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The blue paradise of Italy invites you to fall in love with the Campania region in southern Italy and to spend your next vacation in the magnetizing resort town of Sorrento . With good weather, crazy scenery, lots of sea, outstanding cuisine and vibrant urban life, there is no reason to give up the quiet and authentic destination, especially if you are looking for a quality place that has not yet been exposed to the Israeli public. 

The climate in southern Italy is very similar to that of Israel, so the peak season in Sorrento is around July-August, although due to the high prices, humidity and crowding, many prefer to come in September and October as well. Therefore, if you are looking for flights to Sorrento without overcrowding and at good prices – our recommendation is to arrive at the ends of the season – April-June or September-October. The months of March and November can also be ideal for those who want to fly cheaply, but the temperatures are already lower and this may have an effect on the trip you have planned (or you can plan it in advance for cooler weather).

Many roads to Sorrento

Picturesque Sorrento has a small airport with extremely cheap duty free (it is recommended to go early on the way back to wander around and find things of value for cheap) but there are no direct flights to Israel at all. The city can therefore be (easily) reached from the airports of neighboring Naples or the capital Rome by train, bus, ferry, taxi or rental car. The airport in Naples (Aeroporto Internazionale di Capodichino) and the airport in Rome (Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport) are considered particularly busy, with Rome’s Fiumicino Airport actually being the largest in Italy. Both fields receive hundreds of flights every day from all over Italy and the world, so the availability of flights is very high and the price range is wide and can fit every pocket.

How do you get from Naples to Sorrento?

Getting to Sorrento is worthwhile and very fast via Naples. The distance between the city of Naples and the airport in Sorrento is about 25 minutes’ drive, when you have to reach the city center in order to continue the road to Sorrento (about 50 minutes by other means of transport). 

Arrival from Naples airport to Sorrento departure points:

Bus – there is a well-known and regular Elibus shuttle (red-white in color) on behalf of the ANM company at a cost of 5 euros, which departs from the airport to Garibaldi Square, near the main train station of the city – Napoli Centrale. The shuttle is active every day and every 20-30 minutes between the hours of 00:00 and 06:30, while on weekends the line ends its activity ten minutes earlier. 

Train – Arriving at the central train station Napoli Centrale will bring you together with a developed rail system that includes train crossings from all over Italy including Rome. The Elibus shuttle will stop for you very close to the entrance and near it are the ticket counters. But actually, getting from here to Sorrento is not done through the national rail system but through Vesuviana, or in its full name – Circumvesuviana (Circum-Vesuviana). It is a separate rail system that reaches mainly the Gulf cities, including Sorrento, Pompeii, Herculaneum and more. The duration of the journey is about one hour and ten minutes, but it can be shortened by 20 minutes if your train is an express train and not a collection train. Hozobiana operates on a fixed daily basis of once every 30 minutes, between the hours of 23:00 and 06:00. 

Ferry – the fastest way from Naples to Sorrento, but not necessarily the cheapest. From the port of Naples (Molo Beverello) there is an active line all year round to Sorrento. The cost from all directions of the city by taxi to the port is about 10-15 euros. For those arriving from Pompeii, Capri or Amalfi – there is a short and fast ferry to Sorrento.

Taxi – the taxi fare from Naples to Sorrento is fixed and stands at 75 euros. If it is a minibus (there is an option to book a shuttle in advance) that includes 14 seats, the price is 140 euros. The trip takes about 70 minutes. 

Car rental – there are several car rental companies  at the airport in Naples, which will be very suitable for dynamic travelers who want to reach several destinations on the way and get rid of tedious trips by public transportation. Inside the airport there is a shuttle that leaves every 5 minutes from the field for the rental companies, but it is slow due to the congestion, especially in the peak season. If you have a good sense of direction and not a lot of luggage, you can walk there for 10 minutes: keep your back to the terminal and along the road for about 250 meters and turn right. Continue another 250 meters and on your left you will notice the signs of the rental companies. 

How do you get from Rome to Sorrento?

In general, you have to get to the train station in Rome in order to catch a train to Naples and from there to Sorrento. The Italian train system is developed and impressive by any standard, including efficient platforms and stations with very easy orientation and friendly ticket purchase to every corner of Italy automatically or manually. 

In order to reach the central train station in Rome (Termini) there are several options:

The express train (Leonardo Express) departing from the field and costing 14 euros. The line’s operating hours are 23:00-06:00. 

Bus (Terravision Shuttle services) to the city’s central stations – Termini and Tiburtina, which are active 24 hours a day. The cost of the bus ride is about 6 euros, with children under 4 traveling for free. 

Taxi from the airport at a fixed cost of 48 euros to any central destination in the city.

Shared transportation of several passengers at a cost of about 50 euros for two to four passengers including luggage, toll and tax. 

There are also two options for traveling from Rome by train to Naples – via the Regionale train at a cost of 14 euros and a journey of about three hours, or via the high-speed (private) train at a cost of about 30 euros, but where the journey is shorter (about an hour – the travel speed approaches to 300 km/h!). Both trains leave from Termini station and information about them can also be obtained at the ticket counter. 

Those wishing to arrive in a rented car from the field will have to get on the A1 highway heading south and will enjoy a smooth and fast drive of about two and a half hours to Naples and three hours or so to Sorrento itself. The distance by car between Naples and Sorrento is about 40 km. 

Book a flight to Naples

Israelis enjoy five weekly flights to the city, but even so, direct flights are generally rarer and more expensive and take place mainly during the tourist season. Therefore, the flight to Naples is usually via a connection with one or two stopovers in a European city, depending on the airline you fly with. The airlines flying from Israel to Naples are Aegean Airlines (stop in Athens), Turkish Airlines (stop in Istanbul), Lufthansa (stop in Munich), Welling Airways (stop in Barcelona), Swiss Air (stop in Bern), Austrian Airlines (stop in Vienna), British Airways ( stopover in London) and Air France (stopover in Paris). In addition, Israelis can enjoy a variety of Lowcost companies at attractive prices through other companies such as EasyJet, Wizz Air and Ryanair. Those flying through Alitalia will enjoy a landing in Rome or Milan, with the fastest connection to Naples. Alitalia and EasyJet companies offer the lowest prices, with sending a suitcase up to 23 kg 

In general, the prices in the peak demand season September-November and July-August are 600-500 dollars for a round trip ticket for a single person. If you are flexible and can fly on other dates, you can enjoy significant savings: in December, prices drop below $250 on average for a round-trip ticket, while in January-February, prices continue to drop and stop at $150 per person. In March, the prices climb again to 250 dollars on average and they continue to rise gradually, until the month of June when the tickets return to the price of about 400 dollars per ticket. The best prices are, as always, on the 90th minute flight. Such flights can be found at prices of 70-80 euros per ticket. 

Book a flight to Rome

The airport in Rome is the main and largest in Italy. About twenty-four flights every week take off from the airport in Israel to Rome, so that the places on the different flights are always available and in a very affordable price range. Due to the huge demand for flights to Rome almost all year round, Israelis enjoy a wide variety of airlines that operate regular flights to Rome and can choose between a direct flight through companies such as El-Al, Israir, Arkia, Alitalia and Iberia, or through a selection of low-cost companies that significantly reduce the The prices such as easyJet, Ryanair, Welling Airlines as well as the charter companies Turkish Airlines, Wise Air, Air Bulgaria, and Aegean Airlines include a stopover. Along with these companies, there are about 10 other airlines that operate flights from Israel to Rome and other destinations in Italy. 

At the peak of the tourist season, the flights naturally become more expensive by several tens of dollars for the low-cost flights, and a little more than that ($50-150) for a direct flight. In the rest of the months, you can book low-cost flights and still enjoy particularly attractive prices: about $180 for a connection with a non-Italian company and about $300 on average for a direct flight. Low-cost flights to Rome in the off-season and without luggage will cost about 120 dollars per person only.