Car Rental in Sorrento

If there is a country in the world that is worth traveling to almost every part of it, it is of course Italy. It is therefore clear why tourists from all over the world return to it with pleasure again and again. If this time you were thinking of going to the southern region, you should know that the city of Sorrento is an interesting place to travel and in addition, it can also be a starting point for fascinating trips in the region. In fact, quite a few tourists choose Sorrento as the place where they sleep and from where they go on star trips. This is a possibility that should be taken into account and the best way to move in this area from place to place, with maximum freedom and without depending on anyone, is of course to rent a car. If, for example, your flight arrives in Naples, you can certainly take the car from the airport in the city, drive about 50 km and arrive in Sorrento itself. What’s more, if you were thinking of traveling with the car within the city, this idea is recommended. The city is indeed stunning in its beauty , but as in other cities in Italy – it is not easy to get by with the car. That is why it is better to park the car outside the city and make the trip in the city itself on foot or with the help of any type of public transportation of your choice. After traveling in Sorrento, you can return to the rental car and from there go to countless beautiful places in the area that are worth stopping in them, to travel and also to eat wonderful local food.

Travel along a stunning and unique scenic road

It is impossible to talk about a trip to the Sorrento area and not mention the Amalfi Coast, or more precisely, the Amalfi Coast Ridges (Costiera amalfitana). It is true that this is a road that includes a total of about 50 kilometers, but there is no doubt that these 50 kilometers will be extremely slow and very beautiful. The ride on the cliff includes on one side the lovely view of the sea and on the other side you can see countless picturesque and particularly interesting towns. Some of them should You should stop and the truth is that even at the observation points on the road itself, it is worth stopping for a moment. Keep in mind that if you come here during the tourist season, that is, in the summer, you will meet quite a few tourists who are traveling on the road and want just like you to get an impression of the surroundings, so the journey will be a little slow. Despite this, this An experience that is a shame to pass up if you have already arrived in the Sorrento area, and for that a rental car will do the job well.

Sail from the Sorrento anchorage to the Isle of Capri

Another lovely place that should be reached from Sorrento’s anchorage is, of course, the island of Capri. In total, it is about 25 minutes of a lovely cruise that leaves from the Sorrento anchorage, and there, on the island of Capri, you can see, among other things, the well-known and beautiful “Blue Cave” (Grotta Azzurra). You should know that the island of Capri includes not only the well-known and beautiful cave, because in fact there are also many cafes worth visiting, great food and places that are simply pleasant to walk around.

How long should you travel for?

When choosing to rent a car and travel with it in the Sorrento area, it is advisable to plan the trip in advance and decide how long you want to travel. Will a three-four day trip be enough for you to see all the most beautiful places in this region? Or maybe you should take your time and rent the car for at least a week? The recommendation is always: as much as possible. So if you can afford to go on a ten day trip, even then you can be sure that you will always have something to see in the area.

What car do you rent?

As mentioned, one of the most beautiful trips that awaits you in the Sorrento area is the trip of the Amalfi road. It is not a simple journey for those who do not know the area, as in some places the road is particularly narrow. Therefore, if you were thinking of renting a very large car, it is not sure that this is a choice that you will be comfortable with all the way. On the other hand, of course, if you are going on a trip with the whole family, it is advisable to rent a car that is comfortable enough, although every day it is likely that you will not spend more than three hours in the car. Another point that not everyone is aware of when renting a car in the Sorrento area (and in other areas of Italy), is the fact that almost always the default for Italians is a car with a manual transmission. What this means is that if you do not pay attention to this detail when renting the car, you may find yourself driving a vehicle with a manual transmission, and those who are not used to this may see it as a difficulty. The problem is that if you arrive at the peak of the tourist season, the car rental company can’t always find a solution, so it’s very useful to make sure in advance that the car you order is one that you will be comfortable with, also regarding the gearbox. Also, if you are already renting a car and traveling to such special and beautiful places in the land of the boot, it is advisable not to do so without insurance. It’s true: insurance makes the cost of renting a car more expensive, but insurance also gives you peace of mind, so you shouldn’t give it up under any circumstances.