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Turin is a city of good food, and it’s not surprising to find out that there is a restaurant in the center that has won a Michelin star. Magorbin Restaurant is an Italian restaurant that emphasizes seafood and brings Italian, Mediterranean and European cuisine to light.

This celebration is led by the talented chef Marcello Tarantini – known for his impressive personality and sense of humor. Sometimes he goes around among the diners and chats with them humorously. The whole place is full of humor.

Magorbin is a local demon that comes and threatens children to finish the food on the plate. Fortunately, adults who come to the restaurant do not need persuasion to devour everything until the last bite.

In the Michelin guide, they explained their choice to award one star as follows: “Between the special building called Petta di Polenta (freely translated: a piece of polenta) and the hustle and bustle, there is an 18th-century building that is the unexpected home of a modern restaurant, elegantly designed and in dark tones.

The exciting kitchen reflects Turin through a menu that combines classic local dishes with international influences.” And if these warm words are not enough, the guide notes that the wine list is awe-inspiring.

This is a luxury restaurant for everything, so the prices can reach 120 euros per person or even more. The dishes familiar in restaurants of this type are insignificant since the emphasis is on the highest quality raw materials and flavor combinations.

Among the things, you can taste: are vegetables and lime mousse and mother with burrata and liver as appetizers. For the first time, you can decide between tortellini or tagliatelle arbiata. And most importantly, for the main course: rabbit in pepper with vegetables or lobster with cabbage.

Suppose your Michelin star experience is as perfect as in the movies. In that case, Magorbin is ready to give you the most luxurious feeling and take care of a limousine service that will take you from the hotel to the entrance of the prestigious restaurant.

In the restaurant, you will enjoy a private meal and special treatment. Immediately at the end of the meal, the limousine will pick you up and take you to continue spending time in the city or to the hotel, to rest after a proper meal.

Of course, those who want to eat there will have to make informed reservations. The restaurant is open every day of the week except Sunday.

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