorts in the land of the boot and offers quite a few skiing routes that are suitable for fit and intermediate skiers, so it is loved by families, snowboarders and those who are not looking for new challenges. In addition, this site is considered relatively cheap compared to its predecessors and has many surfing schools in relation to its size.
Difficulty level: mostly beginners.


This site is located in the Livigno valley which borders Switzerland and offers dozens of ski slopes of all levels of difficulty. In addition, thanks to its high altitude, the ski season at this site starts already in November and sometimes lasts until May, so it is recommended to combine the visit there with a fall or spring trip to magical Italy, and if that’s not enough, the entire area is full of restaurants and shops, so it’s a particularly colorful and lively vacation.
Difficulty level: all levels, mainly red routes.

Madonna di Campiglio

Please note, this site is not part of the Dolomiti Super-Ski but since it offers quite a few great trails for beginners, it definitely deserves to be included in this list. Madonna di Campiglio is considered relatively small compared to its predecessors, but since it is linked to other sites, its surfers will enjoy a total of over 100 km of fun surfing and spectacular alpine landscapes.
Difficulty level: medium and below with some difficult routes. Suitable for families.

Ski resorts in northwestern Italy

The ski resorts in this area are mostly located on the eastern slopes of Mount Blanc (in a free and very appropriate translation: the White Mountain) which is considered one of the highest mountains in Italy. The other sites in the area are on the slopes of the famous Monte Rosa and other peaks. In terms of the nature of surfing on these sites, you will enjoy diverse routes and landscapes that also remind you of France and Switzerland.

How to get there?

If you want to enjoy a ski vacation in the sites of northwestern Italy, you must fly to Milan, Turin or even Geneva and rent a car there (better in advance of course) or use the shuttle service of the hotel or travel agents if you have purchased a full ski package. Here, too, public transportation is not completely “impossible” but less recommended.


A famous ski resort which is among the most famous and oldest ski resorts among those located on the slopes of the Alps. As such, the site has been operating since 1934 when it was first opened to the general public and soon won the hearts (and skis) of winter sports enthusiasts. Today, there are several reputable surfing clubs operating there that offer packages at prices that are considered favorable and the high peaks are covered with snow by powerful snow cannons that make it possible to hold surfing competitions and winter events.
Degree of difficulty: everything includes everything, even extremely difficult.


This time it is a small ski resort but with a magical atmosphere that draws enthusiastic reactions that attract many surfers to it, especially those who want to enjoy a holiday with a rustic flavor with authentic views, some of the best restaurants in the area and wide surfing routes. Among the various routes there are also quite a few that are suitable for snowboarders.
Difficulty level: beginner to experienced.


We will close our distinguished list with one of the most wonderful sites that offers high-quality and wide skiing routes, excellent snow and a ski season that lasts a relatively long time. The Cervinia ski resort is among the best in this area in Italy and is also the highest and includes a pass to nearby resorts in Switzerland. Although it is a site that mainly offers routes for beginners and snowboarding, its visitors will enjoy a special attraction of its kind, which is the massive glacier Plateau Rosa, which allows those who wish to ski even in the summer.
Difficulty level: all levels, but mostly beginners.


That’s it, after you’ve read a bit about the most recommended sites, all you have to do is start planning your vacation – choose a favorite date, preferably one when the Italians themselves aren’t on vacation, reserve accommodations, and get your warm clothes out of the closet. That’s all, you’re set.

So what have we had so far?