Il Leone Rosso Ristorante Pizzeria

Il Leone Rosso Ristorante Pizzeria

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Sorrento is a resort town overlooking the Gulf of Naples. That is, it is part of the area where if you ask for pizza – it is almost obvious that you will get Neapolitan pizza. And this is excellent news for those in Sorrento who want to eat because Neapolitan pizza is probably the best pizza in the world.

So as you can understand from the name, Il Leone Rosso is a pizzeria, and depending on the area code in which it is located, it also takes out Neapolitan pizzas from its large wood oven according to the best tradition. The pizza menu at the place is vibrant, and there are quite a few toppings and options. Olives, anchovies, and capers? There is. Mozzarella, gorgonzola cheese, bacon, and nuts? Of course, there is. But this should not worry you if you are a fan of simple pizzas, because there are those too.

You can only find dozens of options on the menu in the pizza section. Despite the regional pride, Margherita and Roman-style pizza are also served there.

Besides pizzas, the menu has an antipasti selection that includes salads, octopus, and lots of seafood. You can order spaghetti with oysters, spaghetti a la carbonara, mushroom ravioli, and more for the main course. If you don’t want pasta, you can sink into a plate of grilled fish and fried fish and seafood. Meat lovers can take a steak, fillet, or veal dish.

The menu is vast, and it’s hard even to call Il Leona Rosso a pizzeria only, but it means that almost everyone will find something to eat at Leona Rosso. Vegetarians can also enjoy the visit, thanks to many dishes that do not include meat. The menu even has options for vegans.

Almost all the products in the kitchen are local and come from the best produce in the Campania region, which guarantees freshness and a high level of raw materials.

The place operates every day of the week and is open continuously from 12:00 to 23:30, which makes Il Leone Rosso a good option for lunch and dinner. And also not a wrong choice for those who need some pizza after a fun time out.

The prices are not particularly low, but reasonable and allow you to eat well for 10 or 20 euros per head.

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