Il Ristorante del Cambio

Il Ristorante del Cambia

city ​​center

You will not come to Il Restaurante del Cambia by accident, on the road, while wandering among the attractions in the streets of Turin, and while you thought to yourself, “well, maybe we can put something in here.” For a meal at Il Restaurante del Cambia, you arrive prepared, with a reservation in advance, the look of those who go to a prestigious restaurant, and especially with credit, ready to go through good ironing for food.

Nevertheless, this is a restaurant decorated with a Michelin star. The winner of all this is the well-known chef Matthew Brunetti.

This restaurant is in one of the most beautiful buildings in Turin and has been there since 1757. Yes, for over 200 years in the same beautiful building serving food to guests. So in this meal, you get food and a dose of history, culture, and beauty.

The ancient space is designed with much respect for its past, but it has flashes of surprising modern art by recognized artists worldwide. This combination works well. Inside the space, you can find the restaurant, a cafe that serves lighter dishes and pastries, a dark bar that serves classic food, and another part where different things happen from time to time – according to the chef’s whims and the staff.

And now, it’s time to talk a little about food. So, of course, you will find traditional Italian food with a modern twist here. The evening menu is a la carte and includes anilloti, a selection of cheeses, veal, and bonnet for dessert. At noon, a business meal is served, which includes, among other things, veal fillet and tartare. Of course, the servers will be happy to taste each dish with the wine that best suits it.

The price, which befits a restaurant that appears in the Michelin Guide and has such a history, is not low. Between 40 and 145 euros per head.

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